A Digital Challenge for Brands: Creating A Consistent Customer Experience

Understanding the shopper journey and what motivates a shopper to buy your brand is essential to ensure your brand speaks to your target audience. New research has found that the number of consumers researching products online before buying in-store has decreased by 7 percent over the past year. The study, conducted by OnePoll, asked 2000 respondents Read more

‘Good’ Campaign of the Week: Always

Brand: Always Agency: Leo Burnett Campaign: Like A Girl When the “Like a Girl” campaign first launched, it struck a chord with girls all over the world with a powerful message railing against negative phrases, turning a derision of weakness into a proud statement of strength. It racked up 56 million views on YouTube, before Read more


Earned, Paid and Owned Media – Going Social

The majority of marketers are now involved in digital content marketing but, unfortunately, much of the brand generated content drives little inbound traffic to creators’ websites. The reason is, more often than not, the lack of a cohesive content promotion strategy. That’s where an understanding of the roles of earned (your content published on other’s Read more


Automation: A Key Conversation in Marketing’s Evolution

A changing marketing landscape As technology and big data reshape marketing, the role of the CMO is evolving rapidly. Today’s CMOs are required to harness emerging, disruptive technologies while balancing operational realities – new challenges that many are unprepared for and even lack the requisite skills to approach. Leading educational institutions such as Harvard Business Read more


Luxury Branding: New Creative Expressions for New Retail Futures

The retail landscape is transforming itself like never before. New behavior, across multiple channels, sees it projecting far beyond traditional models to introduce a new and increasingly connected world of brands. This is bringing about a dramatic change for our luxury brands. No longer ruled from traditional and exclusive ivory towers, a mass luxury influence Read more

‘Good’ Campaign of the Week: WWF

Brand: WWF Agency: Hungry Boys Moscow Campaign: The Tiger Challenge This week’s Good campaign comes from Russian agency Hungry Boys Moscow, which came up with a clever little idea to support the World Wildlife Fund. The ‘Quantified Self’ trend is in full flow, with apps such as Nike+, Strava, Garmin Connect and MapMyRun all offering Read more


Brand Simplicity vs. Our Innovation Complex

This article is the first in a series on brand innovation, exploring exactly what that overused term means, what makes it meaningful (or not), who’s guiding it, and where it’s headed as a driver of brand development and performance. Researching this series, I’ve come across a large body of research, from the obvious – McKinsey & Read more


How Brands Can Squeeze More ROI From Big Data

According to a BMO Capital Markets report, marketers are spending $50 billion on Big Data and advanced analytics in hopes of improving the impact of their marketing efforts on their businesses. Social media has inundated brands with immense amounts of data, but that data in itself is not enough. Analytics from social media need to Read more

‘Good’ Campaign of the Week: Women’s Aid

Brand: Women’s Aid Agency: WCRS Campaign: Look at me To mark International Women’s Day on March 8th, London-based outfit WCRS has developed an innovative, interactive outdoor campaign to raise awareness for Women’s Aid – a UK charity that works to end domestic abuse. Teaming up with Ocean Outdoor, WCRS has created three digital posters used Read more


Growing Market Bifurcation and the Power of a Strong Marketing Supply Chain

The growing disparity in income and wealth distribution among U.S. consumers is having an effect beyond politics and news media, hitting CPG brands squarely in the supermarket shelves. As middle class America, a huge and rather ill-defined demographic, continues to erode into upper and lower tiers, CPG brands are increasingly faced with a bifurcated marketplace Read more