Spotify’s Response Shakes Taylor Swift Off

Despite just releasing her whole new album “1989,” Taylor Swift recently decided not to upload it to the ubiquitous streaming music service, Spotify. A few days after though, Swift removed her entire catalog from Spotify. When asked of the motive behind her decision Swift added, “I’m not willing to contribute my life’s work to an experiment that I Read more


Siegel+Gale’s Fifth Report on Brand Simplicity

Siegel+Gale, a global strategic brand firm, has just published the fifth report on brand simplicity. Starting from 2010, the company explored how simplicity affects: customer loyalty, innovation among employees and revenue increase. The report for 2014 holds a lot of interesting data and sleek graphics. According to Siegel+Gale, in the long run, simplicity pays off for brands Read more


Home Sweet Home: Sour Patch Kids Houses Artists in Brooklyn

The candy brand Sour Patch Kids, a propriety of Mondelez, has opened up a very sweet house in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. Sadly, it’s not made of candy. The home, called the Brooklyn Patch, will hold guests who are independent musical artists currently on tour. In exchange for their stay, they are obligated to work by Read more


Patagonia’s New Ugly Duckling Animation

Once upon a time in a cold winter day, an ugly duckling decides to go skiing. While skiing, this poor, naïve bird is caught by a man who cuts off its head and, abruptly, loses all its feathers. Yes, this is the end for a few ducks in some clothing companies. Not for Patagonia, though. Read more


Pearfisher Develops the Haller Farmers App in Kenya

Pearlfisher, the design agency, along with software workshop Red Badger have come together with a flourishing idea. An agriculture app for farmers at the Haller Foundation in Kenya. The Haller Foundation started out with Dr. Rene Haller, about 50 years ago, to educate communities in rural areas and to teach them how to properly use Read more


Content Publishers, Facebook Is NOT the End-All, Be-All

Much has been said about Facebook recently. With the social network’s recent invitation for media companies to host their content on Facebook, big brands (such as The New York Times, News UK and Business Insider) have had a lot to say about why it may or – most likely – may not be a good idea Read more


Content for Today and Tomorrow: Theme-Driven vs. Campaign-Driven

Over the last decade, marketers have seen a major shift in thinking around how to connect with their target customers. More time and dollars are shifting towards ‘inbound’ marketing activities such as blogging, SEO, SEM, etc., than ‘outbound’ marketing activities such as cold calling, direct mail, etc. Content marketing in particular, which might include blogging, Read more


The 3 P’s Brands Must Embrace: People, Purpose, Participation

Building brands that are truly meaningful, admired and (sometimes) even loved has not become any easier over the years. If anything, it is becoming increasingly difficult. We’ve never lived in more connected, fast-paced, over-stimulated and challenging times; just ask any marketer and brand manager. And yet – as is typically the case – every challenge Read more


Use the Cartier Trademark and ISPs Will Block Your Website

Richemont, a Swiss-based luxury goods company and owner of the famous Cartier brand, has begun the battle for its trademark — on the Internet! In September, Richemont decided to take legal action against the use of its symbols demanding that certain sites become blocked by Internet Service Providers (ISPs). That is harsh. Isn’t that a Read more


Branding Roundtable No. 5: Brand and Customer Experience

“The reality is, few companies are organized internally in a way that enables them to align brand and experience.” So starts the commentary on the challenges, opportunities – and sometimes outright confusion – in brand and customer experience (some say there’s a difference, some not). The long and short of it is, if you don’t Read more