Think Your Video Ads Are Seen Online? A New Study From Google Proves Otherwise

The industry of digital marketing is struggling with low viewability, and in this line of work viewability is the name of the game. Google has recently published a study and according to its findings 46% of video ads displayed will never be seen by the audience. Opposed to this relatively ‘small’ percentage, 91% of ads served on YouTube Read more


Kit Kat’s New Name is “YouTube Break” for a Joint Campaign with Google

Chocolate candy bar Kit Kat and Internet giant YouTube are working together again! “YouTube Break” will appear instead of “Kit Kat” on 600,000 UK wrappers. Nestlé’s brand will sponsor YouTube’s trending videos on mobile devices in the United Kingdom, and in exchange the candy bar will be visible while you’re watching the videos. If you Read more


MWC 2015: Is It More of the Same or Change for the Sake of Change?

Mobile brands, including carriers and social media grandees such as Mark Zuckerberg, are in Barcelona at MWC15 to announce, prophesise, and speculate on what we as consumers will want, or think we need, in the form of mobile devices and the connected landscape. It’s true to say that we are a generation that relies on Read more

‘Good’ Campaign of the Week: Alzheimer Netherlands

Brand: Alzheimer Netherlands Agency: N=5 Campaign: Zeitgeist 2014 – An Alzheimer’s Year in Review Much like Superbowl commercial breaks in the US or the Christmas ad blockbusters in the UK, the end of year Google’s Zeitgeist film has quickly become an annual tradition. Looking back at the year in search, Google picks out the most important Read more

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Schmidt Says Google Is the Security Leader over Apple, Let’s Compare

The UK’s Techie News reports Eric Schmidt as saying: “In Google’s place we have always been the leader in security and in encryption. Our systems are far more secure and encrypted than anyone else, including Apple. They’re catching up, which is great.” Naturally, CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, disagrees. Who’s right? Who has the better security Read more


New Challenge: Google’s Material Design in Print

A new design language was presented on June 25, 2014 at the Google I/O developer conference. It is named Material Design. If you had no idea what it is about, you would probably think that it has something to do with physical objects. Since Google is known for building beautiful and sophisticated digital products, it just Read more


DesignStudio: The Disruptive Creatives

Airbnb recently went through a major rebrand and we were curious to see who was behind the entire concept. DesignStudio, an independent studio with offices in London and San Francisco, was founded by co-founders Paul Stafford and Ben Wright. We got the chance to talk to John Creson, Principal of DesignStudio San Francisco, about the Read more


Content Publishers, Facebook Is NOT the End-All, Be-All

Much has been said about Facebook recently. With the social network’s recent invitation for media companies to host their content on Facebook, big brands (such as The New York Times, News UK and Business Insider) have had a lot to say about why it may or – most likely – may not be a good idea Read more


Mockingjay Part One: Who Goes To Panem? 

We have seen The Hunger Games and Catching Fire, and we are still eagerly expecting the third part of the saga — Mockingjay, which is currently being developed into a two part movie. In order to promote the first part, marketing crew behind Hunger Game partnered up with Google’s Art, Copy & Code project and some really Read more