Shop From Shoppable Walls in Moscow's Subway

Shop From Shoppable Walls in Moscow’s Subway

The electronics retailer from Russia, Media Markt, made a move that surely attracted the attention of passers-by: they’ve been testing “Shopping Walls”, a project that will last until November on the Moscow Subway station. Read more

Arby’s Strikes Competitors With Video

Arby’s Strikes Competitors With Video

Rivalries between companies of a similar nature is not a foreign concept. Apple vs. Samsung, Adidas vs. Nike… Most of the time these battles are handled with a subtle grace. Some punches are thrown back and forth but rarely do we see a direct attack that has it’s own 4 minute video with a private Read more


Subway – The Top Brand In 2011

According to a YouGov BrandIndex survey, a daily measure of brand perception among the public, the famous restaurant franchise Subway gained the biggest Buzz score for 2011. One of the main reason why this result is so successful is because Subway continuously expanded its breakfast and $5 foot-long program throughout 2011. The survey results came Read more

Ikea Subway Apartment

IKEA L’APPART – An Appartment In The Middle Of A Metro

What better way to promote a furniture company then to make a fully furnished 54 square-meter home for six people to live in, in the middle of a Parisian metro? IKEA tried this idea out, and I think it’s working out really well: ‘The apartment’ was made by agency Ubi Bene, and six people will actually live Read more


Playboy Club’s Advertisers Drop Out

What could have possibly caused the seven advertisers to drop out of NBC’s series The Playboy Club? It could be the moral indignation, or pressure from Tim Winter, or even the often apoplectic Parents Television Council, which has been scolding the “mainstreaming of the pornography industry”? It was probably nothing of these. It’s because Kraft, Sprint, Lenovo, UPS Store, Subway, Read more