Good Campaign of the Week: KOOWHO “ALCOHO-LOCK”

Campaign: “World’s First Breathalyzer Bike Lock: ALCOHO-LOCK” Agency: GREY Tokyo Client: KOOWHO We all know not to drink and drive, but what about drinking and biking? The dangers of slipping into the driver’s seat when under the influence are well-documented, but drinking and cycling is just as dangerous. In an attempt to stop avoidable accidents, Read more


The Responsibility of an Iconic Brand in A Changing World

Icons are not like any other brand. We love them and every brand wants to be one. In today’s world of constant change, the significance of icons is even more important than ever before as they are beacons of recognition and constancy. We know them, desire them, connect with them—and we expect a lot from Read more

Good Campaign of the Week: Arrels Foundation Spain “The Most Boring Viral Video”

Campaign: The Most Boring Viral Video Agency: The Cyranos/McCann Client: Arrels Foundation Spain Home, success, luxury, friends, car, family, love, joy—all of these are top keywords used by big brands on YouTube, they are also all of the things you lose when you become homeless. Now, Spanish agency The Cyranos / McCann are asking people Read more


The Three Character Traits of Successful Digital Brands

It can sometimes feel bittersweet being a brand marketer in a digitally driven world. Though technology makes it easier to reach our audiences in exciting and innovative ways, it also proves challenging as we cede control of a brand’s perception to our customers on the Internet. Marketers long ago recognized that it’s impossible to spin Read more

Good Campaign of the Week: Sea Shepherd “The Ultimate Death Scene”

Campaign: The Ultimate Death Scene Agency: The Works Client: Sea Shepherd “Renowned Australian Actor Dies” runs the headline on this campaign against whaling. Sea Shepherd are renowned for uncompromising tactics—their logo features a dark, nautical take on the skull and crossbones motif—but their latest online film is possibly their most challenging yet. Viewers are asked Read more


Why Every Brand Could Use a Chief Narrative Officer

Within minutes of the recent United States Supreme Court ruling that made same-sex marriage legal in all 50 states, the colors of the rainbow flag lit up social media. A cascade of brands weighed in on the decision with messages of support. Domino’s Pizza, Miller Lite, T-Mobile, Walgreens, and countless others all declared that #LoveWins. It was refreshing Read more


Brand Innovation: Facts vs. Fables #2

Innovation is never easy – witness the results of the most recent Nielsen Breakthrough Innovation Report, which states that, of the 3,522 new products launched in 2013, only 12 achieved the distinctiveness, relevance, and revenue that mark a real breakthrough. Unfortunately, many brand organizations seem to think that a difficult challenge requires a difficult process. Read more

Good Campaign of the Week: Seeds of Change “Save the Flowers”

Campaign: Save the Flavors Agency: BBDO San Francisco Client: Seeds of Change Would you sink your teeth into an endangered species? This is the question posed by a new campaign asking consumers to rethink their approach on food consumption. BBDO San Francisco and the organic food company Seeds of Change are encouraging people to save Read more

Good Campaign of the Week: The Life Saving Dot

Agency: Grey for Good – Grey Group Singapore Client: Talwar Bindi Campaign: The Life Saving Dot The most effective creative campaigns are those that fit in with an already established behaviour. Using this insight, Grey for Good – ad agency Grey’s philanthropic arm – set about to find a way to increase iodine levels in Indian Read more

Good Campaign of the Week: Veterans for Peace “Battlefield Casualties”

Campaign: Battlefield Casualties Client: Veterans For Peace Agency: Price James / Darren Cullen If you’re of a certain generation, your memories of the ’90s will no doubt be bathed in nostalgic tones and heavily feature toy adverts. Regardless of your age, these new online videos will have you weeping, cowering, and no-doubt showing your friends. Read more