The Evolution of Soda Brand Can Design

The Evolution of Soda Brand Can Design

The bloggers at Bold Post have made an interesting catalog of the evolution of famous soda can design throughout time. Coca-Cola, 7Up, or Dr. Pepper, each of the brands history of packaging starts around the 50’s until current day. Through the images we can clearly see a real evolution, brand progress and just how soda Read more

Diet Pepsi Invites Fans to Sip in Style With New Limited Edition Can

Diet Pepsi Invites Fans to Sip in Style With New Limited Edition Can

While Pepsi will soon be available in new and refreshed bottles all around the U.S., Diet Pepsi will be found in new limited edition cans. The brand teamed up with one of the faces of the HGTV home design channel, interior designer Vern Yip, to launch limited edition mini cans, thus continuing Diet Pepsi’s Love Read more

Diet Coke's New 'Hunk' Designs Three Limited Edition Fashion-Themed Cans

Diet Coke’s New ‘Hunk’ Designs Limited Edition, Fashion-Themed Cans

After being named Diet Coke’s creative director and starring in a very ‘hunky’ new ad campaign, the renowned fashion designer Marc Jacobs designed three limited edition Diet Coke cans as part of the brand’s “Sparkling Together For 30 Years” anniversary campaign. As the brand always positioned itself in a somewhat fashionable manner, it’s no surprise Read more

Coca-Cola Releases Limited Edition London Olympics Cans Dedicated to USA's Team

Coca-Cola Releases Limited Edition 2012 London Olympics Cans, The “Eight-Pack Of Athletes”

We’ve already seen the Australian version of the limited edition Coca-Cola Olympic bottles, but here is another Coca-Cola Olympic limited edition package – cans dedicated to team USA: The limited edition cans are called the Coca-Cola “Eight-Pack” and were designed by design studio Tucker Duckworth. They feature silhouettes of the “Eight-Pack” team, that includes sportsmen and woman such Read more


Mountain Dew is Taking Us to Gotham City

Blockbuster movies just can’t pass without the attention of major brands – the upcoming Batman sequel “The Dark Knight Rises” is no exception. Mountain Dew has announced a partnership with Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures for a special movie promotion. Gotham City fans will be able to enjoy in Dew’s exclusive digital experience on Read more


Churchkey Can Co. Brings Back Flat Top Beer Cans

First introduced in the 1930, beer cans with flat tops were an immediate success but required some manpower to be opened. But as Churchkey says “back in those days, people didn’t mind putting in the effort”. The flat top can remained a standard until the it was pulled of the market in the mid-1960s. Now, Churchkey Read more


Dr Pepper Goes Superhero

While waiting for Marvel’s latest achievement called “The Avengers”, their official sponsor, Dr Pepper has presented a new campaign announcing the movie with a special can design. This legendary comic book series, published in 1963, will make a comeback big style. In partnership with Marvel Studios, a new range of eight limited edition cans inspired Read more


Coca-Cola Launches Red ‘Arctic Home’ Cans And Joins (RED)

Coca-Cola has certainly done a lot this year to help save its valuable mascot, the polar bear, and its habitat with continuous campaigning. Earlier in December, a limited-edition white coke can was released in order to contribute to the polar bear conservation effort during winter season and help save the endangered animals from extinction. The white cans Read more


Coke Changes Can Color To White For The Holidays

No more traditional red Coke cans from November 1st untill March this year in the US and Canada. Yup, you read it right. This Christmas Coke teams up with the World Wildlife Fund in promoting polar bears and their habitat, thus came the white polar bear cans. Each bottle and can will include a special code on it’s Read more


Oi Bloke, I Need A Coke!

New Coke promotion was launched on Facebook on October 1st – Coca Cola invites their Aussie fans “Share with a Mate”. $5 million have been invested in this campaign as the weather conditions are heating up this Summer down under. Some of most popular male and female names in Australia have been released in stores, Read more