Dior “The New Film”

Client: Dior Director: Anton Corbijn Read more


Forget about Your Looks for a Second and Just Listen

If you are sitting in your workplace right now, close your eyes and just listen. What can you hear? Listen carefully. Note the sounds down. How do they make you feel? What did you hear? Sounds coming from colleagues? Customers? Machines? Faraway mumbles? The air conditioning or heating system kicking in? Or perhaps your company Read more


Luxury Brands In the Digital Era

Ever since the beginning of civilization, luxury goods and services have played an important role in various societies as dividers of social classes. Synonyms for wealth, luxury goods have always been welcomed by European kings, Chinese emperors, aristocrats and even ruthless dictators. With the industrial revolution in the 18th century, artists and craftsmen were slowly Read more


Royal Baby Gifts Featuring Fashion Brands

The royal baby turned the whole world into a one big themed party. A little too much, perhaps? Maybe, but it’s just so hard not to immerse yourself in all that cute craziness. There were no exceptions even when it comes to huge fashion brands like Dior, Karl Lagerfeld and Vera Wang. Challenged by fashion Read more


Miss Dior Launches New Short Film Directed by Sofia Coppola

Natalie Portman and Sofia Coppola have yet again shown us that they are the perfect duo for Miss Dior; After their first Miss Dior collaboration back in 2011, a new short film directed by Coppola and starring Portman entitled “La Vie en Rose” was released on YouTube and the brand’s website on February 22nd. With Portman Read more

New Dior Addict Campaign is Addictive Like Never Before

New Dior Addict Campaign is Addictive Like Never Before

The French fashion house Dior has showed us once again its recognizable note of playful elegance presenting its latest campaign and video for well known Dior Addict fragrance line. It’s created by Swedish director Jonas Akerlund and inspired by the legendary scene from the Roger Vadim’s movie “And God created women”, from 1956. Dior has decided Read more

All About Dior's Secret Garden And How To Advertise On YouTube

All About Dior’s Secret Garden and How to Advertise on YouTube

Now, I reckon you might not be as happy when trying to listen to your favorite new track on YouTube and instead of it you hear an interrupting commercial, but trust me, that is not gonna happen when the new Secret Garden ad from Dior jumps in before your new favorite track. 3rd of May Read more


Raf Simons, the New Artistic Director at Dior

It’s finally decided – the fashion house Dior got a new artistic director. Just like we previously assumed it’s Raf Simons. After many speculations and rumors who will replace the great John Galliano, the brand has decided to attach this Belgian designer to its lineup. Some of the potential candidates were Marc Jacobs, Riccardo Tisci Read more


Dior Online Magazine

Following the example of other luxury brands, fashion house Dior is trying to go digital as much as it can. For now, this brand is doing just fine with its nearly 7 million followers on Facebook, but it looks like something is missing – a Dior online magazine. I guess that tradition and marvelous history Read more