Top 3 Best Rebrands of This Month

Undergoing a complete rebrand is a brave move for any business, especially if they already have a well-known image and reputation. They run the risk of making themselves unrecognizable, or else fading from the consumer’s conscience as they hide away to work on the rebrand. If it pays off however, a rebrand is an excellent Read more


How (Not) to Rebrand Santa

For some, holiday seasons seem to be all about shopping. At least, that’s how it looks from the perspective opposed to consumerism. Holidays are meant to be celebrated with family and friends, it is the time when we all gather at the same place and enjoy each others company. When it comes to Christmas, Santa Read more


3 Steps to a Born Again Brand

Yes, that kind of born again. And while I don’t mean that we all literally should start talking about Jesus, brands can learn a lot from people who have found meaning and deeper relevance in time of crisis. After all, the social media revolution has brought crisis to anyone relying on traditional branding tools. The Read more


Wendy’s Begins Brand Transformation

Today (February 25th) the new Wendy’s logo, released back in October 2012, will begin to take part in the brand’s rebranding process. From today, the new logo will begin appearing in Wendy’s advertising, product packaging, uniforms, restaurant signage, menu boards and digital assets. Emil Brolick, President and Chief Executive Officer at Wendy’s stated that Wendy’s brand Read more


Swedish 7-Eleven’s Rebrand Lies at the Intersection of Inviting and Contemporary

Approximately 50 years after its Texan foundation, 7-Eleven hopped across the pond, opening its first European location in Stockholm, Sweden. The year was 1980. Since then, Swedish 7-Eleven has developed differently than its American counterpart. Instead of Slurpees, the Swedes have Slush Puppies and now, instead of bland decorations, the Swedes have this: Last year, Read more

American Airlines First Major Rebranding in 40 Years

American Airlines First Major Rebranding in 40 Years

American Airlines unveiled a new logo and identity on Thursday, as part of an effort to revitalize the brand.   Virasb Vahidi, American’s Chief Commercial Officer, commented that the new logo is designed to reflect the passion for progress and the soaring spirit, which is uniquely American; while the colors — red, white and blue – have Read more

NOW! Agency Redefines Wikipedia

NEW! Agency Redefines Wikipedia

“Imagine you were granted the magic power to change any website in the whole world-wide web…. Which one would you pick?” Says at the beginning of the introductory text by NEW!, a creative agency from Vilnius, Lithuania, who took the initiative to rethink the largest online knowledge database  – Wikipedia. They’ve started with the thought that both from Read more


Island Air Rebrands, Gets New Airplanes

Hawaii’s regional carrier, Island Air revealed today their new business model featuring a complete image and brand overhaul. This new brand coincides with the arrival of the airline’s new common fleet type, the ATR in August. The comprehensive rebranding touches every aspect of the airline; from an enhanced website to a newly inspired aircraft livery Read more


The New Branding Magazine: Storytelling Enhanced

After more than a year of hard work, dedication and love for what we do, we are proud of what we’ve accomplished and what is yet to come. We are happy to present to you the re-launch of Branding Magazine. In the upcoming months we are going to introduce you to a new, more efficient Read more


Desperados Appoints Space and AnalogFolk Agencies, Plans Campaign and Much More

Having been recently acquired by Heineken, Desperados announced a change of pace in its branding by “bringing the brand to life”, resulting in the appointment of Space and AnalogFolk agencies to be in charge of the creative force that will be the main pillar of refreshing the brand’s look in 2012. The two agencies are bound Read more