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The Do’s and Dont’s of Handling Social Media Complaints

There’s no longer a question as to whether brands have to keep updating their social media profiles regularly if they want stay in the race (and when I say race, I mean the human race. If you’re not on Facebook  can you actually say you exist?). And a lot of uploading and tweeting they do. Read more

The Courageous Leap Into The Unknown

The Courageous Leap Into The Unknown

If only more marketers would follow the example of Linkin Park… The famous rock band from California, USA has one of the best branded content in the music industry that I’ve seen. They work like a perfectly synced machine (like the majority of big artists), but are more aware of their position in the industry Read more

Social Media Advertising Ford's Case

Social Media Advertising: Ford’s Case

Couple of weeks ago I was writing about how much money Facebook makes through advertising and I came across some numbers that were unbelievable in a sense of how much did Facebook estimate their stocks and how low they’ve dropped. It was surprising to see the drop simply because the shares were overrated and it Read more


The Appearance of Social Media – Fake Twitter Followers

In a vast majority of cases the number of Twitter followers of some famous brands and celebrities are no doubt, fake. But, can we approximate the percentage of these fake followers? The guys at Social Selling University published their research in the form of an infographic, showing that things are not quite as they seem Read more


Social Media Storytelling

Have you ever wondered how to make your brand more appealing and engaging on social networks? Should you post photos or videos or maybe both? Well guest what, the guys at M Booth and Simply Measured, after doing a research on users’ networking and brand habits, have created this impressive infographic showing what works best on Read more

Facebook-Stocks Are Low, Design is Heading Even Lower

Facebook: Stocks Are Low, Design is Heading Even Lower

“Dear Facebook, I know your stocks aren’t doing well, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give a designer a few more bucks to make things look decent.” One morning, a few days a go, I woke up, made my self a cup of coffee, sat down in front of my computer and opened Facebook. And Read more


Building Brand Trust With Millennials

The economic and social impact of Millennial (Gen Y) purchasing power has been monumental in the past decade. Many companies are now required to consider this group first when forming brand creative and communications strategies. What is a Millennial? Consumers born from 1977-1994 fall into this buyer category. They are making a huge impact on Read more


10 Killer Brands on Instagram

Instagram has made a huge impact on the social Web in 2012. Its hybrid integration capabilities with both Facebook and Twitter make it perfect for visual brand engagement. Some major brands have been early to adopt this digital marketing platform, giving them an extension to their social reach and facilitating customer relationships through the use Read more


“The Beauty Inside” – Intel and Toshiba Global Social Film Project

Toshiba and Intel Corporation announced a creative collaboration to deliver a second social film project (after last year’s Inside) titled “The Beauty Inside,” where a global online casting call has been issued to audition for the part of the main character as part of the film experience. Image: Intel Starring Topher Grace and Mary Elizabeth Read more


Social Media FOMO – Fear of Missing Out

The peeps at JWT Intelligence came up with a rather interesting survey – people’s fear of missing out on important things on social media or FOMO, for short. In cooperation with timeRazor, they have transformed the study into an infographic so that the matter could be more easily understood. Do you suffer from Social Media Read more