Touch It, Draw It, Type It, Shake It, Wear It

Custom made tees are nothing new on the market, but the way of making one simply by using a smartphone surely must be. The fashion clothing retailer Uniqlo decided to upgrade the standard way of doing printed T-shirts with an advanced technology aiming to make it easier for the consumers. They’ve launched a new service that allows the development Read more


UNIQLO Divides Store Space – Half Museum, Half Starbucks

A retailer’s main goal has always been to attract new customers and make them stay longer in the store by creating the atmosphere of a home. So far, playing nice music in the store have been quite effective, but UNIQLO has come up with the great idea of mixing art and the joy of drinking coffee Read more


Gap Bringing In Creative Talents From Nike And Uniqlo

Gap Inc. has always been committed to recruiting top creative talents in the business, and to follow that tradition, they announced that Jill Stanton is about to take the role of the creative director of Old Navy (Gap Inc. subsidiary), and Liz Meltzer the role of Senior Vice President of Gap International merchandising. Glenn Murphy, Read more