What Leading Brand Thinkers Really Think #01: Simplicity

Welcome to the first in a series of interviews that will try to get beyond the buzzwords and spin of thought leadership and content marketing, and dig into what purport to be leading trains of thought in the branding and marketing field.   We will be interviewing notable brand practitioners, the CEOs of branding firms that Read more


Political Branding: Branding Roundtable No. 21

There is perhaps no more dissatisfied a consumer than a voter in a democratic society.  So what is a political brand to do? We asked an international panel of political brand, marketing and campaign experts to weigh in on the state of political branding—resulting in our longest Branding Roundtable ever. Download your free ebook and Read more


The C-Suite: Nicole Valentine, CEO of Winly

Nicole Valentine, a highly sought after business strategist, brings innovation, insight, and business growth acumen to entrepreneurs and executives through her New York based management consultancy, Synergy Business Development. Nicole’s combined expertise as an attorney specializing in global mergers & acquisitions and as a growth strategist for startups has uniquely positioned her to create the Read more


How China’s Sleekest Cycling Brand Is Winning the Race

Founded in 2015 and already on track for an IPO later this year, the Chinese performance bike brand SpeedX can’t compete with the cycling nostalgia amassed by its long-established international competitors. SpeedX doesn’t have a glorious history to show for nor do they sponsor (or even plan on sponsoring) any athletes or races. In fact, Read more


Why B2B CMOs Should Drive Business Strategy

One of the best things about interviewing different B2B leaders for this column each month is the opportunity to identify important threads of industry conversation—and none is more important to senior marketing leaders, and the organizations that they serve, than that surrounding the rise of the B2B CMO as a key driver of core business Read more


Is Designing Inspiring Art for Your Own Social Media a Gateway to Success?

Impressed by his daily designs, we interviewed Filip Hodas, a 23-year-old DJ and graphic designer from Prague, on the way that he uses social media, the recent shift in his work, and how younger people can make waves in the digital world while still remaining independent. Not only were we able to inspect his mind-boggling Read more


Using Humour, Education, and Empowerment to Break Down Taboos

If any of you have had the chance to ride New York’s subway recently, then you’ve most likely been confronted by colorful, artful images of food alluding to periods and cheeky copy (not to mention cheeky women). And while that may be uncomfortable for certain people, it never comes across as crass. In fact, everything Read more


Essentials for a Branding Career: Branding Roundtable No. 20

So you want to be branding leader. What knowledge, skills and temperament do you need to succeed in a branding career? And for those already in the business, how do you build upon your experience and success to truly lead? In a field as multi-faceted and rapidly evolving as the creation and nurturing of brands, Read more


The C-Suite: Sheila Marmon, CEO of Mirror Digital

In this month’s edition of The C-Suite, we caught up with Sheila Marmon, Founder and CEO of Mirror Digital, a interactive media and advertising company focusing on the multi-cultural market. With a monthly consumer base of 25 million, they’ve succeeded in connecting Fortune 500 brands like Sony, Macy’s, and BMW to various digital publishers and platforms, creating a diverse and Read more


The New Power of Brand Design: Branding Roundtable No. 19

What is design, in the context of branding?  Is it a thing you do, a way you think — or both? Graphic design has, perhaps, always been the most obvious manifestation of branding, with logos acting as the face and identifier of products and services.  But how does it relate to product design, or experiential Read more