FIAT “GIF Endless Fun”

Client: FIAT Agency: The Richards Group Read more

Fiat Cars Cruising Down the Chicago River

Fiat Cars Cruising Down the Chicago River

Italian car manufacturer Fiat loves to play with their products. After turning their old cars into trendy refrigerators, recently they set out water-based vehicles which were cruising down the Chicago river. Designed to promote Fiat’s growing operations in North America, the cars were actually a boat version of Fiat’s new collection of 2014 models – 500L, 500 Cabrio, and Read more


You Cannot Follow Fiat 500 Abarth on Twitter Because It Is Just “Too Damn Fast”

Fiat Abarth 500 has zero followers on Twitter! Why? Because it is just too fast to follow! Very slick. Italian creativity and German ingenuity allowed us to be a part of a tremendously fresh Twitter campaign, in which nobody can follow Abarth 500, because the vehicle itself is “too fast”. When trying to follow Fiat Read more


What Happens When a Fiat 500 Becomes a Refrigerator?

A twist on the recycling of old cars has been introduced by Italian car manufacturer, Fiat, as it partners with Smeg in the transformation of old cars into trendy refrigerators. The Smeg 500, constructed by chopping a Fiat 500 into the size of a mini-fridge, is meant to represent a certain kind of transformation–a hipster-type Read more

Fiat and DC Comics Roll Out Superhero Seatbelts to Keep Kids Safe

Fiat and DC Comics Roll Out Superhero Seatbelts to Keep Kids Safe

Fiat teamed up with Leo Burnett Brazil for a new campaign dubbed “Hero Hug” that encourages and promotes road safety among children, due to the high rate of child mortality in Brazil caused by automobile accidents. The one-minute video shows the process of producing a new line of seatbelt covers, made like ‘hand’ of popular Read more


Environmentally Sexy New Fiat 500e

After series of successful vehicles, Italian car manufacturers, Fiat, presented another model on this year’s L.A. Auto Show, the new version of their famous hatchback makes a difference because it’s electric. Fiat 500e is company’s first electric city car and even thou it is quite similar to their previous 500 model, some exchanges had to Read more


Being Thoroughly Awake to Your Automotive Options

As anyone who’s ever bought or leased a car knows, beyond basic transportation there’s always a list of optional extras — ABS, surround-sound, tinted windows, cruise control, coffee maker. You know, the usual. Wait, coffee maker? Have we mixed up categories? No, you read right, coffee makers. Fiat, once known for the acronym ‘Fix-It-Again-Ton’ and Read more

Fiat's Immigrants Continue The Brands USA Push

Fiat’s “Immigrants” Continue The Brands USA Push

In 2011 Chrysler Group started its push into the USA but not everything went according to plan. Their first effort went down the drain with bad commercials featuring Jennifer Lopez, and then a “real ad with Jenny” which was also a disaster. But today, Fiat rolled out a new commercial dubbed “Immigrants” which features all three Read more


Fiat 500 Abarth Commercial Featuring Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen – the “ultimate” bad boy. Probably the guy you would put in a commercial to promote a product’s evil twin. That is what Doner and Richards Group, Chrysler’s two advertising agencies thought when they did a commercial for Fiat 500’s bad boy version – the pumped Abarth model. The commercial is called “House Arrest”, Read more