3 Keys to Managing Your Brand via Social Media

Social media is in. It’s the “it” thing. It gives everyone a voice, a pen, a paper, a trumpet to shout loudly for attention. It’s a great tool…but, if used poorly, it can chip away at your brand. It’s easy to see as you peruse the various social media channels that a lot of organizations Read more


Why Fickle Clients Are More Profitable In the Long Run

Everyone wants to be the quarterback — the agency that signs a client and is ushered right into the C-suite to serve as the backbone of the client’s marketing strategy. Your agency loves clients like these because they value the same thing you do: the work. They expect you to be the workhorse of their Read more


Brand Elements on a Website: A Story that Converts

Branding is a strategy rather than a formula; yet there are several techniques that companies can use to increase the awareness of their products, services or simply their names. The same applies for their websites. Regardless of whether a brand is built though online or offline channels, the key is to make all the elements work Read more


This Year’s Top Three Design Resolutions

I want to start my predictions by asking a few simple questions: Why does anyone care about design? Why should businesses care about design? Why should one year in design make a difference over any other? The very nature of design is elastic: sometimes following, sometimes leading. The truth is, if we’re really looking for Read more


SEO for Every Marketeer

All marketers want to improve their search engine rankings. But if you are new to SEO, it can be quite a confusing prospect. In addition to embedding appropriate keywords and optimizing your website to attract search engine spiders, you need to create content that will build inbound links and involve your brand with social media Read more


Smart Ways to Handle Tax Reporting and Payroll Processing

Managing your business requires you to adapt to constant change. One area that changes constantly is the tax code. Follow these steps to ensure that your tax filings and payroll records are correct. Risks related to payroll processing A business owner faces a variety of risks and challenges related to payroll processing. Payroll processing firm Read more


When The Right Product Doesn’t Sell: Marketing 101

You have the product, the ambition and the sales pitch. You know this Super Turbo Family Sized Energy Saving Gizmo will work, but you can’t seem to sell one; not in a thousand years. Sure, nobody knows what a Super Turbo Family Sized Energy Saving Gizmo is. But you explain all that in your sales Read more


How to Go Retail Without Going Broke

When we think about the flow of business, especially with regards to retail businesses, we tend to think the progression of the business goes something like this: tiny shop opens in X neighborhood of Y city. The locals love it and start recommending it to their friends. Then they start buying its wares as gifts Read more


6 Ways Your Company Blog Can Do Wonders For Your SEO

The rise of the company blog has been a prolific one, with ‘blog’ content cropping up on all manner of brand websites, ranging from IBM and Caterpillar to Marriott and Whole Foods Market. This rise in company blogging is unsurprising really, considering the widely documented benefits of content marketing; the way it enables you to connect Read more


Ho-Ho-Ho! Coooca-Cola!

The Man Behind the Story of Santa Claus St. Nicholas was a bishop who lived in the fourth century AD in a place called Myra in Asia Minor (now Turkey). His rich parents passed away at an early age and willed their wealth to young Nicholas. He was a very kind man and had a Read more