Milka Brand Real Purple Cow

Milka Brand – Real Purple Cow?

After a number of campaigns by the milk chocolate brand Milka about the Alpes, fresh air, milk chocolate and marmots, comes the famous one which tells a tale about a little purple cow being born. The purple cow and the color purple itself have always been a strong symbol of Milka, making it a strong Read more


EXIT 2012 Campaign Begins

With a new year comes a new EXIT festival, which just launched a new (sentimental?) promo, that obviously has a ‘some of your best memories were made here, that’s why you should come again’ underline. The reason the promo was launched just now is because of the dates being officially set to 12th to 15th July and Read more

Soulfood Serbia

Soulfood Serbia (Updated)

Food and local cuisine are the best way to promote a country, but I believe that this truly important for a country such as Serbia. The new and the modern way of ‘branding’ countries ranges from promotional videos to interactive campaigns, and are usually intended to show some insight about people living in them, their Read more


Grand Casino’s 2011/2012 Billboard Campaign

The Grand Casino 2011/2012 billboard campaign brought up a totally new dimension in Belgrade, with pretty girls and young gentleman; on billboards all over the capital of Serbia, they are reminding us of the glamor and fun of the Casino itself. The campaign was done by Buzz agency; it was shot in Grand Casino with beautiful and young Read more


Beck’s Serbia Sobriety Test App

Beck’s Serbia has launched a mobile app as a promotion of their “When I drink, I don’t drive” campaign. The app is a simple sobriety test where you ‘only’ have to prove that you are sober enough to drive. You need to insert a key whit a Beck’s logo, into a moving keyhole and keep Read more


Serbian Brands Worth Mentioning for Their Visual Identity

Serbian Brands are really not well known for any kind of specific or good design, identity, campaigns or creative ways to make them more amusing to customers. They’re mostly ordinary and boring, frequently very cheap-looking too; but here I am to review some of the few brand that know who to hire, and thus actually have Read more


Belgrade Trades Off Asses for a More Beautiful City

The guys from McCann Erickson Belgrade recently came up with a cool, awkward, yet a big attention drawer ad for the capital of Serbia that says something like this: “Hey, even though we may have a dog poop problem in our city, when pet owners bend over to get it clean all of a sudden Belgrade Read more