KAYAK’s Hilarious TV Commercial

The travel metasearch engine, KAYAK has revealed a new commercial starring a pretty much brilliant brain surgeon. The surgeon, whose working hours are “unethical” knows how to handle the patient’s cerebellum for his own purposes, thus making it hilarious with a simple message “Be the brains of your own travel operation”. The commercials is created Read more


Old Spice Invader Ads

The second phase of new Old Spice ads with Terry Crews has begun! /dramatic music/ The “Smell Is Power” campaign supports the line of Old Spice Red Zone scents, promoted by none other than former NFL Star Terry Crews. The first phase of the campaign featured a 15 second spot, or should I say a super-powerful explosion-scented Read more


Audi’s New Super Bowl Commercial Slays Teenage Vampires

The one thing that I like the in advertising are definitely Super Bowl ads. It’s that time of the year when all the big brands tend to invest whole lot of money for just thirty seconds up to a minute prime-time of new, unaired and exclusive TV commercials. Audi is no exception – by contracting Read more


US Car Market Faces New “BMW Ultimate Driving Machine”

In two days, on January 14th, BMW will start a new advertising campaign called “The Ultimate Driving Machine”. Idea of the campaign is to introduce fourteen new models of a popular “Beamer”. “The Ultimate Driving Machine” includes a 30-second video where it introduces some newbies for the year 2012. This video will be introduced to Read more

Renault Twingo Featured

Times Are Changing, And So Is Twingo!

I just can’t stop smiling! Following the brand’s new design identity and campaign “Drive The Change”, with the launch of Twingo in December 2011, Renault  made three awesome TV ads with the help of ad agency Publicis Conceil, France. Lets start off with a big one. Big Day You didn’t expect that, did you. Smart play by Read more

Pepsi Featured

PepsiCo The Iconic Superbowl Advertiser

PepsiCo will return to the Super Bowl in 2012 with two television commercials. As one of the most prolific and iconic brands to appear on the advertising world’s premiere platform, the two new TV spots will include some innovation. The two commercials planned for the 2012 Super Bowl include an iconic Pepsi spot featuring the Read more

Coca-Cola 'Chok'

‘Chok’ With Coca-Cola

In all honesty, who really likes commercials during their quality TV time? You would be lying if you said that you’ve never had that tiny eye twitch whenever a commercial interrupted you in watching your favorite TV show or a good movie. Even if it’s a really good commercial, as such exist, you would still Read more


The Future Of TV with Microsoft’s Xbox 360

“A revolution is happening in the living room.” Following the latest trends of voice control, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Kinect voice control added a new feature, and announced the transformation of the way you enjoy TV entertainment. The all-new Xbox 360 experience including the first group of new, custom applications from world leading TV and entertainment Read more

Featured Local

MTV Supports Young Artists In Australia And New Zealand

Some of the world brands are focusing primary on the younger generation, such as Levi’s or Coca-Cola, often launching some music projects and campaigns to connect its cans and support younger talents in making music which can be very helpful to the teenagers and adolescents.  Also, Converse has launched its Rubber Tracks Studio to give Read more


Google TV Ads Now Linked to Search Data

Google TV Ads was launched in 2008 along with other traditional media, and it was the only one that hasn’t been canceled despite its slow start. Now for the first time, Google is linking its search data to TV Ads, featuring a new product called Search Triggers, through which advertisers can adjust their buys according Read more