Sleep Like An Astronaut in the KVEST Hotel in Slovenia

Sleeping suspended from the ceiling by a few ropes? Sounds like a nightmare, but it is the closest feeling to sleeping sans gravity on Earth. A team of architecture students from the AA Visiting School Slovenia, mentored by the Aljoša Dekleva and Tina Gregorič of Dekleva Gregoric Architects, developed a special suit for people to Read more

Weekly Ad Roundup – The Internetest of Things

The Internet is a wonderful place with endless amounts of knowledge, platforms, and cat videos but have you ever thought about what is considered the “internetest?” Delta claims it knows a thing or two about the internet, and they’ve integrated all its glory into one safety video. Whether you like it or not, the selfie stick Read more


WWF Launches #EndangeredEmoji Campaign

Every day people use emojis in messages but now they can use their emoji powers for good. The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) launched a new global fundraising campaign called #EndangeredEmoji on Twitter, and it is calling out to all of those who care to use emojis in tweets to help save endangered species. Created Read more


Winners of IBM Watson’s First-Ever Hackathon Revealed

IBM Watson organized the first-ever Watson Hackathon in collaboration with NUI CENTRAL. The event gathered computer programmers and others involved in software and hardware development to ponder how to exploit Watson’s intelligence and apply it to modern world problems. The hackathon brought together UX/UI designers, developers, and entrepreneurs to develop cognitive apps. These apps will serve as Read more


Think Your Video Ads Are Seen Online? A New Study From Google Proves Otherwise

The industry of digital marketing is struggling with low viewability, and in this line of work viewability is the name of the game. Google has recently published a study and according to its findings 46% of video ads displayed will never be seen by the audience. Opposed to this relatively ‘small’ percentage, 91% of ads served on YouTube Read more


Kit Kat’s New Name is “YouTube Break” for a Joint Campaign with Google

Chocolate candy bar Kit Kat and Internet giant YouTube are working together again! “YouTube Break” will appear instead of “Kit Kat” on 600,000 UK wrappers. Nestlé’s brand will sponsor YouTube’s trending videos on mobile devices in the United Kingdom, and in exchange the candy bar will be visible while you’re watching the videos. If you Read more


“Ride Me All Day for £3″ Campaign Obviously Receives Backlash

Bus company New Adventure Travel Limited (NAT Group), based in South Wales, United Kingdom, created a controversial ad campaign that appeared on the back of their buses previously this week. The ads plastered on 10 new buses on the X1 cross-city route in Cardiff between Pontprennau and Culverhouse Cross via the city centre had images of Read more


Starbucks Gets on the Mobile Messaging and GIF Trend

What does a cat shooting rainbows out of its paws and a dog in a Hawaiian shirt have in common? They both seem to be enjoying a Starbucks Frappuccino. Starbucks used these, among many other GIFs, for a new marketing campaign promoting its Frappuccino drinks. In partnership with Swift agency, and using the mobile app Read more


Atelier Dom Pérignon: An Educational Tour Through Champagne’s House

Who hasn’t thought about the secret process that goes into sparkling Dom Pérignon? Well, 12 lucky individuals will get the chance to know the Atelier Dom Pérignon. The purpose of the Atelier is to provide an authentic experience to loyal fans. An educational tour will be launched in the heart of Champagne in June of Read more

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