Subaru’s Dog Campaign Strikes Again

Due to the fact that seven out of ten Subaru owners have a pet, and almost half of them have a dog, it was inevitable for “Dog tested. Dog approved.” campaign to be back. This project was born four years ago, in Subaru’s partnership with ASPCA, the leading animal welfare organization in the North America, Read more


Super Bowl Recap: What You Might’ve Missed

A week has passed since the biggest sports event of the year has ended and the media frenzy surrounding Super Bowl has vaned. Brands have slowly resumed their normal marketing plans, but the ads aired during the breaks are still talked about especially on Social Media. In case you’ve missed some of this year’s most Read more

samsung super bowl2 feat

Samsung Humorously Mocks Their Own Advertising Tactics for The Super Bowl

Samsung decided redirect their sarcastic witticisms off from competitors Blackberry and iPhone, and towards the medium of advertising itself.  Not only do they poke fun at the act and process of creating the absurdly expensive, talking baby-filled ads, they also make fun of the act of consuming them, which is precisely why it’s bottom line Read more


Social Bowl: Which Brand Takes the Win?

A few days after the big game ended, brands are still consolidating the results of their marketing push which varied in different forms, but had one thing in common – Social Media. Facebook and most notably, Twitter, played a major role in bringing consumers closer to their favorite brands and expanded the possibilities of interaction Read more


Cookies or Cream? Oreo Engages Instagram Users Through Super Bowl Ad

Oreo has decided to dazzle and amuse their growing fan base with an creative strategy involving cookie and cream sculptures based on fan posted pics. As part of their latest marketing campaign “Cookie vs. Creme”, the word’s favorite cookie manufacturer asks the crowd to choose their preferred element of the monochrome duo, and Instagram a Read more

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Old Spice Goes ‘’Wild’’ for Super Bowl

Old Spice is back to give you your monthly dose of irony, this time referencing the inherent manliness of the musky wild. Wolfthorn, Hawkridge and Foxcrest are names of the new products being advertised, and the pitch plays off on the absurdity of an irresistible scent of a true man, reeking of elegance, mystique and Read more


Pepsi Breathes Life Into Crowdsourcing During Super Bowl Halftime

Crowdsourcing is debatable. There are those who believe it to be an extension of creativity, an opportunity for commoners to equate their powers with industry leaders. Others argue it to be a powerful tool that must be applied with great sensibility. Just last week the Chief Creative Officer of Organic, David Bryant, told our very Read more


Super Bowl 2014: The First Forecast

The Super Bowl players, and viewers, haven’t even caught their breath from this year’s game, but you can bet that the big brands are already dreaming of 2014. “We’ve had discussions about scripts for the next year as soon as the month after the Super Bowl,” said Matt Hunnicutt, producer of seven Coca-Cola Super Bowl spots Read more


How The Super Bowl Plays Around the World

Branding Magazine Talks to Creative Leaders From Around the World Every year the Super Bowl seems to be that black hole of attention that sucks in all matter and energy from every corner of the marketing universe. It is broadcast in over 200 countries, and last year it enjoyed total viewership of over 111 million. Read more


Has the Super Bowl Adscape Evolved Beyond “Sex Sells?”

Let’s face it: The Super Bowl is a big deal, even if you could care less about the 49ers or the Ravens… or don’t know the difference between a yellow flag and a red one. The Big Game is all about the ads, and most of us tune in just to see them. According to Read more