Agyness Deyn Designs For Dr. Martens

When you imagine the perfect face for Dr. Martens campaign, Agyness Deyn probably would be on the top of your list. Besides modeling, this time she went a step further teaming up with this iconic footwear label to design the limited edition collection. In its recognizable grunge style, the brand has launched video campaign, starring Read more


Louis Vuitton Interpreting Muhammad Ali’s Words

It’s seems that Louis Vuitton’s commitment towards sport is bigger than we thought. In these times of new Olympic champions, LV is reminding us of one of the greatest athletes of all time with its latest campaign dedicated to the legendary icon of boxing – Muhammad Ali. The brand has revealed two short films, “Dream” and “Word” directed by Yasiin Bey, aka Mos Read more


Fresh Adidas Video Featuring Nicki Minaj Announces a New Campaign

Adidas unveiled a video under the “adidas is all in” global campaign, promoting a new tagline “all originals represent”, and announcing the beginning of a new 360° campaign that will launch later this summer. The new campaign, produced by Sid Lee digital agency from Montreal, will invite people from around the world to participate in local Read more

There's Always a Way to Advertise-GE Makes Massive Graffitis in Sao Paulo

There’s Always a Way to Advertise: GE Makes Massive Graffiti in Sao Paulo

I din’t really know that Sao Paulo has banned outdoor advertising until just now. It would be utterly weird for me to live in a city without any billboards or other mediums of outdoor advertising, even though the fact remains that a city without billboards is probably paradise in today’s world. But, the point is, Read more

Zombies Walking Around New York Apocalypse Or Something Else

Zombies Walking Around New York – Apocalypse Or Something Else?

New Yorkers have probably been asking themselves what on Earth had happened when they saw zombies walking on the streets of their city. Was that the beginning of the end of the world, or just some prank by local funnymen? Actually, it was neither of those, but a protest by entertainment magnate AMC networks. Apparently, Read more

Sprite's Emphasizing Its Intense Taste With A New Tagline

Sprite’s Emphasizing its Intense Taste With a New Tagline

Although the brand has a long history of launching basketball inspired campaigns, Sprite launched the “Camo” global campaign with the help of Bartle Bogle Hegarty a few weeks ago, trying to reach out for audiences other than basketball players/fans. Now, a new campaign has emerged targeting teenage audiences in the U.S., the first from Leo Burnett after Read more


Find Your Greatness With Nike

While all attention is directed to stars of Olympic Games 2012, Nike is celebrating the greatness of ordinary, everyday athletes. By presenting its latest “Find Your Greatness” campaign, Nike is trying once again to encourage the goodwill, courage and sport commitment. Besides many Nike’s inspiring campaigns, this one came just in time to remind us Read more

Lanvin Puts Real into Fashion

Lanvin Puts Real into Fashion

Once again, Lanvin makes a refreshing move. Apparently, common people will get a chance to be the protagonists of its fall and winter advertising campaign. Women and men between the ages of 18 and 80 will feature in a new photo series in New York, with the Steve Meisel, serving as the phototrapher in charge. Read more

Visitors Flabbergasted by the Magnificent Coca-Cola Olympic Park Pavilion

Visitors Flabbergasted by the Magnificent Coca-Cola Olympic Park Pavilion

Just a few days before the official opening of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, which is to be held on July 27th, the previously announced Coca-Cola Beatbox, which is inspired by Coca-Cola’s global campaign “Move to the Beat“, comes to life. Photo: Coca-Cola The architectural wonder, designed by Asif Khan and Pernilla Ohrstedt, Read more

Kellogg's is Keeping Loyal Customers Happy

Kellogg’s is Keeping Loyal Customers Happy

Kellogg’s, now being a part of the everyday life of any U.S. ordinary family, have decided to show their gratitude and appreciation to loyal consumers. They have created a Family Reward program, enabling their users to get a myriad of privileges: discounts, toys, books, apparel, sports equipment, gift cards and also get a chance to Read more