Good Campaign of the Week: Amnesty International “Gay Turtle”

Campaign: Gay Turtle Brand: Amnesty International Agency: TBWA Istanbul Although the title of the campaign sounds vaguely silly, the message behind it definitely isn’t. Amnesty International and TBWA Istanbul have worked together to create the #GayTurtle project, which highlights and makes fun of the absurdity of homophobic attitudes. Set in one pet shop in Turkey Read more


When Investing in Paid Social Makes Sense

There’s no doubt that for many marketers and decision makers, the allure of crafting a campaign for social media is the cost, or rather the lack thereof. Using social media to market for free is a natural draw for cost-conscious organizations looking to build online awareness for their brand. That said, social networks are businesses, Read more

Good Campaign of the Week: H&M “Rewear it”

Agency: Forsman & Bodenfors Campaign: Rewear It Brand: H&M Last year we featured Forsman & Bodenfors stunning video for H&M’s ‘Close The Loop’ film as our Good Campaign of the Week. They’re both back with another blockbuster video campaign, this time featuring M.I.A. Long renowned for her challenging hybrid of pop, rap, and electronica, M.I.A. Read more


A New Reality for Technology Brands

The art of branding technology was once the Holy Grail of marketing. How do you market something new, innovative, and conceptually unfamiliar to an apathetic audience unsure about a new product? Take for instance Apple launching the Macintosh during the 1984 Super Bowl when the world of technology seemed alien. Nowadays, we’re in a world where Read more


Is Designing Inspiring Art for Your Own Social Media a Gateway to Success?

Impressed by his daily designs, we interviewed Filip Hodas, a 23-year-old DJ and graphic designer from Prague, on the way that he uses social media, the recent shift in his work, and how younger people can make waves in the digital world while still remaining independent. Not only were we able to inspect his mind-boggling Read more


Using Humour, Education, and Empowerment to Break Down Taboos

If any of you have had the chance to ride New York’s subway recently, then you’ve most likely been confronted by colorful, artful images of food alluding to periods and cheeky copy (not to mention cheeky women). And while that may be uncomfortable for certain people, it never comes across as crass. In fact, everything Read more

Good Campaign of the Week: SK-11 “Leftover Women”

Campaign: Leftover Women Brand: SK-ll Agency: Forsman & Bodenfors “People think that in Chinese society, an unmarried woman is incomplete.” If you are a single woman over 25 in China, you will often be heartbreakingly referred to as a “leftover woman.” Women are brought up to respect their parents, but being unmarried is seen as Read more

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Lessons in Flying Creatively with Leavingstone

As we come to realize that climate change is a massive global issue, a few campaigns come to mind. UK’s Neat Streets had passersby decide whether Ronaldo or Messi was the best football player using cigarette butts, and French Intermarché’s award-winning Inglorious Fruit brought to light the unreasonable waste produced by unsold grocery produce. In Read more


Essentials for a Branding Career: Branding Roundtable No. 20

So you want to be branding leader. What knowledge, skills and temperament do you need to succeed in a branding career? And for those already in the business, how do you build upon your experience and success to truly lead? In a field as multi-faceted and rapidly evolving as the creation and nurturing of brands, Read more

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