‘Good’ Campaign of the Week: Sainsbury’s

Brand: Sainsbury’s Agency: Google Creative Labs Campaign: Sainsbury’s Food Rescue In the UK, the average household throws away £60 ($100) worth of uneaten food every month, equivalent to some four million tonnes of waste each year. Earlier this summer, Sainsbury’s teamed up with Google to help combat this issue in an innovative fashion with a Read more

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A Question of Space: The Next Challenge for Brands?

Today our lives and lifestyles are assuming an increasingly fluid shape. But, despite the growing amount of options now open to us, our physical space – or rather the lack of it – is now becoming an ever more pressing issue and one that will eventually affect us all. And this is not just a Read more


YouTube Just Got Simpler

“YouTube. Just Got Simpler” a design by Ziarekenya Smith not only reinvents YouTube’s design but its whole experience has turned into minimalist bliss. His new logo consists of a pair of brackets and “YouTube” mimicking the camera frame and making you, the publisher, feel like the director. His homepage is reminiscent of Microsoft’s interactive “Windows 8″ interface. Smith brings Read more


In a Brand Rut? Consider These 3 Tips to Jump-start Progress

Regardless of your company’s growth stage, there might be times when you look at your product, the marketplace or customer and find the world is evolving more quickly than your brand. If this sounds familiar, don’t despair. Here are three brand anecdotes and tips for breaking out of a brand rut and driving meaningful change. 1) Read more


If Big Brands Were as Epic as Game of Thrones

DesignCrowd recently decided to bridge the gap between the houses of Game of Thrones and the megabrands of today. They beckoned their designers to take the epic qualities of GoT and apply it to the love-to-hate brands of today (hello there, Facebook). The results? Some taglines such as “CTRL + ALT + DEL” for Microsoft and Read more


#ProudToPlay – YouTube’s Way of Supporting LGBT Rights

As we eagerly wait for the World Cup to begin, brands are working hard to get as much media attention as they can. Some of us often memorize an important world sport manifestation by the battle of the brands or by some amazing campaigns conducted before, during or after the event. SEE ALSO: Kiss a Ball Read more


Selfridges Celebrates Beauty in the Brand’s ‘Hello Beautiful’ Campaign

Beauty itself is a relative topic to talk about. Most of people agree that beauty is in the eye of the observer, but we are all aware that we’re living in a world where physical appearance is overrated. To prove the opposite, Selfridges has launched a campaign that combines two of the brand’s main marketing platforms: Read more


The New Branding Reality: “Game Changer” or “Game Over”

The Cambridge Dictionary defines a ‘change agent’ as “a person or thing that encourages other people to change their behavior or opinion.” I would argue that we have to add “organizations” to this definition – because we live in a time where true change is increasingly driven by brands that enjoy a massive sphere of Read more