Today’s World Of Tomorrow: Where We Stand With Augmented Reality

If you’re set on tracking the foundations of augmented reality, the venture could lead you as far back as the early 20th century. Some might say 1957 was a key date when Morton Helig started his Sensorama project, which was designed to bring cinematic experiences to the user. In 1966, the “head-mounted display” or the HMD Read more


Pepsi Pokes Fun At Coca-Cola’s Polar Bear

There is nothing better in advertising than when corporate rivalry makes way for some interesting advertising campaign moves. Such is the case with Pepsi’s latest campaign for its latest loyalty program and app called “Pepsi Pass.” Two ads were done where a Pepsi and Cola consumer find out about Pepsi’s new program. Much to the Read more


Pepsi Max ‘Genius’ Campaign Featuring Drone Football

A twist on something familiar, an unusual combination of the usual passions is what defines genius. That is the message of Pepsi Max’s first world-wide marketing campaign, appropriately named “Genius.” The campaign kicks off with “Drone Football,” a high-tech take on an everyday 5 side football match between friends. Kristin Patrick, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Read more


6 Awesome Brands That Crowdsourced in 2013

Crowdsourcing has become a hot topic lately, as we see big brands getting in on the action! Many are coming to see crowdsourcing as a hot marketing avenue, capable of bringing in new fans and driving brand awareness on a national, or even global stage. Take a look at some of the world’s most well-known Read more


Pepsi “Now Is What You Make It”

Client: Pepsi Advertising Agency: 180LA, USA Partner, Chief Creative Officer: William Gelner Managing Partner, Chairman: Chris Mendola Creative Directors: Dave Horton, Matthew Woodhams-Roberts Associate Creative Director / Copywriter: Jason Rappaport Associate Creative Director / Art Director: Mike Bokman Copywriter: Joe Beutel Art Director: Jaclyn Kritch Head of Production: Natasha Wellesley Executive Producer, Producer: Erin Goodsell Read more


Pepsi Max & Jeff Gordon “Test Drive 2”

Client: PepsiMAX Agency: Davie Brown Entertainment / The Marketing Arm Read more


How Has the Pepsi Brand Evolved Over the Last 100 Years?

On a blisteringly hot summer’s day, nothing could be more mouth-watering than that crisp mouthful of thirst-quenching delicious goodness found in a cool can in the fridge. Condensation droplets drip down the red, white and blue logo that has become forged into the subconscious of the public for several years since the recognisable symbol came Read more


Pepsi Trades “Likes” for Cans

The Facebook “like” fever is very convenient for advertising campaigns because not only is social media taking over, but it is also creating a free advertising market within itself. With regards to this, Pepsi‘s latest campaign requires you to “like” the brand on Facebook in order to be rewarded with free pop on the spot. Read more

Diet Pepsi Invites Fans to Sip in Style With New Limited Edition Can

Diet Pepsi Invites Fans to Sip in Style With New Limited Edition Can

While Pepsi will soon be available in new and refreshed bottles all around the U.S., Diet Pepsi will be found in new limited edition cans. The brand teamed up with one of the faces of the HGTV home design channel, interior designer Vern Yip, to launch limited edition mini cans, thus continuing Diet Pepsi’s Love Read more