Why Brands Need to Find Their Grey Space

“The interplay between the user and the provider will be so in simpatico it’s going to crush our ideas of what mediums are all about…. the idea that the piece of work is not finished until the audience come to it and add their own interpretation, and what the piece of art is about is Read more


Marketing in a World Where the Most Popular Word Is an Image

The last few years have seen an explosion of emojis and visual language innovation. In 2015, the Oxford English Dictionary declared an emoji – the face with tears of joy – the word of the year. YELP, Bing, and Instagram have emoji-enabled search. You can order a pizza, get room service, and even fight bullying Read more


The New Power of Brand Design: Branding Roundtable No. 19

What is design, in the context of branding?  Is it a thing you do, a way you think — or both? Graphic design has, perhaps, always been the most obvious manifestation of branding, with logos acting as the face and identifier of products and services.  But how does it relate to product design, or experiential Read more


Growth Path to Iconic Status

Every brand owner, as part of a vision for the future, wants to create the next all-important iconic brand. And, every brand has the potential to grow in an iconic way by understanding how it creates and manages desire. Often the path to iconic growth is about embracing something of an intangible quality which is present Read more


The Language of Branding: Verbal Identity in the Chinese Market

From 2005-2015, branding in China has undergone a roller coaster of rapid development. In my previous article, I shared my observations of how branding has transformed the way 1.3 billion people consume. For this first article of 2016, I will share with you insights about naming. The First Steps of Branding The interesting thing about naming Read more


Made for Me — 3 Ways Brands Can Achieve Successful Personalization

Personalization has revolutionized the look and behavior of brands, creating a greater and deeper level of connection with their audience. From IP and account customization to diet and activity tracking wearables, from the rise in personalized subscription services to geofenced promotions, we now expect a certain level of customization and personalization from the brands we Read more


B2B CMOs Bring 2016 into Focus

‘Tis the season to prognosticate. Everywhere you turn there’s another survey of what brand and marketing trends will make or break you in the coming year. While surveys can be great for top line possibilities, we wanted to get a little closer to what’s really happening with specific B2B organizations. We asked 11 B2B CMOs and Read more


Print Advertising Is Not Dead

Print advertising isn’t dead. Despite statistics supporting the ever impending total movement to digital marketing, print media is developing a new and creative relevance in marketing communications. Nostalgia has taken hold of European culture, vinyl records are back, flares are cool again (yes, really) and the publishing industry is driving the epidemic; luxury and independent Read more


The Role of the B2B CMO in Innovation

When we think about innovation, the popular image that comes to mind is the B2C company with its formal focus on innovation centers, ethnographic research, and new technology and product breakthroughs. Meanwhile, many B2B companies, especially mid-sized, don’t think of themselves as innovative, let alone have they developed an “innovation capability” with dedicated processes, staff, Read more

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How Big Brands Foster Global – Yet Regional – Loyalty and Awareness

Recently, at Incite Group‘s Customer Service Summit, leaders from various global brands got together to discuss the personalization of global brands. Entitled “Going Global with Social Support: Use Contextual Awareness to Drive Brand Reputation and Loyalty Around the World,” this panel highlighted the various ways in which big brands are fostering regional support in relation Read more