Corporate Culture Key to Success With Analytics IBM

Corporate Culture Key to Success With Analytics

New research by MIT Sloan Management Review and the IBM Institute for Business Value reports that organizational challenges, more so than technology hurdles, are holding companies back from fully integrating analytics across their enterprises. According to a global statistic of more than 4,500 executives, managers and analysts from more than 120 countries and 30 industries, 44 Read more


Managing Your Brand Online

Managing Your Brand Online Building a brand that resonates with consumers relies on universal principles that apply both online and in the real world. But this doesn’t mean that those who care about their internet branding strategy and online reputation management should approach virtual branding with purely traditional methods. After all, even though some of Read more


Brands & People

People usually choose to follow the brands they love on dozens of social networks. That’s why most of the brands are trying to develop their marketing strategies so that potential customers will pick them as followers. One of the tactics is the so-called CRM (customer or consumer relationship management) when the campaign is going one-to-one Read more