Benetton’s Digital Interaction With New Apps

Today, Benetton has announced its updated range of apps for the new generation of tablets and smartphones. The apps will be launched as an accompaniment to the latest Benetton Spring/Summer 2012 collections for each of their brand: United Colors of Benetton, Sisley and Playlife. Benetton has the privilege to be one of the few companies with a dedicated Read more


Samsung Galaxy Valentine’s Day App

A new promotional campaign by Samsung called “Love Note” was launched on Valentine’s Day. The campaign features an app that was designed specially for Samsung Galaxy using the platform over at GalaxyLoveNote.com. With this app, users can upload images, share messages through social media and even send a real postcard to their loved ones. This Read more


Cracking The Middle East

Recently at one of our events a well known Turkish marketer was talking about their branding strategy for the Middle East. Having worked in the Middle East for over 5 years I believed his presentation was top notch, especially for all those companies that want to crack the lucrative Middle Eastern Markets. For those that Read more


Power-modernism — The Future Of Packaging

It’s nearly year-twelve of the new millennium and technology is speeding ahead, consumers are racing to keep up, and the market is tagging-along to keep up with all of it. ‘What’s new’ is ‘what’s old’ quicker than ever and factoring-in the amped-up volume of competition makes survival of the fittest-product even more challenging. In today’s Read more


The Brand Keys 12 For 12 – Brand And Marketing Trends For 2012

The 12th year of the 21st century is nigh upon us, bringing not just a clean slate, but also a sense of significance: the very number 12 commands attention, in different ways. For product brands it’s a unit of trade – 12 units to a dozen, said to be cheaper than other number sets. Service Read more


Listen First, Speak Later

Many people are poor listeners. Quite often we meet people who like the sound of their own voice and can seem compelled to share that pleasure with others. They update us on everything they do, no matter how unimpressive and irrelevant to our own lives and interests. To be honest, most people do not have Read more