No You’re Not Crazy, Whole Foods Really Is Overcharging You

Whole Foods is pricey, but even more than it is allowed to be. According to the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs, Whole Foods has been overcharging customers for their pre-packaged foods by displaying an inaccurate weight on its packaging. The investigation was set underway in October last year, and the DCA detected “systematic Read more


Daily Table: A New Store in Boston Sells Low Budget Food and Meals from Aging Food

A new store opened last Thursday in Boston with great prices for aging food and cheap meals. Daily Table, a non-profit grocery store in Dorchester, is able to sell at low prices because the food is donated by food wholesalers and markets that either couldn’t sell items or is considered surplus. Ex-president of Trader Joe’s Read more


Coke Makes Twitter A Bit More Personal

Coca Cola launched a new Twitter ad calling out viewers by their name. This move serves as an extended arm of the major “Share a Coke” campaign that was launched earlier this year. Coke uses Twitter to encourage viewers to take part in the “Share a Coke” campaign by buying bottles with their names on Read more


Pizza Hut Delivers Pizza and a Movie in Its New Package Design

Pizza Hut Hong Kong and Ogilvy & Mather Group HK have collaborated on a campaign giving the words “movie night” a different meaning by making innovative alterations to the standard pizza box. The result of their efforts is the “Blockbuster Box,” a seemingly regular pizza box doubling as a small movie projector. The “Blockbuster Box” is available in Read more


An All-American Beer Gets An All-American Design This Summer

Summertime is upon us which means it’s the season for grilling, beer, and all things American. Budweiser, the quintessential American beer, commissioned French illustrator Malika Favre to come up with their summer package design: a glorious rendering of the Statue of Liberty against the patriotic colors of red, white, and blue. The design was headed by Jones Read more


The Cambridge Distillery Makes A Bottle of Gin With 62 Red Wood Ants

Do you like your gin with a little bit of red wood ant acid? The Cambridge Distillery’s got you covered. In partnership with Copenhagen’s Nordic Food Lab, they have created the “Anty Gin,” a bottle containing the venom and pheromones of “approximately 62 red wood ants.” Nordic Food Lab’s Product Development Manager Jonas Pederson said Read more


Kit Kat’s New Name is “YouTube Break” for a Joint Campaign with Google

Chocolate candy bar Kit Kat and Internet giant YouTube are working together again! “YouTube Break” will appear instead of “Kit Kat” on 600,000 UK wrappers. Nestlé’s brand will sponsor YouTube’s trending videos on mobile devices in the United Kingdom, and in exchange the candy bar will be visible while you’re watching the videos. If you Read more


Starbucks Gets on the Mobile Messaging and GIF Trend

What does a cat shooting rainbows out of its paws and a dog in a Hawaiian shirt have in common? They both seem to be enjoying a Starbucks Frappuccino. Starbucks used these, among many other GIFs, for a new marketing campaign promoting its Frappuccino drinks. In partnership with Swift agency, and using the mobile app Read more


Atelier Dom Pérignon: An Educational Tour Through Champagne’s House

Who hasn’t thought about the secret process that goes into sparkling Dom Pérignon? Well, 12 lucky individuals will get the chance to know the Atelier Dom Pérignon. The purpose of the Atelier is to provide an authentic experience to loyal fans. An educational tour will be launched in the heart of Champagne in June of Read more


Coca-Cola Shares the Happiness in Braille

In 2014, the “Share a Coke” campaign was a huge success, and not surprisingly it’s continued into this year. Thousands shared Coca-Cola cans with their names on it, but the company realized that they couldn’t be enjoyed by the visually impaired. In April this year, the brand partnered with Mexican agency Anonimo and launched a campaign with names on the cans Read more