Playboy Magazine Goes Bust(less), Kills Nude Centerfolds – Is the ‘Rabbit’ Next?

When Playboy Magazine debuted in 1953, Hugh Hefner printed a first edition of 54,000 undated copies as a hedge against the aspiring editor’s uncertainty about the publication’s potential. But the man who would become known worldwide for his pipe, silk smoking jacket, pajamas, and armful of beauties, ‘Hef’ struck the American male libido full-on with Read more

Good Campaign of the Week: Water is Life “Art Heist for Good”

Campaign: Art Heist For Good Client: Water Is Life Agency: Deutsch New York “There are millions of dollars of unguarded art in one of the worst places in the world.” This might sound like a plot for a Hollywood film, even the voice-over alludes to this, but it is actually the story of a ground-breaking Read more


Tightrope Walking: Could User-Generated Content Bring Headaches to Hospitality Brands?

In the modern brandscape where user-generated content takes a significant hold, it is inevitable to reassess all of the advantages and disadvantages that it may carry with it. Why UGC? The transition from “traditional” advertising to the consumer generated one didn’t happen overnight. The internet revolution and the rise of social media altered the modern Read more

Good Campaign: Department for Transport UK “Helpful Hazards”

Campaign: Helpful Hazards Client: Department for Transport UK Agency: AMV BBDO A lo-fi innovation in outdoor advertising has taken place in the UK. A far cry from the technologically led OOH such as data-fed billboards or face-reading screens, this new campaign from AMV BBDO uses the countryside as its canvas. The British Government’s Department of Read more


Today’s World Of Tomorrow: Where We Stand With Augmented Reality

If you’re set on tracking the foundations of augmented reality, the venture could lead you as far back as the early 20th century. Some might say 1957 was a key date when Morton Helig started his Sensorama project, which was designed to bring cinematic experiences to the user. In 1966, the “head-mounted display” or the HMD Read more

Good Campaign of the Week: Ad Council “Jacob’s Story”

Campaign: Jacob’s Story Client: Ad Council Agency: BBDO New York The effects of autism can be hard to comprehend, but this new animation uses a magical world to bring to life the challenges autistic people encounter every day. The Ad Council’s campaign, by BBDO NY, brings the story of an autistic child, Jacob Sanchez, to Read more

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How Big Brands Foster Global – Yet Regional – Loyalty and Awareness

Recently, at Incite Group‘s Customer Service Summit, leaders from various global brands got together to discuss the personalization of global brands. Entitled “Going Global with Social Support: Use Contextual Awareness to Drive Brand Reputation and Loyalty Around the World,” this panel highlighted the various ways in which big brands are fostering regional support in relation Read more


The B2B Branding Roundtable: From the Land Where “Brand” Was a Dirty Word

B2B, or business-to-business, branding and marketing once went by the decidedly unsexy moniker of “industrial marketing.”  It was a hard-nosed business of products sold on features and price, with marketers often relegated to a sales support role and “brand” considered an indulgent and irrelevant nicety better suited to B2C. No more. Today, B2B often attracts Read more


What B2B CMOs Should Borrow from B2C

It’s an old debate that never seems to get settled:  B2B vs. B2C. Which is more advanced? Which is harder? Which is better? Despite indications that the two sides of the marketing divide may be growing more similar than ever, attitudes toward each are still quite different. The common B2C vs. B2B clichés Customer-centric vs. Read more

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