PETA “Get a Feel for Agora”

Client: PETA Agency: Lowe & Partners Singapore Production Company: Great Guns Read more


Thanksgiving and Slaughter Go Hand-in-Hand

According to PETA, this is true. For the animal rights organization, Thanksgiving cannot be a time of reflection and joy, a time of typical holiday escapism, while there are turkeys still being eaten. To them, the Fowl Farm represents the Foul Farm and, this season, they wish to portray the benefits of veganism with a Read more


More Graphic PETA Ads

PETA is an organization fighting for the ethical treatment of animals and it is renowned for having bold campaigns. Each time they launch a campaign against animal cruelty, the world awaits for it to be harsh and rude towards those who eat meat or wear fur or leather. Therefore, unsurprisingly enough, PETA’s new campaign ads Read more


PETA Fights Super Bowl Chicken Wing Eating Tradition

According to some statistics, approximately 600 million chickens are slaughtered for the wings that get consumed during Super Bowl Sunday. PETA decided to fight this American citizens’ obsession, by placing billboards in the teams’ hometowns of New York, Boston and Indianapolis, where this year’s Super Bowl is being held. According to them there are meatless Read more