How to Gain and Use Brand Insights: Branding Roundtable #18

Brand insights. Customer insights. What’s the difference, why do they matter, and how can marketers best develop and use them? In a world awash with data, arriving at actionable insights may feel harder than ever, notwithstanding the wealth of research methodologies available to marketers.  In this month’s Branding Roundtable, we explore what works – and Read more


How B2B CMOs Can Overcome the Content Challenge

B2B content marketing has been a top buzzword for several years, a shiny new object on the marketing horizon, but after countless content conferences, books, and an endless stream of blogs, Slideshares, whitepapers, and videos, some potholes appear in the content fast lane. While there is a lot of spending going on, the number of Read more


B2B CMOs Bring 2016 into Focus

‘Tis the season to prognosticate.  Everywhere you turn there’s another survey of what brand and marketing trends will make or break you in the coming year. While surveys can be great for top line possibilities, we wanted to get a little closer to what’s really happening with specific B2B organizations. We asked 11 B2B CMOs and Read more


The C-Suite: Keith Clinkscales, CEO of REVOLT

This month, The C-Suite features Keith Clinkscales. Back in 2013, Keith was appointed by Sean Combs (founder and chairman) to be the CEO of REVOLT Media & TV. Since then (and, most likely, greatly due to Clinkscales platform thinking and fan focus), REVOLT achieved the third largest, independent network launch in the history of cable television Read more


Branding Roundtable #17: What is a Branding Agency?

The Branding Roundtable typically asks three or four branding experts from around the globe to answer 10 questions. This month, we have flipped that around, asking 10 experts from the UK, Europe and the US  just three questions: In one sentence, what is your definition of a “branding” agency, consultancy or firm, and which of Read more


The Role of the B2B CMO in Innovation

When we think about innovation, the popular image that comes to mind is the B2C company with its formal focus on innovation centers, ethnographic research, and new technology and product breakthroughs. Meanwhile, many B2B companies, especially mid-sized, don’t think of themselves as innovative, let alone have they developed an “innovation capability” with dedicated processes, staff, Read more

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How Big Brands Foster Global – Yet Regional – Loyalty and Awareness

Recently, at Incite Group‘s Customer Service Summit, leaders from various global brands got together to discuss the personalization of global brands. Entitled “Going Global with Social Support: Use Contextual Awareness to Drive Brand Reputation and Loyalty Around the World,” this panel highlighted the various ways in which big brands are fostering regional support in relation Read more


The B2B Branding Roundtable: From the Land Where “Brand” Was a Dirty Word

B2B, or business-to-business, branding and marketing once went by the decidedly unsexy moniker of “industrial marketing.”  It was a hard-nosed business of products sold on features and price, with marketers often relegated to a sales support role and “brand” considered an indulgent and irrelevant nicety better suited to B2C. No more. Today, B2B often attracts Read more


What B2B CMOs Should Borrow from B2C

It’s an old debate that never seems to get settled:  B2B vs. B2C. Which is more advanced? Which is harder? Which is better? Despite indications that the two sides of the marketing divide may be growing more similar than ever, attitudes toward each are still quite different. The common B2C vs. B2B clichés Customer-centric vs. Read more


The C-Suite: Jordan Kretchmer, CEO of Livefyre

In this month’s edition of The C-Suite, we highlight Jordan Kretchmer, the Founder and CEO of Livefyre, a real-time content marketing and engagement platform used by media companies and brands worldwide to create more engaging campaigns for their consumers. Through a combination of real-time content, conversation, and social curation, Livefyre’s studio harnesses the power of user-generated Read more