Untameable Since 1862: Bacardi Emphasizes its Rich Brand Heritage

With everything they’ve been through and everything they are made of poured into their latest campaign, Bacardi proved there’s still the presence of the same determination and faith brand embraced back in 1862. With more than 150 years of history blended in the sweet unique taste of rum, designed to encourage everyone bold enough to pursue Read more

Bacardi Goes Retro, 1950's Style

Bacardi Goes Retro, 1950’s Style

2012 was a great year for Bacardi – the brand celebrated their 150th birthday, and for this occasion they’ve prepared three films looking back into the company’s history, and even recreated a typical art deco Havana bar from the 1930’s. Now, several months later, they are reminiscing the 1950’s and the classy parties held back then Read more

BACARDI The World's Most Awarded Spirit

BACARDI: The World’s Most Awarded Spirit

This year, while Bacardi is celebrating its 150th anniversary, it’s also marking another milestone: Bacardí rum is the world’s most awarded spirit , having garnered more than 550 awards, accolades and recognitions from around the world. Bacardi won its first award at the 1876 Centennial Exhibition of the World’s Fair in Philadelphia when Bacardí rum Read more

Bacardi Recreates its Havana Art Deco Bar From the 1930's

Bacardi Recreates its Havana Art Deco Bar From the 1930’s

As yet another way to celebrate its 150th anniversary, Bacardi has worked with ‘Harry’s on the Green’ from Dublin, to recreate the Company’s 1930s art deco bar from its offices in Havana. For more pics, click here. The original bar was visited by celebrities such as screen actor Errol Flynn, world class boxer Kid Chocolate Read more

Bacardi Reveals Two New Rum Flavors And Bottles That React To Temperature

Bacardi Reveals Two New Exotic Rum Flavors and Their Bottles That React to Temperature

Bacardi has revealed two new exotic flavors of its rum in the U.S. market – Bacardi Wolf Berry (blueberry and wolfberry) and Bacardi Black Razz (raspberry and black sapote). Not only are the flavors ultimately exotic and quirky, and have never before been infused with rum, they also come in brand new packaging that features an unexpected twist. As Read more


Bacardi’s 150th Anniversary Short Films

In order to celebrate its 150th anniversary, next to the parties, promotions and limited edition products, Bacardi rolled out 3 short films to celebrate its heritage and tell the story of the brands history in a fun and stylish way. The series feature the stories of the American prohibition, the birth of the Cuba Libre Read more

Bacardi 150 Anniversary

Bacardi’s Partylicious 150th Anniversary

“Bacardi Limited, the world’s largest privately-owned spirits company, declared today 2012 will be its most innovative year since the creation of Bacardi rum in 1862. Throughout the year, Bacardi will host one-of-a-kind birthday parties, launch special promotions featuring 100 years of ground-breaking advertising, introduce a $2,000 limited-edition decanter of rare BACARDI rum, offer travel retail Read more


Bacardi Dragonbarry Projection

I think this is one of the best projections I’ve ever seen, Bacardi Real Time Party Pic Projection, powered by Bacardi Dragonbarry. It was presented in Rotterdam and made by advertising agency Fitzroy Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Bacardi really fascinated us all with its wild red dragon that destroys a building and curls around the Bacardi Read more