Nestlé Coffee Served by Nude Baristas in NYC

Free coffee and nude baristas—what else could you wish for on a Friday morning? Apparently this is what Nestlé was thinking of when they created a new campaign for its Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss coffee creamer. Back in April 24th, Nestlé and ad agency 360i took over a small coffee shop, an Irving Farm in Manhattan, Read more


How Are Facebook Ads Shown in Emerging Countries?

With 1.4 billion monthly users, Facebook is without question the first among social networks. People from all over the world use it every day, but almost a third of its users come from places that are not urban North America, Europe, and Asia. About 436 million Facebook users come from high-growth, yet emerging countries such as India or Read more


Take a Break, Buy a Ticket

A couple of years ago when Japan was hit by the devastating Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami, Nestlé was there to give a hand in reconstructing the railways and to support the rebuilding process. Saniku region was completely ruined and after the disaster, the entire country was in a really bad condition. As it was suspected, Read more


TUX “Herding Cats”

Client: Nestle Purina Petcare Agency: Assignment Group Read more


Nestlé Helps Alzheimer’s Patients Reawake a Slice of the Past

In order to awake “sweet memories” of 800.000 people that are currently living with dementia all around the UK, the brand decided to bring back some nostalgic packages that are supposed to be the trigger for recalling memories of happy days of their lives. So, why this move all of a sudden? Namely, Alzheimer’s Society, Read more


Kit Kat, Japan and Chocolate Obsession

Dreams of the all daring Kit Kat fans are finally fulfilled as the brand opened its new concept store on the January 17th at the Seibu Department Store in Tokyo’s Ikebukuro. But why they’ve chosen Tokyo, you might be wondering? It seems that Nestlé’s Kit Kat is one of the favorite candy bar among the Asians, Read more

Nespresso's Digital (r)Evolution with George Clooney and Matt Damon

Nespresso’s Digital (r)Evolution with George Clooney and Matt Damon

Nespresso has teamed up with Hollywood stars George Clooney and Matt Damon to promote the launch of its brand new digital platform – the Nespresso channel – in partnership with Google and YouTube. This expansion into the digital world provides a comprehensive insight into the activities and aspirations of the coffee brand; users can explore Nespresso Read more


Android KitKat: One-time Deal or Perhaps Something More?

You’re probably still coming around from the bomb Google dropped a few days ago when it announced that the new version of Android mobile OS is called KitKat. Yes, KitKat as in the candy bar KitKat. After months of speculations, the search engine giant unveiled that it has teamed up with Nestlé, the owner of Read more

Vittel Aims for Vitality With New Packaging Design

Vittel Aims for Vitality With New Packaging Design

Vittel, the 150-year-old natural mineral water brand, decided to reinforce its positioning by tasking French agency Logic Design to redesign its identity. The new design is the perfect combination of the vision (consumer benefit), the charisma (graphic language) and the status (institutional dimension) of Vittel. The new design is supposed to reflect the vitality of Read more

Nescafé Celebrates 75th Anniversary

Nescafé Celebrates 75th Anniversary

Nestlé is celebrating its instant coffee brand’s 75th anniversary. As a brand that started out to solve the problem of what to do with unsold coffee, Nescafé is now a global brand that can praise itself with the fact that more than 5,500 cups of the instant coffee are consumed every second around the world. Carsten Read more