Cycle Safely With Volvo’s LifePaint

If you like to cycle, than you understand the danger you’re in if you ride in traffic alongside buses, cars, and trucks. There are cities that have managed to create safe paths for cycling, but if you ride your bike instead of driving your car to work, than you have no other choice but to Read more


What’s in a Name? UN Women Empowers Mothers in the Middle East

Do you know what your name means? What cultural values it holds? How have you developed an identity with your name? A name holds a lot of value, and UN Women is hoping to empower mothers in the Middle East by giving back their name. Coinciding with their Mother’s Day on March 21st, UN Women in Read more


Terre des Femmes – Appearances Are Not a Measure of Worth

Hamburg-based Miami Ad School Europe has created several ads for Terre des Femmes, a women’s rights organization. They depict a woman’s chest, legs, and feet with a track marking common prejudices according to the amount of cleavage she bares, the length of her hemline, and the height of her heels. Marks range from “prude” and “old Read more


Wearable Tech Fashion Reveals When You’re in Love

The close relationship between fashion and technology has become omnipresent. Wearable fashion is on the rise, and it has no intention of slowing down. I don’t know if you remember, but clothes used to shine when you ate chocolate and today it shines when you are in love. Imagine standing next to your lover and shining like a Read more


K-Swiss Wants Bright And Young Entrepreneurs On Board

K-Swiss, a sports fashion brand, launched a digital campaign called ‘The Board’ featuring DJ Diplo, a producer and entrepreneur. The brand is calling young people with bright ideas to jump on board by bringing K-Swiss ‘back to prominence.’ Diplo will be the Director of Board which will consist of 100 team members recruited from all over the world. Read more

Weekly Ad Roundup – Visually Stunning

Most of us probably take the colors we’re able to see and experience for granted. For those who can’t see color, Valspar has partnered with EnChroma to provide color blindness-correcting glasses, which makes a lot of sense for a brand who makes a living off of colors. The reactions in the video are, literally, eye-opening. Quirky rock-pop Read more


The Shorty Awards Reveal Who Is Best on Social Media

Brands are facing the fact that most of the time our eyes are glued to some kind of screen, whether we’re on mobile or stuck in our chairs using our computer. And yes, we are on social media and yes, we have ad blockers that we use all over the web, however, if they are clever enough Read more


Experiencing Fashion through Virtual Reality Thanks to Future Fashion

Fashion has never been as virtual as it is now. It’s only a matter of time until fashion becomes a part of virtual journeys, and we’ll be able to see, purchase, or try clothes just by using headsets. Thanks to Westfield UK’s latest campaign called Future Fashion this is possible now. Collaborating with INITION, Westfield Read more


‘Afraid of the Dark’ – A Reminder of the Syrian Tragedy

On March 15th the Syrian civil war, a conflict that has claimed between 200,000-300,000 lives, entered its fourth year with no end in sight. As part of an international campaign launched by #withSyria, London-based agency Don’t Panic and its production partners UNIT9 created “Afraid of the Dark,” a video to remind us that the Syrian crisis is still ongoing. Read more

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