New Chrome Experiment Done In Collaboration With Cirque Du Soleil

New Google Chrome Experiment Done in Collaboration With Cirque Du Soleil

Not long ago, Google Chrome celebrated 4 years of rethinking web browsing, and although the browser hasn’t had any major overhauls lately, the guys from Google are making sure to keep the innovation going. Google Chrome teamed up with Cirque du Soleil to make a “new sensory Chrome experiment” which transfers Cirque du Soleil’s wonderful Read more


Eurobrand Top 100: Apple Defends the Title of The World’s Most Valuable Brand

Eurobrand, the European independent firm for brand, patent & IP valuation & strategy, has examined more than 3.000 brand corporations and their brands spanning over 16 industries. Unsurprisingly, Apple topped the list with an incredible brand value of 100.239 billion euros and a staggering increase of over 43.9% in just one year. The second place Read more

Google Project Glass Debuts at NY Fashion Week

Google Project Glass Debuts at NY Fashion Week

Technology and fashion are once again teaming up. At this year’s New York Fashion Week, Google and fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg have teamed up to make Google’s Project Glass the ultimate fashion accessory. Google cofounder Sergey Brin adjusting the glasses on Diane von Furstenberg The glasses are not yet available and are still a work-in-progress, but that didn’t stop their Fashion Week debut. Models wore them, and to make things more fun, viewers can now see point-of-view pictures from the catwalk taken by ‘the glasses’ (see here) and a compilation of POV videos on Google’s Youtube channel and DVF’s Google+ page from September 13th. I think it’s not just about technology. It’s about lifestyle, it’s a very important component of making technology desirable and compelling. It’s got to Read more


Google Analytics Shows Dominance Over Similar Services in 2012

If you happen to manage a blog or any kind of website, then you are most probably familiar with Google’s free service called Google Analytics. For those unfamiliar with it, Analytics is the most used web analytics software in the world, found on more than half of all the websites on the internet. With a Read more

Where Will Google+ Be in 2050?

Where Will Google+ Be in 2050?

Why did the giants social site flunk? Made a wrong move, maybe two? Check out this hypothetical father-son conversation in the year 2050 as they reminisce of what Google once was and how did it compare to other social media sites. Image: The best explanation can be found in this part of the dialogue: Son: “Why weren’t Read more

Google Celebrates America's Birthday, As Well As Internet Freedom

Google Celebrates America’s Birthday, As Well As Internet Freedom

Well done, Google. In their new video dedicated to celebration of the Independence Day, Google tried to stress the importance of internet freedom. In this video, Google made a set of quotes by notable Americans and all together they make a big american flag. Photo: Google Also, Google will now withdraw their editions such as Read more


Google Brings the Wonders of the World to Your Computer

Good ol’ Google… What has it prepared for us now, you might wonder? Well, the company has teamed up with UNESCO, World Monuments Fund, Getty Images and Ourplace to bring high res photos and information about the World Wonders to anyone with Internet access. The project is a part of a larger initiative called Google Cultural Read more


Oakley Challenging Google’s Project Glass

Oakley, California based sports accessories manufacturer announced efforts of its in-house experts to develop a technology that could project digital data on the lenses of glasses – something that could give Google and its recently unveiled “Project Glass“ a run for its money. Oakley, owning approximately 600 patents combining state of the art digital technologies and sunglasses, Read more

Google Plus

Redesigned Google Plus – a Facebook Timeline Ripoff or an Experience for Itself?

There is a common thought among people that Google+ is an unstable venture. Not only is the social network subject to constant mocking, the company is forced to fight it’s most fierce competitor – Facebook as well, which is, obviously at its prime (a clear indicator is the recent purchase of Instagram). The guys at Google Read more

A Mix Up Of Google's Project Glass Parodies

A Mix Up of Google’s Project Glass Parodies

Google’s Project Glass has been released, making us all consider the thought that the future might actually look like a sci-fi movie, Terminator style. Of course, as you all know, the corny and ‘heart-warming’ ad (which, to me, represents hypocrisy at its finest) has become a big viral hit, and where there’s a viral video Read more