Ben&Jerry's Linsanity

Ben&Jerry’s ‘Racist’ Ice Cream

It’s nice when a brand such as Ben&Jerry’s is up to date with the worlds trends and uses those same trends in making interesting and original products – but it’s not nice when that plan completely backfires. To sum it up – Ben&Jerry’s were captured by the “Lin-sanity” – the fast raising fame of basketball-sensation Read more

Benetton United Colors Of Love

Did Benetton Do It Again?

  Oh Benetton, you and your silly little controversial ads! Yup, Benetton did it again, but not of course as hard core as the UNHATE campaign, but still kinda controversial. I mean, if you mind people of the same sex passionately kissing each other for approximately one minute and 9 seconds. The ad goes by Read more

Controversial Madrid Olympics 2020 Logo

Controversial Madrid 2020 Olympic Games Logo

Did making awful logos for the Olympic Games become a tradition? Yesterday, Madrid launched the logo for its bid to host the 2020 Olympics and Paralympics. The logo was automatically labeled as controversial and 81% of Spaniards claimed that they did not like it. It was made by a 22-year-old graphic arts student Luis Peiret Read more


Can It Get More Controversial?

Like you already know, the new Benetton’s UNHATE campaign has disturbed a lot of people. While some are impressed by it, others meet it with disgust. Branding Magazine was one of the fastest online media to publish and present this rather unusual, and not your average every-day campaign. We all know that Benetton’s campaigns always Read more


‘Sweet dreams’ cigarettes – not dreamy at all!

While the whole world is trying to teach us about the cigarette’s harmfulness and advise us to stop smoking, the Russian cigarette company Donskey Tabak is trying to evoke ‘sweet dreams’ of an unhealthy cigarette habit! This cigarette brand came up with new cigarette brand Sweet dreams specifically intended for teens and younger girls which makes this thing even worse. Cigarettes for Read more