Blocktrail Creates Bitcoin Wallet Demonstrating Independent Financial Control

BlockTrail, an Amsterdam-based Bitcoin company, jumped on the bandwagon by releasing its own version of the Bitcoin wallet. According to BlockTrail CEO, Boaz Bechar, the thing that separates the BlockTrail wallet from numerous competitors is higher security. “The whole reason why people get into Bitcoin is to no longer be dependent on a bank,” says Read more

Good Campaign of the Week: Beauty Tips by Reshma

Campaign: Beauty Tips by Reshma Agency: Ogilvy & Mather India Brand: Make Love Not Scars In the past few years consumers have become (more than) familiar with the phenomenon of Youtube makeup tutorials; they’re one of the internet’s most viewed content formats. A new campaign aims to flip the format on its head– rather than Read more


Ronaldo Or Messi? Vote With Your Cigarette Butts and Stop the Litter

UK organization Hubbub, in collaboration with CommonWorks, came up with an exceptional solution to do their part on preserving the environment. They launched a campaign called “Neat Streets” in order to keep the streets of London clean. Hubbub appeals to the “playful” side of unscrupulous citizens aiming to divert them from polluting their environment. According to Read more

The More The Merrier: Introduces 50 Unique Ads Based On Users’ Shopping Carts

Hoboken based e-commerce company has found an exceptional way to promote their services with 50 real-time ads that released earlier this week. After their debut of the “mind blowing” commercial, continued with a creative content campaign branded as #Jetspree, creating a more personal connection with its users. It all started when shoppers were asked to submit Read more

Good Campaign of the Week: H&M “Close the Loop”

Campaign: Close The Loop Agency: Forsman & Bodenfors Brand: H&M A new video for H&M encourages us to recycle our clothes, and makes compelling viewing at the same time. For over two and a half years, Swedish clothes brand H&M has been running their “sustainable closed loop” program. Customers can bring in a bag of Read more

Good Campaign of the Week: Listerine’s Smile Detector App

Campaign: Listerine Smile Detector App Agency: J. Walter Thompson Client: Listerine A friendly smile is something easy to take for granted. Whether it’s your friends laughing at a joke, or a stranger opening the door for you, a smile can communicate like no other gesture. For the partially sighted and blind people, however, it’s an Read more

booking-web-w+k-fi’s New Typeface Implements the Planet’s Axial Tilt has introduced a new font called Booking Sans, paying tribute to the one place we all call home — Earth. The style is an understated gesture implementing the world’s axial tilt of 23.5 degrees. Created in collaboration with Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam, the typeface represents “travel and’s huge worldly reach, and variety of accommodations” as W+K Amsterdam’s Read more


Burger Wars – McDonald’s Turns Down Burger King’s McWhopper Proposal

The preparations for the forthcoming International Day of Peace on September 21st may not be going as smoothly as they could be. Two of the world’s largest fast food magnets gave us a glint of hope, for a second, that they would make peace, but in the end we are witnesses of another episode of Read more


Fat Duck’s Heston Blumenthal Will Make Your Favorite Dish Based on A Google Search

A new trend rising among UK’s top restaurants are creating databases with information on clients and designing perfect menus for each customer. Famous chef Heston Blumenthal plans to Google people who book tables in his Fat Duck restaurant which will reopen next month in Bray, Berkshire. It is a three-star Michelin restaurant voted best restaurant in Read more

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