Brand Challenges in a Downward Chinese Market

All around the world people are talking about the Chinese slowdown and the effect it has on oil prices, financial services, and especially brands. Even within China we are asking these questions and how it relates to specific industries such as Automotive and F&B. But the tone is not necessarily negative. Our latest LABReport echoed the Read more


Tea is Cool: Tealicious

The popularity of tea is growing, especially in urban areas like London and as the classic British beverage looks to reinvent itself, brands like Tealicious are pioneering the rejuvenated growth of tea by targeting young, millennial consumers through a stylish and exciting brand image. Tea is a good communicator — in fact, it’s a great Read more


How Would Brands Look as Bottles of Wine?

It seems like brands are exploring all kinds of sectors outside of their market, but what would it look like if all well-known brands—99 brands to be exact—invested in one of our favorite sectors: wine. Creative Tom le French imagines how these wine bottles would look like in his latest personal project. To view all Read more


AB InBev and SABMiller’s $104 Billion Merger

It appears that the world’s largest beer company, Anheuser-Busch InBev, and its rival company SABMiller will no longer pose as healthy competitors to one another. No one is going out of business, it’s just that these two companies–and all of the famous beer brands that come with them–will join forces and create the biggest beer company in Read more


Time Travel Back to the Future With Pepsi Perfect

All Back To The Future fans are in for a treat because Pepsi recently decided to release the bottle shown in the second part of the trilogy. If you remember Marty McFly’s visit to the ’80s café in Back To The Future II, you’ll be glad to know that the Pepsi Perfect he ordered will be available Read more


5 most familiar and renowned food packaging designs

Every day you pick up food in packaging that comes in all different shapes and sizes. Packaging is a crucial element to the food industry and designers have to consider how best to deliver the item of food and drink to the consumer in a way that keeps the food intact and doesn’t alter the Read more


Burger Wars – McDonald’s Turns Down Burger King’s McWhopper Proposal

The preparations for the forthcoming International Day of Peace on September 21st may not be going as smoothly as they could be. Two of the world’s largest fast food magnets gave us a glint of hope, for a second, that they would make peace, but in the end we are witnesses of another episode of Read more


Fat Duck’s Heston Blumenthal Will Make Your Favorite Dish Based on A Google Search

A new trend rising among UK’s top restaurants are creating databases with information on clients and designing perfect menus for each customer. Famous chef Heston Blumenthal plans to Google people who book tables in his Fat Duck restaurant which will reopen next month in Bray, Berkshire. It is a three-star Michelin restaurant voted best restaurant in Read more


Coca-Cola to Meet 100% of Water Replenishment Goals by 2020

If you were wondering what Coca-Cola’s next big move is, it’s much more than another great marketing campaign. This time, Coca-Cola and its global bottling partners announced that by end of this year they will be on their way to meeting their 2020 water replenishment goals. Just last year, the Coca-Cola system helped communities and Read more

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz speaks at the company's annual shareholders meeting, Wednesday, March 20, 2013, in Seattle, Wash. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

Starbucks’ CEO Sends Compassionate Email to Employers Following the Asian Market Crash

Another stock market turmoil has left Wall Street in an all too familiar mood. The Chinese stock continues to sink, sending waves all over the Asian markets and eventually reaching the Dow Jones, which ended with a loss of 588 points on Monday, causing many traders and investors to reach out for an extra cup Read more