Wearable Tech Fashion Reveals When You’re in Love

The close relationship between fashion and technology has become omnipresent. Wearable fashion is on the rise, and it has no intention of slowing down. I don’t know if you remember, but clothes used to shine when you ate chocolate and today it shines when you are in love. Imagine standing next to your lover and shining like a Read more


K-Swiss Wants Bright And Young Entrepreneurs On Board

K-Swiss, a sports fashion brand, launched a digital campaign called ‘The Board’ featuring DJ Diplo, a producer and entrepreneur. The brand is calling young people with bright ideas to jump on board by bringing K-Swiss ‘back to prominence.’ Diplo will be the Director of Board which will consist of 100 team members recruited from all over the world. Read more


Experiencing Fashion through Virtual Reality Thanks to Future Fashion

Fashion has never been as virtual as it is now. It’s only a matter of time until fashion becomes a part of virtual journeys, and we’ll be able to see, purchase, or try clothes just by using headsets. Thanks to Westfield UK’s latest campaign called Future Fashion this is possible now. Collaborating with INITION, Westfield Read more


Buy, Flip, and Help: Rag_Bags Are Here Again!

Swedish agency DDB Stockholm and clothing brand Uniforms for the Dedicated are once again helpful in a fashionable manner. They’ve created a simple biodegradable plastic bag, called the Rag_Bag, that flips inside-out and becomes an envelope for placing old clothes. The idea is that consumers buy new clothing and donate old ones, postmarked to a Read more


MWC 2015: Is It More of the Same or Change for the Sake of Change?

Mobile brands, including carriers and social media grandees such as Mark Zuckerberg, are in Barcelona at MWC15 to announce, prophesise, and speculate on what we as consumers will want, or think we need, in the form of mobile devices and the connected landscape. It’s true to say that we are a generation that relies on Read more


All the Nikes You Could Ever Want in One Giant Shoebox

To celebrate the NBA All-Stars weekend, Nike has unveiled a giant interactive shoebox at the corner of Bowery and E. 3rd, New York City. It is intended to promote Nike’s new ‘SNKRS’ app that’s launching later this spring for iOS and Android. ‘SNKRS’ allows fans to choose from Nike’s vast catalog of shoes and purchase them Read more


Rag & Bone Men’s Fall/Winter 2015

Client: Rag & Bone Director: Georgie Greville Model: Lil Buck, Mikhail Baryshnikov Producer: Sophia Rothbart Director of Photography: Santiago Gonzales Executive Producer: Prodject Read more


New Instagram Loops Engage Users and Brands

The new update by Instagram allows users to continuously watch 15-second looped videos. It follows Vine’s video function, but instead of 6-second Vine videos, it shows 9-seconds more. This new feature might not seem so drastic, but in the end it means big changes for users and especially for brands. Video advertisers will be watched Read more