Good Campaign of the Week: No More “Text Talk”

Campaign: Text Talk Agency: Grey New York Brand: No More With the world looking towards the Super Bowl on February 7th, the excited chatter in our circles have been about the ads. With car and food brands taking these much sought-after slots as usual, there isn’t often much space left for campaigns that are encouraging Read more


No Brand Is Safe in the “Age of Disruption”

The American Marketing Association recently convened a diverse group of brand builders to address one of the most significant brand issues of the day – disruption and the threat it poses to established brands at New York’s Harvard Club. The panelists, whose members represented a global brand, GE, a firm that maps changes in the Read more

Good Campaign of the Week: SolarCity “How Power Gets to You”

Campaign: How Power Gets to You Agency: Arnold Worldwide Brand: SolarCity When it comes to traditional power methods, we don’t often think about the processes that happen before we can turn on a light. In this series of three 30-second stop motion ads, we learn all about “how power gets to you.” The three forms Read more


How to Gain and Use Brand Insights: Branding Roundtable #18

Brand insights. Customer insights. What’s the difference, why do they matter, and how can marketers best develop and use them? In a world awash with data, arriving at actionable insights may feel harder than ever, notwithstanding the wealth of research methodologies available to marketers.  In this month’s Branding Roundtable, we explore what works – and Read more


The Language of Branding: Verbal Identity in the Chinese Market

From 2005-2015, branding in China has undergone a roller coaster of rapid development. In my previous article, I shared my observations of how branding has transformed the way 1.3 billion people consume. For this first article of 2016, I will share with you insights about naming. The First Steps of Branding The interesting thing about naming Read more


How B2B CMOs Can Overcome the Content Challenge

B2B content marketing has been a top buzzword for several years, a shiny new object on the marketing horizon, but after countless content conferences, books, and an endless stream of blogs, Slideshares, whitepapers, and videos, some potholes appear in the content fast lane. While there is a lot of spending going on, the number of Read more


Made for Me — 3 Ways Brands Can Achieve Successful Personalization

Personalization has revolutionized the look and behavior of brands, creating a greater and deeper level of connection with their audience. From IP and account customization to diet and activity tracking wearables, from the rise in personalized subscription services to geofenced promotions, we now expect a certain level of customization and personalization from the brands we Read more

Good Campaign of the Week: Helpusgreen “Sow, Don’t Throw”

Agency: Dentsu Webchutney Brand: Helpusgreen Campaign: Sow, Don’t Throw Environmental campaigns now come in all shapes and sizes and from all corners of the globe. In India, the issue of litter in the streets and rivers is exacerbated by the fact that many disposable packages of incense or ritual materials are printed with images of Read more


B2B CMOs Bring 2016 into Focus

‘Tis the season to prognosticate.  Everywhere you turn there’s another survey of what brand and marketing trends will make or break you in the coming year. While surveys can be great for top line possibilities, we wanted to get a little closer to what’s really happening with specific B2B organizations. We asked 11 B2B CMOs and Read more


Print Advertising Is Not Dead

Print advertising isn’t dead. Despite statistics supporting the ever impending total movement to digital marketing, print media is developing a new and creative relevance in marketing communications. Nostalgia has taken hold of European culture, vinyl records are back, flares are cool again (yes, really) and the publishing industry is driving the epidemic; luxury and independent Read more