Public or Private: How to Toe the Line in Today’s Reality T.V. World

In today’s world of online social networking and reality T.V., it can be difficult to decipher between what should be open to the world and what should be kept private. You want to strike a balance between your public and private lives to keep others interested, while simultaneously maintaining a bit of mystique. Let’s discuss Read more

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Personal Branding Is a Bunch of B.S.

That title is a surprise coming from a personal branding consultant. There are many people who would agree that personal branding is a bunch of B.S. They firmly believe that it is a bunch of snake oil sold by social media gurus trying to inflate the low self-esteem of wannabe experts and egomaniacs. You know Read more


Pinterest – an Important Brand Building Tool or Just Another Internet Fad?

What is Pinterest For those of you who have not yet been on Pinterest,  it is a pinboard style photo sharing website that allows users to create and manage theme based image collections such as hobbies and events. According to Pinterest their mission is to “connect everyone in the world through the ‘things’ they find Read more


Your Purpose Is Your Brand

Competition is fierce. Information is everywhere. If you’re not sharing the “Why” behind your business, then you’re probably being ignored. Your “Why” connects emotionally with your market, yet so many brands have no clear understanding of how to articulate their purpose—much less amplify it in a way that demands attention from customers. At Round Table Read more


Culture Fosters Innovation – Money Can’t Always Buy It

Innovation is the name of the game in many industries, certainly in all of those that we recruit for. Innovation fosters new products, new categories and new consumerism – which leads to what we are all in business for: to make money.  After all, this is America – we are a capitalistic society. I believe Read more


Personal Branding And Careers – Time To Get Digital

When it comes to personal branding in the digital age, Ellen DeGeneres comes to mind. Recently on  her talk show she showed extremely embarrassing photos from several audience members’ Facebook pages. The chosen few were extremely good-natured, and received cameras in exchange for their nationally televised embarrassment. But this idea goes much further than their Read more


Shave Your Way To The Top

A New York Times article last fall stated that wearing makeup can help a woman gain “more respect, trust and affection from [her] co-workers.” While time spent on beauty regimens may seem unjustly slanted towards women, growing numbers of males are also seeking grooming practices to clean up their appearances, make them feel more competant Read more


Youth Unemployment At Record Levels – I Can See Why

Every day I am reading articles about the record numbers of youth unemployment and how graduates are being forced to stack shelves rather than go into their professional career of choice. Yet, here I am running a growing and award winning consumer PR agency and cannot find any decent graduates to take on. I don’t Read more


J.C. Penney’s, The ACME Department Store Of The 21st Century

We were going to start today’s blog with a title in the form of a question. Something like, “Would you like a simpler system of price promotions when you go shopping?” or “Wouldn’t it be nice not to have to worry about coupons when you shop?” We went with another title because the problem was Read more


Occupy Digital

Long ago, in a world far, far away, brands made ads and put them on television. People watched these ads. Not because they really wanted to, but because they lacked a device, called a remote –never mind time shifting– and were no more willing to leave that warm spot on the couch then we are Read more