BrandOpus Designs New Packaging for Willie’s Cacao

BrandOpus Designs New Packaging for Willie’s Cacao

BrandOpus has designed the packaging for a collection of gifting NPD from Willie’s Cacao. Wonders of the World and Black Pearls are the latest product innovations from the brand currently rolling out onto the shelves of Selfridges. Black Pearls and Wonders of the World are the first foray into gifting for the brand, which came Read more

The Benefits Of Being Generous – Free Chocolate Leads To Free Social Media Buzz

The Benefits of Being Generous – Free Chocolate Leads to Free Social Media Buzz

Anthon Berg, Denmark’s famous chocolate company, has always been differentiated by generosity. In order for people to rediscover the brand and the positive effects of being generous, the company launched an experiential campaign by opening a temporary chocolate store. The uniqueness of it? To buy a box of chocolate, no cash or credit cards were Read more

Milka Brand Real Purple Cow

Milka Brand – Real Purple Cow?

After a number of campaigns by the milk chocolate brand Milka about the Alpes, fresh air, milk chocolate and marmots, comes the famous one which tells a tale about a little purple cow being born. The purple cow and the color purple itself have always been a strong symbol of Milka, making it a strong Read more

Featured Nestle

Nestlé’s New Maison Cailler Brand Creates Chocolate Haute Couture

Nestlé has created a new luxury brand that delivers fresh chocolates, tailor-made for individual tastes. Maison Cailler is a unique profiling system that consumers can use to discover their ‘chocolate personality’ and share the result with their friends online. Within 48 hours of using the service, consumers will be sent a box of Maison Cailler chocolates that have Read more


Cadbury Launches Twirl Bites

Cadbury has decided to give one of their top selling products, Twirl, a younger sibling that can be shared! (for those who are not familiar with the product, Twirl is a bar consisting of thin folds of chocolate dipped in some more chocolate – in fact, chocolate is the only ingredient used to make Twirls). Read more


Cadbury Twirl celebration

There’s a new commercial for Cadbury chocolate: ‘ Twirl’ bites. For this commercial the visual effects specialists Mattes and Miniatures have made a type of Rube Goldberg machine with spinning structure of propeller, dinosaur with guitar, funny penguins and hippos toys, people miniatures and robots on spinning plates. It’s all magical, colorful and sweet, but still with Read more


Cadbury supporting Team GB

The Official Treat Provider for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games is Cadbury – UK chocolate brand, the industries second-largest globally after Mars. They unveiled their new chocolate packaging with idea to get Brits singing to inspire their athletes with slogan ‘Keep Team GB Pumped’. The usual purple pack of Cadbury chocolate now is Read more

Mikado featured

Mikado, Even If You Shouldn’t!

Mikado, the European brand name for Pocky, a Japanese chocolate-covered breadstick returns to its roots, reinventing their old slogan “the little weakness that you lose”. The brand has adapted it slogan to the European market, so the new slogan goes “Mikado. Even if you shouldn’t”. The brand launched 3 new spots that will be played in Read more