Annie Leibovitz Makes Stella Artois Shine

Building upon the idea of a rich brand heritage, Stella Artois recently teamed up with the famous photographer Annie Leibovitz for a new ad campaign called “Timeless Beauty” which was unveiled at this year’s Sundance Festival. The campaign, which stars Ukrainian model Tanya Ruban  and British actor Noah Huntley, celebrates Stella Artois as an iconic symbol and, Read more


Brand Extension vs Brand Stretch: The Good, the Bad, and the Rules

I admit to being a James Bond geek, but when I heard that studio bosses had decided to release a fragrance to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the 007 franchise I was skeptical. Image: Was this good or bad for the James Bond brand? Launched initially as a Harrods exclusive, it sold out with Read more


Newcastle Beer Picks on Stella Artois

There is the campaign, the anti-campaign and something in between. While the first is intended to promote a brand, the second is created with the same intention, but is based on pointing out competitor brand’s flaws through explicitly mentioning the brand’s trademark entities such as the name, slogan, etc. Let’s just say the latter is Read more


Stella Artois Launches The Chalice Factory

Stella Artois has launched a highly interactive, voice-activated digital experience that walks participants through the process of creating a Stella Artois chalice. The website was created with the assistance of Mother agency and it makes a part of the larger campaign Stella Artois campaign, celebrating 600 years of experience in brewing. Around a thousand participants per Read more


Stella Artois’ History In Brewing

Stella Artois, Belgium’s largest beer brand is revealing a new campaign, where they will promote great history of brewing that concentrates on ‘dedication and craft’ of their master brewers. In this campaign, they will move away from the 60s Continental-style association of recent years, and focus on history from over 600 years in the past. Read more

Stella Artois Limited Edition Holiday Package

Stella Artois Limited Edition Holiday Packaging

Belgian beer brand, Stella Artois, launched a beautiful limited edition holiday packaging, reminding us that it’s the beer originally crafted for Christmas. And if you always wanted to sit by the fireplace while it’s snowing outside, drinking your favorite beer while listening to the romantic sounds of 60’s jazz, now you can – not only does the Read more


Stella Artois Christmas Present

For all of us who won’t drink punch for Christmas, Stella Artois prepared special Christmas presents, but instead of beer they’ve created a Christmas mini album called:  “Under the Holiday Star”. Beer is usually not something that symbolizes Christmas, but that could be changed because Stella Artois has deep roots in this holiday. “Stella” means star Read more

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Stella Artois 9 Step For Perfect Pour

Nine-step is something that is very famous in tradition of Stella Artois beer. Inspired by 1960’s campaigns, popular beer brand has made its new campaign called “Stella Artois 9 step”. Also check out other clips of 9 step ritual and new mobile app. Quite cool, isn’t it? Read more