In a Brand Rut? Consider These 3 Tips to Jump-start Progress

Regardless of your company’s growth stage, there might be times when you look at your product, the marketplace or customer and find the world is evolving more quickly than your brand. If this sounds familiar, don’t despair. Here are three brand anecdotes and tips for breaking out of a brand rut and driving meaningful change. 1) Read more


If Big Brands Were as Epic as Game of Thrones

DesignCrowd recently decided to bridge the gap between the houses of Game of Thrones and the megabrands of today. They beckoned their designers to take the epic qualities of GoT and apply it to the love-to-hate brands of today (hello there, Facebook). The results? Some taglines such as “CTRL + ALT + DEL” for Microsoft and Read more


#ProudToPlay – YouTube’s Way of Supporting LGBT Rights

As we eagerly wait for the World Cup to begin, brands are working hard to get as much media attention as they can. Some of us often memorize an important world sport manifestation by the battle of the brands or by some amazing campaigns conducted before, during or after the event. SEE ALSO: Kiss a Ball Read more


The New Branding Reality: “Game Changer” or “Game Over”

The Cambridge Dictionary defines a ‘change agent’ as “a person or thing that encourages other people to change their behavior or opinion.” I would argue that we have to add “organizations” to this definition – because we live in a time where true change is increasingly driven by brands that enjoy a massive sphere of Read more


Chrome Lets You Start Your Buliding Career with Lego Bricks

Google Chrome meets Lego for all the wannabe architects and constructors. Nearly everyone’s childhood was marked by the iconic Lego bricks and now they’re back in full (digital) glory. A 3D graphics technology named Web GL was used to develop the ”Built with Chrome” application that is now the ”largest LEGO® set the world has ever seen,” according to the Read more


Google Doodle in Support of LGBT Rights

If you got tired of hearing about Sochi in the news as the Winter Olympics have just even began, Google has a surprise for you — a brand new Google Doodle. Except a minor Cold War happening in the past few weeks over multiple topics ranging from how many Russian tycoons have invested in Sochi, Read more


The Evolution of Logos: Tech Brands

Samsung Founded: 1938     The vast changes made to Samsung’s logo reflect the staggering length of time they have been around. Samsung began life in 1938 as a trading company which made noodles and a wide range of dried seafood. Lee Byung-Chul (founder) named the company Samsung, which translates to 3 stars. His vision Read more

Where's Santa?

Track Santa With Google!

If you are curious to know what is the location of one of the most wanted people during the holidays – Santa Claus – here’s your chance to track him on his way! Google rolled out a Santa tracker webpage based on what is called Santa’s Village, similar to its trackers from 2012 and 2011. Read more


Microsoft vs Google, Part Two: Scroogled Merchandise

The tech “war” between Google and Microsoft is intensely sharpening.  As a part of the brand’s ”Scroogled” anti-campaign, Microsoft has started to sell t-shirts, hats, mugs, and sweatshirts which are ironically toying and mocking around Google’s customer data mining. While the Scroogled mug announces things like “Keep calm while we steal your data,”  the ”Step into our web” t-shirt notes Read more