Noah Cyrus Stars in the Latest PETA Ad

PETA’s new ad protesting the dissection of small animals in classrooms stars Noah Cyrus, the younger sister of controversial pop star Miley. The fifteen-year-old actress is photographed as a corpse on a dissection table with her chest cut open, showing her internal organs. In a statement talking about her experience behind producing the ad and Read more


Louis C.K. Takes Over Vulture Magazine

You should know when it’s enough of branded content. There’s this fine line between an appropriate amount and simply too much of it and Louis C.K. has just crossed it! Imaging seeing this guy’s face all over the place? That’s how Louis C.K.’s takeover of New York’s Vulture Magazine looked like: It wasn’t just a set Read more


Stuart Weitzman’s Cinemagraph Campaign Explores the Social Media Pull

We recently wrote about an emerging digital-visual format called a cinemagraph, set to conquer social media. We were certain that it would take over dull banner ads, but now a different cinemagraph story begins to unwrap. Stuart Weitzman is the first fashion brand testing how Instagram videos and Facebook ads pull work together in attracting an audience. The Read more


England’s Political Parties Live in Perfect Harmony

Who says that a political ad can’t be hilarious and creative? In witty and original musical form, The Green Party of England and Wales have played with their political opponents by branding them as too similar or as they phrase it, “harmonized.” Their key message of the campaign is that it’s time to change the Read more

Weekly Ad Roundup – Don’t Hyperventilate

This week has a pretty powerful line up of ads. First we’ll start with Nike’s “Ripple,” where we see how pro golfer Rory McIlroy grew under and eventually alongside his hero Tiger Woods. Reebok and it’s ongoing partnership with Kendrick Lamar unveil a new shoe, the Ventilator. It’s a classic, but with a unique, personal twist. HBO recently debuted HBO Now, a Read more


AirBites: Connecting People Through Food

The best way to learn about a foreign country is not by visiting its landmarks. To really feel and get to now a place, you must meet people, see how they live, speak with them, try the traditional food, go where the locals hang out and in essence, try to connect with people and places. Airbnb made it possible Read more


The Pepper Hacker That Reclaims Dinner Time

It’s hard to catch anyone during the day without a mobile device nowadays; at work, while commuting, at home, in bed, in the bathroom… so basically everywhere. This intrusive technology has reflected on our family life. As a matter of fact, it has hijacked precious moments, therefore, Dolmio, a pasta sauce brand, thought of a way to Read more

‘Good’ Campaign of the Week: Cancer Research UK

Brand: Cancer Research UK Agency: AMV BBDO Campaign: The Lump It can be easy sometimes to miss the most seemingly obvious things even when they’re staring us in the face. When it comes to health this can be problematic, especially when it concerns catching the early signs of illnesses as serious as cancer, so to Read more


Groupon’s Banana Bunker Social Media Strategy

On 26th of March, Groupon published a post on Facebook with a clear strategy: to engage the fans, and to make their post go viral. We’re contractually obligated to let you know every time the Banana Bunker is featured on our site. http://gr.pn/1NcSOIt Posted by Groupon on Thursday, March 26, 2015   They managed to create a Read more

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