After Great Success, Dove Introduces… a Beauty Patch?

In an effort to present themselves as a brand who cares deeply about what’s below the surface, it seems Dove went too far this time. After the enormous success of “Sketches” – a video which has been viewed more than 62 million times – they’ve presented another product of their joint work with Ogilvy & Mather Brazil, Read more

Philips Asks: Care for a Pinegrape?

Philips Asks: Care for a Pinegrape?

To promote their ultimate blender, Philips blended fruit. Literally. In order to promote Philips’ Walita Avance blender, Ogilvy & Mather Brazil, the company’s global lead creative agency, teamed up with molecular gastronomist Clecia Ribeiro; After three months of research, Ribeiro found a way to slice fruits together into, for example, Pinegrapes and Bananaberry, by using fruit Read more


Dove Brings Out the Real Beauty in Women [Updated]

According to Dove, only 4 percent of women around the world consider themselves beautiful, so the brand, inspired with the remaining 96 percent has made a new step in the journey of a Real Beauty campaign which definitely scratched the surface a bit more. With the help of an FBI-trained forensic artist Gil Zamora, Dove Read more

Perrier Invites Fans to a Journey of Digital Partying

Perrier Invites Fans on an Interactive Journey of Digital Partying

Even though water and nightlife are not a preferred combination for many, French-based sparking water company Perrier convinces us in otherwise in their new campaign. In cooperation with agency Ogilvy & Mather, the brand created a very mystical and exciting campaign that skillfully combines interactive and gaming elements. Playing with the universal human desire for Read more

Can a Print Ad Help Save Paper, Not Waste It

“Can a Print Ad Help Save Paper, Not Waste It?”

To advertise Volkswagen’s BlueMotion range of eco-friendly cars, Ogilvy Cape Town used the project’s production budget for something a bit different from an ordinary print ad. “In every magazine you find ads. Lots of ads. But most magazines, along with all the ads in them, end up as trash, wasting a lot of paper” – because of this, the very interesting, above-mentioned question was asked: Can a print ad help save paper, not waste it? It turns out – it can. Ogilvy bought a bunch of pre-paid postages (named BlueMotion Labels) and put them in magazines as small advertisements. Once a reader was done with a magazine, he had the chance to easily send the magazine to be recycled. The result, as you can see in the video below, is a remarkably clever advertisement that could actually make a difference. “We paid for a little insert, but the whole magazine became a message. It didn’t just explain BlueMotion thinking – it demonstrated it.” Read more

Hellmann's Recipe Offered On A Store Receipt

Hellmann’s Recipe Offered on a Store Receipt

In the intention to expand mayonnaise use beside sandwiches, Hellmann’s and Ogilvy Brazil recently introduced a campaign that encourages consumers how to use the groceries they had just bought. Hellmann’s made a partnership with a huge supermarket chain called St Marche in order to install software in cash registers at about 100 stores. The core idea involves tailored Read more


Dove’s ‘The Ad Makeover’ app Makes Women all Around The World Feel Beautiful

Did you know that only 4% of women believe they are beautiful? According to the Dove’s latest campaign created by Ogilvy, this shocking statistic is true and certainly disturbing. To build up our self-confidence, Dove brand has created “The Ad Makeover”, a Facebook application that is expected to hit 5 million users. It’s aim is Read more

Ford Pinball Parking

The Worse You Park, the Higher the Score!

Combining an old school game and Parisian drivers (which, as shown, will do anything to get a parking space) agency Ogilvy made this super cool interactive ad for Ford’s Active Park Assist technology. The screen is actually a giant pinball machine and there were censors installed on the front and back of the cars next to the Read more


Gap’s New Campaign: ”Be Bright”

“Be Bright” is the name of Gap’s new campaign for its summer collection, developed in partnership with Ogilvy. “Be Bright speaks to what has always been the heart and soul of Gap—casual American style that’s relevant for today and rooted in optimism. We’ve been infusing a new energy and confidence into our product and how we express Read more