Facebook Home: A Brand’s Allied Enemy

Welcome Home.  Or at least this is how Facebook beckons users towards its newest development, Facebook Home.  Commonly mistaken as the much-anticipated Facebook phone, Facebook Home is in fact a mobile operating system powered by the social giant.  Layered atop the existing Android system, Facebook Home will be pre-configured into the settings of the new Read more


How Brands Can Benefit From Facebook Hashtags

A recent Wall Street Journal article about Facebook reportedly working on bringing hashtags onto the world’s biggest social network has stirred up quite a bit of discussion in the digital world. According to the paper, Facebook is currently testing whether the hashtags should react the same way as they do on Twitter and Instagram, meaning Read more


[UPDATED]: Facebook’s News Feed Redesign Generates Potential for Brand Expansion

UPDATE:  On Tuesday, March 26th, Facebook released a blog post stating that their Facebook Exchange program is now testing FBX-targeted ads.  This means that, along with ads present along the right side of users’ News Feeds, interest-based ads will also begin to trickle in between the usual News Feed content.  This presents certain opportunities for brand Read more


Porsche Crowdsources the Design of a 911 Carrera 4S

On January 31st, Porsche announced through its Facebook cover photo that it had surpassed the 5 million “Likes” mark. The following week, Porsche revealed their celebration of the milestone:  The crowdsourced customization of a 911 Carrera 4S. Each week since then, Facebook fans have been able to go to the specialty app website and vote Read more


Cadbury Specially Delivers Joyville to Australia

Consumers are much more likely to connect with a brand if they know it’s “about us,” where it originates or how it is fabricated. But what about a brand that has been present for so long that it has become iconic? How do you revamp such banality? Cadbury Dairy Milk responded last year with Joyville, Read more


A Boy’s Wish Comes True With Taco Bell Branded Speedos

A 15-year old boy wished for customized Speedos and – the wish came true. Although it’s not a somewhat unreasonable wish, the fact that sometimes all you have to do is ask is a bit shocking. Ryan Klarner, a high school swimmer and diver from Illinois and a huge Taco Bell fan, simply asked for Read more

Social Media Advertising Ford's Case

Social Media Advertising: Ford’s Case

Couple of weeks ago I was writing about how much money Facebook makes through advertising and I came across some numbers that were unbelievable in a sense of how much did Facebook estimate their stocks and how low they’ve dropped. It was surprising to see the drop simply because the shares were overrated and it Read more

Where Does Your Revenue Come From, Facebook

Where Does Your Revenue Come From, Facebook?

Please don’t get salty at me, Facebook. I’m not calling you out on this one. Facebook made over $3.5 billion in revenues last year, most of what came from straight advertising. However, drop of Facebook shares was so significant in previous months that it will have to do a lot better in order to go Read more


Johnnie Walker Premieres an Interactive Facebook Cover

Johnnie Walker has launched a new application on its official Facebook page that changes the cover image every time the page is refreshed – a world’s first feature that keeps the spirit of the legendary motto “Keep Walking” alive through the use of social media. The constantly-changing covers feature four Instagram-based photos taken by three Read more


Social Media Storytelling

Have you ever wondered how to make your brand more appealing and engaging on social networks? Should you post photos or videos or maybe both? Well guest what, the guys at M Booth and Simply Measured, after doing a research on users’ networking and brand habits, have created this impressive infographic showing what works best on Read more