Weekly Ad Roundup – Smart Kids Don’t Swear

At one point or another, we’ve accidentally slipped a bad word around a child and while we usually let it slide sometimes it leads to further consequences… a kid’s mind is a like a sponge! Smart shows how your bad habits influence your children’s bad habits. Speaking of bad habits, how many times have you judged Read more


Automation: A Key Conversation in Marketing’s Evolution

A changing marketing landscape As technology and big data reshape marketing, the role of the CMO is evolving rapidly. Today’s CMOs are required to harness emerging, disruptive technologies while balancing operational realities – new challenges that many are unprepared for and even lack the requisite skills to approach. Leading educational institutions such as Harvard Business Read more


Coca-Cola Plans Its First Major Redesign since 1969

Coca-Cola is launching a major redesign of its flagship products: Coca-Cola, Coke Zero, Diet Coke, and Coke Zero Zero (Coke Zero without the caffeine), to unify their visual appearance under the Coca-Cola logo and ribbon. Here is how the modernized aesthetic will look on the US market: Along with the US, various packaging designs will be tested Read more


Coca-Cola’s New Campaign Will Put a :D On Your Face

Smiley-faces are at the center of Coke’s latest Emoticoke ad campaign. Devised by DDB Puerto Rico, the brand has registered URLs made up entirely of emojis. Whether they’re grinning, crying tears of joy, or cheekily sticking their tongues out, typing in any of them in a mobile web browser followed by ‘.ws’ leads to a special landing Read more


Balloons in a Bottle: Coke’s Global Campaign Shows A Hundred Years of Its “Contour Bottle”

In 1915 nobody at Coca-Cola thought their contour bottle would be known worldwide to millions of drinkers. 100 years later, Coca-Cola’s new campaign features that same classic design. The campaign, launching this week globally, was put together with the help of Wieden & Kennedy and Ogilvy. It will be shown in more than 100 countries and the ads are quite Read more


Brand Elements on a Website: A Story that Converts

Branding is a strategy rather than a formula; yet there are several techniques that companies can use to increase the awareness of their products, services or simply their names. The same applies for their websites. Regardless of whether a brand is built though online or offline channels, the key is to make all the elements work Read more


Coca-Cola Christmas Truck on the Road Again

Despite the fact that December just arrived, a couple of snowflakes have already touched the ground, and shopping malls are covered with lanterns and bows, nothing says Christmas more than a big red truck. For years now Coca-Cola and it’s shining freighter are considered to be the switch that lights up that magical feeling and Read more


Colorless Coca-Cola Cans

Designer Ryan Harc created a minimalistic and modern can that eliminates the use of the toxic paint needed to create Coca-Cola’s iconic red. The convex logo, done by a pressing machine, will reduce air and water pollution, and save energy.   Images: Ryan Harc   Read more


Coca-Cola ‘Open Happiness’

Designers Sergio Alonso and Sebastian Piacentini have created a series of posters for Coca-Cola’s “Open Happiness” campaign using an illustration of the iconic Coca-Cola bottle as the demarcation of contrasts. Each poster has a specific theme such as “Cat & Birds,” “Supporters & Soccer Players,” and “Grooms & Brides.” Images via Behance  Read more