Virgin Atlantic Launches A Branded Lip Gloss

We could expect a lot of different business undertaking from Virgin company, but never a Virgin Atlantic lip gloss line. A guess is that this was a missing part besides all Virgin’s core business areas. It’s just a one color lip gloss, called Upper Class Red, in their signature red color. It seems that the whole idea Read more


Meet Mel, The Adorable Kraft Foods Mascot

Kraft Foods has presented its new mascot for their refrigerated milk-and-granola bar called MilkBite. He’s name is Mel, he’s a 6 inches tall bar with a problem of low self-esteem, created and developed by Jim Henson Creature Shop and Droga5. For now, there are three new Kraft’s commercial with this funny character that follows his Read more

Nestea featured

Nestea Brand Focuses On Europe And Canada

The Coca-Cola Company and Nestlé S.A. have agreed to focus their ready-to-drink tea joint venture, Beverage Partners Worldwide (BPW), on Europe and Canada. In Taiwan and Hong Kong, The Coca-Cola Company will enter into a license agreement with Nestlé for the Nestea brand. In all other territories the joint venture will be phased out in a transition to Read more

Open Brand Featured

Open Brand

“The expression of a brand is not contained in a single person or document, everyone involved subconsciously includes their opinions and perceptions.” And that’s what OpenBrand is all about. A new tool on the market for building and controlling your brand and all marketing activities.  A tool that is beneficial to all the people in your Read more


Virgin’s Secret Event

The UK based Virgin company is preparing a special and secret event. Very little information is available: It will be held in Central London at an outdoor location, early in January next year and if you like you’re welcome to be a guest. The request is to be over 18 and tweet, blog, take photos Read more

Coca-Cola Red - Branding Magazine

Coca-Cola Brand Joins (RED) To Help Eliminate AIDS

The Coca-Cola Company announced a multi-year partnership with (RED) to raise awareness and money for the Global Fund’s efforts to virtually eliminate mother-to-child transmission of HIV by 2015. The partnership includes an initial commitment of more than $5 million USD from The Coca-ColaCompany over the next four years. This commitment will fund marketing awareness campaigns activated through global Coca-Cola music Read more

Featured Google

Google Gives $100M For New California Office

Google is becoming more and more powerful. The fact that they are spreading Googleplex in California is one of the main indicators that this company hasn’t felt a thing from the economic crisis. The company purchased a 240,000 square-foot office center in Mountain View, California for $100 million. This is Google’s largest property purchase in Read more

Featured Olympus

Olympus Crisis Ahead?

After firing CEO Michael Woodford four days ago, Olympus’s stock price has fallen from ¥2,480 to its current price of ¥1,417. Around 43 % drop, that cost them nearly $4 billion. Former Ceo, Woodford is now asking the UK to investigate the company’s financial expands and claiming that he was fired on the edge of Read more

BFP Featured

BFP: Thought Starters

Lets continue our talk about the Branding Forward Project. Here is just a portion of questions and debates from the project. If you haven’t read the previous articles, you can find the first here and second here. Potential implications and thought-starters What is the best way to constructively open up the branding development process to Read more

Branding Forward

A Closer Look At The Branding Forward Project

Last week we talked about the Branding Forward Project, now we bring you a little bit deeper into the story with Mechanica’s CEO Ted Nelson. As we already said, the project started as a collaboration between Fast Company and Mechanica. “Research was completed about 3 months ago, it was done with 680 Fast Company readers. Read more