Beere Are You From?

Beere Are You From?

Beerletariats of all countries, unite! Whenever you meet somebody from a different country, you will try to relate to them and where they are from by connecting it to your personal experience within that particular region. For me, a solid icebreaker is soccer, since it is just barely shy of being it’s own religion. Furthermore, Read more

Want a Free Beer? Find a Canadian!

Want a Free Beer? Find a Canadian!

Being hard to conquer, the European market encountered one very interesting Canadian campaign this spring. Beer brand Molson, the Canadian part of Molson Coors Brewing Company, producing pale lager, booked the creative agency Rethink Canada to figure out what would be the best way to make a breach to the European market. It’s hard to Read more


Guinness Creates a Monument for the Future

Egyptians left the pyramids to stand for thousands of years after them, the Mayas their calendars and temples, and Guinness together with Saatchi & Saatchi now leave a gigantic wooden pint for the future generations. A 12 foot, 2 tonne totem-like monument with carvings and sculptures all over its surface that tell the story of the Read more


Guinness Celebrates Arthur’s Day, Paints a Town in Black

In order to celebrate Arthur’s Day, a series of music events in honor of the famous Irish brewer Arthur Guinness, the brand that keeps his spirit alive has unveiled a new ad entitled “Pain The Town Black”, created by Saatchi & Saatchi and director Daniel Wolfe. The ad features a typical town somewhere in the Read more

Relax on Your IKEA Couch With an IKEA Beer

Relax on Your IKEA Couch With an IKEA Beer

After a hard day’s work, while your relaxing on your IKEA couch, next to your IKEA coffee table and turn on the TV on your IKEA TV stand, I guess its only appropriate to refresh yourself with an IKEA beer too. Yup, IKEA rolled out its own beer in the UK called unimaginatively Öl Mörk Lager (dark Read more

Are You Ready For Some Wine Sippin' In Starbucks

Are You Ready for Some Wine Sippin’ in Starbucks?

Starbucks is a company always ready to experiment with new sales concepts, and that’s probably the reason why they are doing so good as a brand. They’ve rethought their global design strategy, which resulted in differently designed stores such as the one in Paris and Dazaifu, Japan, and expanded market to energy drinks and fresh juices, all Read more


Kopparberg Launches “Swengland” Campaign for Euro 2012, Gives Away Fake Mustaches

Kopparberg has launched its first soccer-based campaign, concentrating mainly on upcoming European Soccer Championship. This mini-campaign has a very specific character, in a sense that it is focused on a single game on Euro 2012 between Sweden and England, that will occur on May 15th. Since the campaign is aimed for population of both nations, Read more

Pouring Beer in a Cup has Never Been More Social

Pouring Beer in a Cup Has Never Been More Social

Adweek wrote very nicely: QR codes have been exhibiting an uncharacteristic characteristic lately—they’ve been not sucking as much – and I agree. I guess when you think about it, there could be very creative ways to use QR codes, and a lot more brands using them that way. And if you find a use for your QR Read more

Punch Top Can – Miller Lite’s Newest Gimmick

Punch Top Can – Miller Lite’s Newest Gimmick

To make beer pouring easier and shotgunning more sophisticated, Miller Lite designed a new can which contains two tabs – the standard one is complemented by another for a “smoother pour with less glug”. To make it more fun, Miller is encouraging beer drinkers to try opening the cans with different sharp objects, such as Read more


Newcastle Beer Picks on Stella Artois

There is the campaign, the anti-campaign and something in between. While the first is intended to promote a brand, the second is created with the same intention, but is based on pointing out competitor brand’s flaws through explicitly mentioning the brand’s trademark entities such as the name, slogan, etc. Let’s just say the latter is Read more