Is Google Going "Flat"?

Is Google Going “Flat”?

This has certainly been an exciting year when it comes to logo redesigns, with the latest one of them being from Yahoo!, and Google just might be following the trend. Tech site Arstechnica reported on Monday that a new and refreshed Google logo design was hiding within the Chrome Beta for Android browser. The “new” Read more


Android KitKat: One-time Deal or Perhaps Something More?

You’re probably still coming around from the bomb Google dropped a few days ago when it announced that the new version of Android mobile OS is called KitKat. Yes, KitKat as in the candy bar KitKat. After months of speculations, the search engine giant unveiled that it has teamed up with Nestlé, the owner of Read more

Converse Creative Competition Encourages Fans to 'Hack' Chucks

Converse Creative Competition Encourages Fans to ‘Hack’ Chucks

When it comes to Converse, it is all about creativity and innovation. Taking into account the complexity and ambition of the brand’s advertising campaigns so far, this is definitely Converse’s year. After recently witnessing how Converse brought sneaker spirit back to the game with their global “Shoes Are Boring. Wear Sneakers,” campaign, we now witness Read more

New Motorola Logo Gives a Hint at What Google Plans for the Brand

New Motorola Logo Gives a Hint at What Google Plans for the Brand

In October 2011, Google bought Motorola, but there hasn’t been much info on what the giant has in plan for the mobile company; Recently, though, there were words of several new Android phones. Maybe this is the reason why Google decided to refresh the Motorola logo, giving us a peak into how Google might use Read more


Subtle Love: A Consumer and Design Affair

If we look far, far back into the human history, we can note that there have always been certain patterns in human language, behavior, labor and organization. Through oral tradition, various production processes were carried forward to new generations and we now see them as pieces of heritage. Human activity always performed within patterns, because Read more

Send Kisses Around the World With Burberry and Google

Send Kisses Around the World With Burberry and Google

How many times have you wanted to kiss someone who is miles away? Now it will no longer be a problem with Burberry’s latest innovation-project dubbed Burberry Kisses, which allows you to send a digital copy of your lip imprint through Google Maps. The initiative is part of Google’s Art, Copy & Code project, an ongoing Read more


I Am a Google Intern. True Story.

This week Google is definitely in the spotlight. Apart from the fact that today is the release of a movie about two ex-salesman becoming its interns, the company also presented (just a few days ago) the real story related to their internship program. Although The Internship, a comedy starring the fabulous duo from Wedding Crashers (Vince Read more


Coming Soon to a Platform Near You: Streaming Music from Google and Very Nearly Everyone Else

Bill Gates foretold the success that digital would create as the fastest growing segment of the online entertainment industry. Gates said it, Google listened then Google announced yesterday it will launch a paid streaming music service – All Access music for $9.99 after a 30-day free trial – in direct competition with Pandora and Spotify Read more

Google’s Think Insights Brings Business to the Forefront

Google’s Think Insights Brings Business to the Forefront

Think Insights, the newest Google initiative, may not be what users expect. Once a website dedicated to the best digital innovations, Think Insights is now a portal committed to providing small business marketers and advertisers with the real-time information necessary for successful creative execution. Along with being a natural promoter for Google’s products, the site Read more


Google’s Art, Copy & Code Initiative Leads by Example

You may know Google for its hangouts, science fairs and doodles, but behind-the-scenes it is a serious company. By serious, I mean affluent—and by affluence, I mean advertising. So it is unsurprising that, along with the inventions of tomorrow, Google is also supporting creativity in advertising and the community engagement that accompanies it. Last year, Read more