Fortune Ranks Apple as the World’s Most Admired Company

The prestigious business magazine Fortune has unveiled a list of The World’s Most Admired Companies where Apple stands strong in defending the title for the sixth year in a row. Google placed second, followed by Amazon, Coca-Cola and Starbucks on the international list. The process of selecting the Top 50 most admired companies was broken Read more


Microsoft Bashes Google in Its New Anti-Gmail Campaign

Microsoft together with have launched a new anti-campaign on February 6th, named “Don’t get scroogled by Gmail”. The campaign’s goal is to educate the Americans that Gmail is using their private messages to sell and target ads. Based on a GfK Roper study commissioned by Microsoft Corp, people are not aware of the fact Read more


Google’s 2013 Science Fair: Brand or Reputation?

Remember how proud you were of your 7th grade science fair project? Maybe you received a certificate, some kind of ribbon, a medal even? Well, that’s not what this is. Once again, Google has decided to launch this rite of passage to new heights with its third consecutive Google Science Fair. Partnering with CERN, the Read more

Doodle 4 Google Invites Kids to Doodle Their Best Day Ever

Doodle 4 Google Invites Kids to Doodle Their Best Day Ever

Doodle 4 Google, Google’s annual event launched in 2008, is yet again inviting students from all over the U.S. from kindergarten to 12th grade to make a Google doodle of their own. For this years theme “My favorite day ever”, the winner will receive a $30,000 college scholarship and a $50,000 technology grant among other prizes such Read more

Google+ Holiday Hangout with Wallace & Gromit

Google+ Holiday Hangout with Wallace & Gromit

The iconic British animated characters Wallace and Gromit are brought back to life this holiday season to promote the Google + Hangout, a video chat that supports up to 10 people at the same time. Google promotes Hangout’s features in this festive time of year with Britain’s two most lovable characters and their friends, where Read more

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Entrance to Google’s Venice Beach Offices Now Open to Public via Street View

You know you’ve made it as a corporation when you use your own advanced technology for self promotion. On Google’s Street View, you can now see what the intriguing entrance of their Los Angeles Venice Beach offices look like from the inside. As if the outside wasn’t exotic enough, with massive binoculars adorning the facade, Read more

Google Chromebook feat

Google Chromebook feat. Slayer

Thrash metal icons Slayer discover their true self in advertising. Nah, it’s just Google‘s Halloween edition ad for their new Chromebook that packs a punch, well musically speaking, with Slayer’s 1986 hit Raining Blood. Didn’t expect that, did you now? Scrolling through the YouTube comments, we can see that a lot of Slayer fans watched Read more

Google+ Fails to Inspire Users to Share Content

Google+ Fails to Inspire Users to Share Content

Google claims 170m Google+ users but other reports have said it is a ghost town, so what is the truth?  These findings appear to confirm the latter – despite its large number of accounts the platform is bottom of the list of social network users’ favored channels. Social media agency Umpf analyzed 100 random online Read more

New Chrome Experiment Done In Collaboration With Cirque Du Soleil

New Google Chrome Experiment Done in Collaboration With Cirque Du Soleil

Not long ago, Google Chrome celebrated 4 years of rethinking web browsing, and although the browser hasn’t had any major overhauls lately, the guys from Google are making sure to keep the innovation going. Google Chrome teamed up with Cirque du Soleil to make a “new sensory Chrome experiment” which transfers Cirque du Soleil’s wonderful Read more


Eurobrand Top 100: Apple Defends the Title of The World’s Most Valuable Brand

Eurobrand, the European independent firm for brand, patent & IP valuation & strategy, has examined more than 3.000 brand corporations and their brands spanning over 16 industries. Unsurprisingly, Apple topped the list with an incredible brand value of 100.239 billion euros and a staggering increase of over 43.9% in just one year. The second place Read more