“Heart Disease is Heartless” – An Emotional Conversation between Father and Son

A new integrated brand campaign which shows how sudden and unexpected heart disease can be was launched by the British Heart Foundation (BHF) via DLKW Lowe in London. Surprise is the key theme of the campaign. “Compared to other terminal illnesses, like cancer, heart disease can be especially cruel. Its suddenness means families often never get Read more

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz speaks at the company's annual shareholders meeting, Wednesday, March 20, 2013, in Seattle, Wash. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

Starbucks’ CEO Sends Compassionate Email to Employers Following the Asian Market Crash

Another stock market turmoil has left Wall Street in an all too familiar mood. The Chinese stock continues to sink, sending waves all over the Asian markets and eventually reaching the Dow Jones, which ended with a loss of 588 points on Monday, causing many traders and investors to reach out for an extra cup Read more


Roll With It – Polyera Introduces First Ever Bendable Display Watch

After ten years in the making, Polyera Digital Fabric Technology introduced the Wove Band – a watch with a flexible display that can wrap around a wrist or be used flat. The watch itself consists of digital screens which work through two layers, the frontplane, a layer that displays the visible image, and the backplane, Read more

Good Campaign of the Week: KOOWHO “ALCOHO-LOCK”

Campaign: “World’s First Breathalyzer Bike Lock: ALCOHO-LOCK” Agency: GREY Tokyo Client: KOOWHO We all know not to drink and drive, but what about drinking and biking? The dangers of slipping into the driver’s seat when under the influence are well-documented, but drinking and cycling is just as dangerous. In an attempt to stop avoidable accidents, Read more


McDonald’s Introduces Table Service to the UK and US

“Please, take your seat, your order will arrive shortly” are words that were never said in a McDonald’s–until now. McDonalds is trying out table service in the UK and US this month in order to keep up with the rising competition from other fast food chains like Chipotle and Shake Shack. Already proven successful in Germany, Read more


Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Responds to New York Times Article on Poor Working Conditions

Last weekend The New York Times published an investigative article titled “Inside Amazon: Wrestling Big Ideas in a Bruising Workplace” about Amazon’s corporate working conditions where it claims in a headline that “the company is conducting an experiment in how far it can push white-collar workers to get them to achieve its ever-expanding ambitions.” The article Read more


What Does the Latest Survey Say About Social Network Users?

Women in the US still dominate social networks. According to BI Intelligence’slatest research, women are more likely to use social networks than men. Pinterest is the most popular social network among this gender (29 percentage points more than men), while Instagram’s users are closer to equal, however, female users have 7 percentage points more than male Read more

Good Campaign of the Week: Arrels Foundation Spain “The Most Boring Viral Video”

Campaign: The Most Boring Viral Video Agency: The Cyranos/McCann Client: Arrels Foundation Spain Home, success, luxury, friends, car, family, love, joy—all of these are top keywords used by big brands on YouTube, they are also all of the things you lose when you become homeless. Now, Spanish agency The Cyranos / McCann are asking people Read more


Tinder’s Epic Twitter Rampage Against Accusations of Fueling the Hook-Up Culture

Tinder was engaged in a certain bizarre event recently when it set Twitter on “fire.” The main reason for such a move was an accusation made by Vanity Fair writer Nancy Jo Sales, who marked Tinder as the harbinger of the “dating apocalypse.” Although Vanity Fair published a story about Tinder being part of the problem Read more

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