Today’s brands are deeply rooted into our subconsciousness whether you like it or not. As soon as you step outside your home that contains branded TV, branded fridge and even a branded toaster, you step into a world full of ads filled with thousands and thousands of different brands. This mind game is something that Read more


Brand New Awards Contest Winners

It’s been two months since we published our article about Brand New Awards, a judged competition organized by UnderConsideration, celebrating the best identity work in the world made during 2010. Well the results are here and I’m sure you are eager to see them, but first off let’s have a closer look at the The Read more



Europe’s leading sports channel – Eurosport – is launching a new identity inspired by the emotions associated with sport. The new identity will feature new on-air elements, (scripted and directed by Paris Les Télécréateurs production agency), and a series of six new channel idents, each drawing on one key emotion for its inspiration: Joy, Anger, Empathy, Read more