Audi Slide to Unlock iPad App

Audi iPad Ad ‘Slide to Unlock’

This won’t be a long post about the facts of some marketing campaign. Sometimes you just have to do let your ad talk instead of you. That’s how Audi and AlmapBBDO in Brazil did – simple! The ad is for Audi’s iPad magazine. If you want to open your iPad app, just follow the racetrack. Read more

Amnesty International

Amnesty International Interactive Wallpapers For iPad/iPhone

Amnesty International has a thing for iPhones and iPads, especially when it comes to incorporating their “slide to unlock” features into the organization’s campaigns. They have teamed up with Garbergs, a marketing agency from Stockholm, Sweden, to produce two interactive wallpapers for iPhones and iPads, one showing hands tied together with chains and the other Read more