The Next Wave: The Age of the Customer

There’s a wave coming and marketers must know what’s driving it if they hope to ride it successfully. Using a surfing metaphor, James McQuivey, Vice President, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, discussed the next wave, the age of the customer, and keys to brand leadership. Several weeks ago, Tesla introduced the Model 3 electric, taking over Read more


Let a Designer Show You Creativity’s Dark Secret

“I don’t care if it hurts. I want to have control. I want a perfect body. I want a perfect soul. I want you to notice. When I’m not around. You’re so f***ing special. I wish I was special. But I’m a creep, I’m a weirdo. What the hell am I doing here? I don’t Read more


Virtual Reality: Year One – 2016

OK, it’s time for everyone to strap on a VR headset, but remember you’re going to be in for a bumpy ride in 2016, or Year 1 AVR. Welcome 2016, the year virtual reality (VR) content may reach the masses. And while the AR conversation has largely taken place behind the scenes, expect it to Read more


Mobile Myths from a Millennial Perspective

Millennials spend 2.5 hours daily on their smartphones, yet marketing leaders have not mastered the art of engaging millennials, a key predictor of mainstream consumer behavior, on mobile. New Forrester data from Nicole Dvorak, data scientist (and millennial) at Forrester Research, upends some common myths to show why apps alone aren’t enough, how smartphone usage and commerce differs Read more


Brand Challenges in a Downward Chinese Market

All around the world people are talking about the Chinese slowdown and the effect it has on oil prices, financial services, and especially brands. Even within China we are asking these questions and how it relates to specific industries such as Automotive and F&B. But the tone is not necessarily negative. Our latest LABReport echoed the Read more


Why Brands Need to Find Their Grey Space

“The interplay between the user and the provider will be so in simpatico it’s going to crush our ideas of what mediums are all about…. the idea that the piece of work is not finished until the audience come to it and add their own interpretation, and what the piece of art is about is Read more

Good Campaign: Public Ministry São Paulo “The Incomplete Masterpiece”

Campaign: The Incomplete Masterpiece Brand: Public Ministry of the State of São Paulo Agency: VML “My life has changed and will never be the same,” so begins the sad story of one mother whose child has gone missing. In this poignant piece called “The Incomplete Masterpiece” created by agency VML for the Public Ministry of Read more


How China’s Sleekest Cycling Brand Is Winning the Race

Founded in 2015 and already on track for an IPO later this year, the Chinese performance bike brand SpeedX can’t compete with the cycling nostalgia amassed by its long-established international competitors. SpeedX doesn’t have a glorious history to show for nor do they sponsor (or even plan on sponsoring) any athletes or races. In fact, Read more


Why B2B CMOs Should Drive Business Strategy

One of the best things about interviewing different B2B leaders for this column each month is the opportunity to identify important threads of industry conversation—and none is more important to senior marketing leaders, and the organizations that they serve, than that surrounding the rise of the B2B CMO as a key driver of core business Read more


When Investing in Paid Social Makes Sense

There’s no doubt that for many marketers and decision makers, the allure of crafting a campaign for social media is the cost, or rather the lack thereof. Using social media to market for free is a natural draw for cost-conscious organizations looking to build online awareness for their brand. That said, social networks are businesses, Read more