DesignStudio: The Disruptive Creatives

Airbnb recently went through a major rebrand and we were curious to see who was behind the entire concept. DesignStudio, an independent studio with offices in London and San Francisco, was founded by co-founders Paul Stafford and Ben Wright. We got the chance to talk to John Creson, Principal of DesignStudio San Francisco, about the Read more


Content Publishers, Facebook Is NOT the End-All, Be-All

Much has been said about Facebook recently. With the social network’s recent invitation for media companies to host their content on Facebook, big brands (such as The New York Times, News UK and Business Insider) have had a lot to say about why it may or – most likely – may not be a good idea Read more


Mockingjay Part One: Who Goes To Panem? 

We have seen The Hunger Games and Catching Fire, and we are still eagerly expecting the third part of the saga — Mockingjay, which is currently being developed into a two part movie. In order to promote the first part, marketing crew behind Hunger Game partnered up with Google’s Art, Copy & Code project and some really Read more

interbrand best global 2014 feat image

Interbrand’s Best Global Brands Report Bears Surprises

Interbrand‘s Best Global Brands Report for 2014 recently entered the scene and the branding world is bustling. For those who do not know, Interbrand’s annual podium is determined by the following factors: A financial analysis of the brand’s performance (whether products, services or both) A brand’s purchase decision influence A brand’s competitive relevance The agency Read more

google nyc ads feat image

Contextual Google Ads Take Over New York City

Cast the first stone who has never Googled questions like:  What’s the origin of coffee? How tall is the tallest building on Earth? Or, why is NYC called the Big Apple? Google, along with ad agency 72andSunny, has displayed simple questions in traditional spots in New York City to promote Google’s rebranded voice search app Read more

‘Good’ Campaign of the Week: Sainsbury’s

Brand: Sainsbury’s Agency: Google Creative Labs Campaign: Sainsbury’s Food Rescue In the UK, the average household throws away £60 ($100) worth of uneaten food every month, equivalent to some four million tonnes of waste each year. Earlier this summer, Sainsbury’s teamed up with Google to help combat this issue in an innovative fashion with a Read more

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A Question of Space: The Next Challenge for Brands?

Today our lives and lifestyles are assuming an increasingly fluid shape. But, despite the growing amount of options now open to us, our physical space – or rather the lack of it – is now becoming an ever more pressing issue and one that will eventually affect us all. And this is not just a Read more


YouTube Just Got Simpler

“YouTube. Just Got Simpler” a design by Ziarekenya Smith not only reinvents YouTube’s design but its whole experience has turned into minimalist bliss. His new logo consists of a pair of brackets and “YouTube” mimicking the camera frame and making you, the publisher, feel like the director. His homepage is reminiscent of Microsoft’s interactive “Windows 8″ interface. Smith brings Read more