Good Campaign of the Week: The Life Saving Dot

Agency: Grey for Good – Grey Group Singapore Client: Talwar Bindi Campaign: The Life Saving Dot The most effective creative campaigns are those that fit in with an already established behaviour. Using this insight, Grey for Good – ad agency Grey’s philanthropic arm – set about to find a way to increase iodine levels in Indian Read more

Good Campaign of the Week: Veterans for Peace “Battlefield Casualties”

Campaign: Battlefield Casualties Client: Veterans For Peace Agency: Price James / Darren Cullen If you’re of a certain generation, your memories of the ’90s will no doubt be bathed in nostalgic tones and heavily feature toy adverts. Regardless of your age, these new online videos will have you weeping, cowering, and no-doubt showing your friends. Read more

Good Campaign of the Week: Red Lippy Project “Flip Your Lips”

Agency: The Foundry Campaign: Flip Your Lips Client: Red Lippy Project Taking place in June, Cervical Screening Awareness Week may not sound like the sexiest of campaigns. Luckily one of London’s most youthful creative teams has set about giving it a makeover. The Foundry is a “micro-agency” run by graduates at Leo Burnett London. Comprising of Read more


What Could George Jetson Teach Us about the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity?

One of the most interesting things about brand communications is how it continuously evolves. In the early days of the “Ad” business, the revered role of original thought and expression was strictly reserved for “creatives.” Copywriters and art directors were the ones exclusively entitled to wear the “badge” or claim to be “the goods” behind Read more


Scaling Beauty Innovation to Fit the Market and Make the World a Better Place

Scaling up to mass-market innovation versus scaling down to meet specific and more localized human needs? Which is more important? Actually there is a place for both—but how we address and balance this is now the key issue for brands. Brands still need to succeed with the mass market but we are all now more Read more

Good Campaign of the Week: Nike “The Real Girls of Moscow”

Campaign: The Real Girls of Moscow Agency: Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam Client: Nike Nike’s “Better For It” strap-line is fast becoming a worldwide call-to-action, invigorating and empowering women in an increasing number of territories across the globe. The latest iteration is for the Russian market, and aims to bring ‘The Real Girls of Moscow’ to centre stage. Read more

‘Good’ Campaign of the Week: Airbnb

Campaign: Love is Welcome Here Agency: Molecule SF Brand: Airbnb With Gay Pride centre stage this weekend, the LGBTQ community is taking its annual opportunity to celebrate. This huge global event is fast becoming colonised by brands, in a similar way to Father’s Day, as discussed last week. One such brand that has a relevant Read more

‘Good’ Campaign of the Week: Fairy

Campaign: Learning to Hug Agency: Leo Burnett London and Holler Brand: Fairy We always knew Fairy was soft, but this time they’ve taken their age-old brand promise a step further. In fact, their new film reaches the soft spot in all of us. With Father’s Day taking place this Sunday, there couldn’t have been a Read more


How The Sharing Economy Bolsters Any Brand

“Sharing is the right choice” is a mantra one often hears a mom saying at play dates and in playgrounds to fussy little toddlers who are trying to exert independence and struggling to share their toys. The Millennial consumer has internalized this mantra and taken the concept of sharing to a whole new level by choosing Read more

‘Good’ Campaign of the Week: Biocoop

Campaign: The Most Eco-Friendly Campaign Ever Agency: Fred & Farid Paris Client: Biocoop A new campaign has launched that’s so self-referential it threatens to swallow itself. Paris-based agency Fred & Farid’s campaign for Biocoop supermarket is all about the production of the campaign itself. France’s Biocoop are the country’s first organic food retailer. In their 25th Read more