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A Question of Space: The Next Challenge for Brands?

Today our lives and lifestyles are assuming an increasingly fluid shape. But, despite the growing amount of options now open to us, our physical space – or rather the lack of it – is now becoming an ever more pressing issue and one that will eventually affect us all. And this is not just a Read more

‘Good’ Campaign of the Week: Patagonia

Brand: Patagonia Agency: N/A Campaign: Truth to Materials This week’s ‘Good’ campaign of the week comes from one of the brands truly embodying the spirit of doing well by doing good:  Patagonia. Patagonia’s values are rooted in sustainability and it’s committed to decreasing the effects of the company to both the environment and the workers. Read more


9 Steps to Closing for Creatives

The secret to understanding what’s going on when negotiating a project engagement is to simply take control. These nine steps provide a formula for getting control and starting on the path to getting the deal you need to succeed. Step 1. Establish your expertise What are you known for? What keeps you working all hours Read more


Why Olive Garden Can’t Be Saved by Branding Alone

A few weeks ago Olive Garden experienced the beginnings of what could quickly turn into a coup. Starboard Value Partners, a firm that owns an 8.8% stake in Olive Garden’s parent company, released a 294-panel slide show on the poor performance of Darden’s Olive Garden brand. It was brutal, but undoubtedly honest. In this report, Read more


Questions of Collaboration Seem to Always Lead Back to Agility

When two companies decide to join forces, questions regarding the collaboration certainly emerge. Especially when it’s two companies that are from seemingly-opposite ends of the spectrum: SapientNitro is the creative innovator with tech-savvy roots and his own stock price, while La Comunidad is the talented and inspiring multilinguist. Curious to see how, since their marriage at Read more


The Category Ethnography and Packaging of Energy Bars

When we stumbled upon the energy bar aisle, we couldn’t help but stare. The category is huge and with this sizable amount of high-protein, low fat and gluten-free options comes a lot of competition for the shopper’s attention. How do these brands meet their consumers’ long lists of needs? And how does the functionality of Read more


When Is a Rebrand Not a Rebrand?

It may sound pithy, it may sound obvious, especially obvious when I consider my audience, but I’m going to say it anyway. A logo is not a brand. It’s the mark of a brand. So when researching examples of a good rebrand, why does the communications community keep throwing me logo redesigns? Are consumers really Read more


A Monumental Goal for Major League Soccer

Looks like North America’s soccer fever is heating up again. Major League Soccer recently unveiled a new brand identity, titled “#MLSnext.” Not only is MLS gaining new clubs, media partnerships, stadiums, and key players like Clint Dempsey and Michael Bradley, but their crest has been completely transformed. The relatively young league, established only 20 years Read more


Top Need-to-Know’s Regarding Clear Channel’s Rebrand as iHeartMedia

We know we’re bound to see numerous reviews regarding Clear Channel‘s recent decision to rebrand as iHeartMedia. In case you were considering joining the conversation, here are some key points to remember regarding the rebrand: The company just dropped “radio” from its name two years ago. Clear Channel has 840 radio stations sitting at the Read more


Why The Best Kind of Customer Feedback is Negative

Most of us don’t go out looking for problems in business. We do our best to avoid them, and when we are unsuccessful, we might try to navigate the quickest way back to business-as-usual. But what if in our rush to get back on track, we’re missing the most valuable lessons for our company’s growth? Read more