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4 Do’s and 1 Don’t for Small Branding Firm Success

For years big agencies have tried to swallow the branding-advertising-marketing world whole (although the effort to bite off too much can cause them to choke on their deals, as with this year’s abandoned Omnicom-Publicis merger). Nonetheless, as the big get bigger, less-than-global agencies are successfully competing even with the largest firms – but not exactly Read more

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Interbrand’s Best Global Brands Report Bears Surprises

Interbrand‘s Best Global Brands Report for 2014 recently entered the scene and the branding world is bustling. For those who do not know, Interbrand’s annual podium is determined by the following factors: A financial analysis of the brand’s performance (whether products, services or both) A brand’s purchase decision influence A brand’s competitive relevance The agency Read more


Pinterest Launches Pin Picks: A New Editorial Product

Last Monday, Pinterest launched a brand new editorial product entitled Pin Picks, a weekly collection of Pinterest’s favourite things. What are your favourite categories on Pinterest? For sure, we all browse for different things, always exploring new sections, and we find it inspiring wether we are using it in our web browsers or before we go to sleep, Read more

‘Good’ Campaign of the Week: Sainsbury’s

Brand: Sainsbury’s Agency: Google Creative Labs Campaign: Sainsbury’s Food Rescue In the UK, the average household throws away £60 ($100) worth of uneaten food every month, equivalent to some four million tonnes of waste each year. Earlier this summer, Sainsbury’s teamed up with Google to help combat this issue in an innovative fashion with a Read more


Strengthen Brand Equity through Transparent Label Communications

The need for clarity is driving current EU and pending U.S. FDA regulations for more detailed and prominent label nutrition information. Clarity will help ensure that food is safe and make recalls – when they happen – faster and more effective. But perhaps even more important, more detailed and readable labels will help consumers make Read more

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Native Advertising: Here to Stay

Native advertising is here to stay, despite proclamations of its imminent demise. In its most visible form, native is a transient bridge between old-style advertising and the future. It won’t go away – but it will continue to change. Likewise, media and its consumers continue to evolve as well. Everything has moved online and mobile Read more

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The Voice of the Consumer In the New ICERTIAS Logo

ICERTIAS, the International Certification Association, has rebranded itself with a new logo wholly focused on the consumer. The logo represents the consumer in the center – pivot of the organization. The consumer is inserted in a red shield that represents determination and action – like ICERTIAS states – “The red shield, which is always associated Read more

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Rebuilding that Emotional Connection with Your Consumers

With declining food sales mirroring the retailer’s fashion decline, it has appeared that Marks and Spencer, under the reign of Marc Bolland, has been spinning into terminal decline. But hang on. Our much loved M&S where, with little exception, we have either worn or eaten their wares over the decades, has suddenly bounced back with Read more

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Marley Coffee Hopes to Stir Up the Specialty Coffee Market

Market glance $30 billion dollar and growing, the coffee industry seems to be changing at mach speed. Cherries, the fruit that the coffee tree bears, have drawn a distinct comparison to the liquid goodness that is derived from grapes (also known as wine). In fact, many people are proclaiming that coffee is the new wine. Read more

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A Question of Space: The Next Challenge for Brands?

Today our lives and lifestyles are assuming an increasingly fluid shape. But, despite the growing amount of options now open to us, our physical space – or rather the lack of it – is now becoming an ever more pressing issue and one that will eventually affect us all. And this is not just a Read more