Good Campaign of the Week: Nike “The Real Girls of Moscow”

Campaign: The Real Girls of Moscow Agency: Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam Client: Nike Nike’s “Better For It” strap-line is fast becoming a worldwide call-to-action, invigorating and empowering women in an increasing number of territories across the globe. The latest iteration is for the Russian market, and aims to bring ‘The Real Girls of Moscow’ to centre stage. Read more


Design Students Turn KLM’s Business Class into A Series of Travel Products

As a part of its business class interior overhaul, Dutch air company KLM invited students from the Design Academy Eindhoven to re-purpose old materials and create new travel items. With help from agency DDB & Tribal Amsterdam, the airline came up with the project “Plane to Product” and it yielded some interesting results. KLM took Read more


The Lucky Iron Fish Brings A Lot More Than Just Good Fortune in Cambodia

It only takes one fish to make a difference…okay so that’s not how the saying usually goes, but it applies to The Lucky Iron Fish. Iron deficiency is a real problem in Cambodia. It causes anemia, a condition where the body doesn’t have enough red blood cells to pump oxygen, causing dizziness, poor physical and mental Read more


“Forget Flawless” Campaign by Vichy Is Refreshingly Lighthearted

We are so used to seeing perfection and flawlessness in campaigns of cosmetic brands. The idea that using particular products will achieve that physical perfection is not a gift of mother nature, but more likely a gift of a photoshop artist. Instead of offering a pursuit for perfection, French brand Vichy partnered with Montreal based Read more


No You’re Not Crazy, Whole Foods Really Is Overcharging You

Whole Foods is pricey, but even more than it is allowed to be. According to the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs, Whole Foods has been overcharging customers for their pre-packaged foods by displaying an inaccurate weight on its packaging. The investigation was set underway in October last year, and the DCA detected “systematic Read more


I Am My MTV: MTV Gets Personal With The Viewer In Its Rebrand

MTV International is evolving. Since its foundation in 1981 as a 24/7 music TV channel, MTV has somewhat lost the meaning of its letter “M” due to the cultural shift over the years, but now the “TV” part is about to undergo some major changes. MTV is facing heavy competition with other music channels and Read more

Weekly Ad Roundup – Epic Is Our Middle Name

People are still upset by the fact that the hoverboard still isn’t a thing, even though Back to the Future predicted it would’ve happened by now… Oh, but wait Lexus, what is that? The Hoverboard, it’s a thing?!  That’s all you’re going to show us? Tease. The Dollar Beard Club, not to be confused with Read more


Denver Water’s “You Can’t Make This Stuff” Uses so Much Stuff in Outdoor Ads

For the past nine years, Denver Water has been successfully collaborating with Sukle Advertising on the “Use Only What You Need” campaign, with the goal of appealing to Denver residents about water scarcity. For the past nine years, the residents of Denver have been responding to the campaign so well that their water use has hit a 40 year Read more


Braille Goes Digital in Facebook Post: UNCP at a Glance

Imagine all the words you read through Facebook posts on a daily basis. Now, just think for a moment if you couldn’t actually see them because you were visually impaired. Thousands of people are in the second situation worldwide and most of us don’t even realize it. La Union Nacional de Ciegos del Peru (The National Read more

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