These Ads Will Make You Want to Get Tested for STDs

The city of Omaha, Nebraska is battling STDs by snatching them from under the rug. Trying to raise awareness about the rising STD issue, the Women’s Fund of Omaha’s Adolescent Health Project along with an all-volunteer ad agency Serve Marketing created a series of graphic billboards that are shocking and kind of disgusting. The letters on the Read more

Good Campaign of the Week: The Life Saving Dot

Agency: Grey for Good – Grey Group Singapore Client: Talwar Bindi Campaign: The Life Saving Dot The most effective creative campaigns are those that fit in with an already established behaviour. Using this insight, Grey for Good – ad agency Grey’s philanthropic arm – set about to find a way to increase iodine levels in Indian Read more

Weekly Ad Roundup – The Underdogs

Having trouble understanding the complex language of Emojis? Domino’s has a helpful guide to navigate you through the Millennial world. Raise your hand if you’ve been personally victimized by your old TV company. Sling TV realizes that your former television provider might have been an abuser and they’re out to save you. Channel 4, Britain’s biggest public-service broadcaster, releases Read more


A “High” Class Delivery: Potbox Delivers Marijuana to Your Doorstep

After becoming the first state to successfully establish a medical marijuana industry, California is now taking it a step further by setting up a special cannabis delivery. Potbox is a premium medical marijuana subscription service that will deliver ethically-grown weed, cultivated on different farms in the Santa Cruz area to your door. Potbox co-founder Evrett Kramer emphasized: Read more


Are You Emoji Illiterate? Domino’s Creates a Guide for You

You have to know your emojis if you want to communicate with Millennials today, and Domino’s has the right resources to help you out. Working together with Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Domino’s created “Emoji Literacy Flashcards” to aid those who have a hard time understanding symbols we today replace words with. According to Domino’s estimates, Read more


Cornetto’s YouTube Ad Tells A Love Story From Both Sides

Unilever ice cream brand Cornetto has released another love story ad, but this time it tells it from both sides simultaneously. The ad is titled “Two Sides” and it revolves around a high school couple and their romance builds up towards the upcoming prom night. The factor that sets this ad apart from others (Honda’s Read more


Windows 10: How Humanastic Computers Will Treat Our Kids

Windows 10 will publicly debut on July 29th, but until then Microsoft has released brand new video ads featuring toddlers unlocking their computers with just a smile. The slogan, “A more human way to do,” promises us that we are headed towards a bright new future of operating systems. Windows will now be updated regularly instead Read more


New MTV Campaign Is Satirically Tackling Racial Issues With Its New White Squad

Seems like MTV’s satirical “White Squad” campaign has stirred up the masses by creating a campaign that raises awareness on some important racial issues still present in the US. The campaign that was created by the NYC based agency Party New York and produced by Reform School and is part of a larger anti-prejudice initiative “Look Read more

Good Campaign of the Week: Veterans for Peace “Battlefield Casualties”

Campaign: Battlefield Casualties Client: Veterans For Peace Agency: Price James / Darren Cullen If you’re of a certain generation, your memories of the ’90s will no doubt be bathed in nostalgic tones and heavily feature toy adverts. Regardless of your age, these new online videos will have you weeping, cowering, and no-doubt showing your friends. Read more

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