Who Will Play Sprite’s Uncontainable Game?

Sprite has presented Uncontainable Game, its largest global campaign ever. With an aim to find young basketball talents, the campaign will be launched across 27 countries. Of course, for this kind of project they have to hire the biggest NBA stars: legendary basketball players Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Al Horford of the Dominican Republic, Andrea Bargnani of Italy, Serge Ibaka of the Republic of Read more


We are all players PlayStation!

Earlier this month PlayStation made a commercial and campaign dedicated to all players and their victories. Now, Sony continues in same spirit, presenting us new commercial for PS3, named “We are all players PlayStation”. I think it’s inspiring and encouraging just like the previous one. I like the message that they’re trying to send us, Read more


To All PlayStation Players!

Sony and PlayStation 3 have started a new campaign “Long Live Play”. They asked all players to submit photos of themselves where they are holding their joysticks, and finally we see why. They made the coolest video game commercial ever, called “Michael”.  The idea of it is to remind us on the real world where characters Read more