Kit Kat’s New Name is “YouTube Break” for a Joint Campaign with Google

Chocolate candy bar Kit Kat and Internet giant YouTube are working together again! “YouTube Break” will appear instead of “Kit Kat” on 600,000 UK wrappers. Nestlé’s brand will sponsor YouTube’s trending videos on mobile devices in the United Kingdom, and in exchange the candy bar will be visible while you’re watching the videos. If you Read more


Starbucks Gets on the Mobile Messaging and GIF Trend

What does a cat shooting rainbows out of its paws and a dog in a Hawaiian shirt have in common? They both seem to be enjoying a Starbucks Frappuccino. Starbucks used these, among many other GIFs, for a new marketing campaign promoting its Frappuccino drinks. In partnership with Swift agency, and using the mobile app Read more


Atelier Dom Pérignon: An Educational Tour Through Champagne’s House

Who hasn’t thought about the secret process that goes into sparkling Dom Pérignon? Well, 12 lucky individuals will get the chance to know the Atelier Dom Pérignon. The purpose of the Atelier is to provide an authentic experience to loyal fans. An educational tour will be launched in the heart of Champagne in June of Read more


Coca-Cola Shares the Happiness in Braille

In 2014, the “Share a Coke” campaign was a huge success, and not surprisingly it’s continued into this year. Thousands shared Coca-Cola cans with their names on it, but the company realized that they couldn’t be enjoyed by the visually impaired. In April this year, the brand partnered with Mexican agency Anonimo and launched a campaign with names on the cans Read more


Remember So You Don’t Forget: Nando’s Rapid Order Rap

Nando’s, an international dining restaurant, created the Rapid Order Rap as an entertaining way to place and remember your order. The 120 second long YouTube clip starts with the usual diner atmosphere where a young, casual looking customer is asked for his order, but the videos shifts in dynamic. In the newly created, almost rap Read more


Watch How Patron’s Tequila is Made Through the Eyes of a Bee

Famous tequila brand Patrón came up with a unique way to promote its product with a personal tour of the Hacienda distillery and headquarters in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico. They partnered with Firstborn, and created a charming virtual reality experience from the perspective of a bee. You can see the entire process of tequila Read more


New Starbucks Drive-Thru in L.A. Is An Electric, Renovated Gas Station

A new store of the Seattle-based coffee chain is the product of a restoration project that took over two years to complete. Fallen into disrepair, abandoned, and dilapidated for 20 years, the former Gilmore gasoline service station located at the corner of Highland and Willoughby Avenue in Los Angeles, has been transformed as a Starbucks Read more


Pepsi Max ‘Genius’ Campaign Featuring Drone Football

A twist on something familiar, an unusual combination of the usual passions is what defines genius. That is the message of Pepsi Max’s first world-wide marketing campaign, appropriately named “Genius.” The campaign kicks off with “Drone Football,” a high-tech take on an everyday 5 side football match between friends. Kristin Patrick, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Read more


Bud Light Controversial Slogan Causes Fury on Social Media

Sometimes using provocative slogans in campaigns is like walking on thin ice. Although Anheuser-Busch InBev and its brand Bud Light are well known for some of the the funniest ads and the most influential campaigns, it seems that the audience did not find one of their last slogans very amusing within the campaign “Up for Read more


Coca-Cola’s New Design Turns a Handshake Into a Fist Bump

Coca-Cola’s newest campaign by Pereira & O’Dell celebrates true friendship, unity, teamwork and happiness. Hoping to emulate the successful 2012 “Open Happiness” campaign, Coke has redesigned the iconic ribbons from resembling a handshake (#CokeHands) to a fist bump as the universal symbol of friendship for 2015’s Mexican campaign #VerdaderoAmigo (or #TrueFriend). The simple eye-catching design of Read more