These Are The World’s Top 25 Brands You Should Be Working For

When daydreaming about your perfect job, what do you find utterly important in an employer: paycheck, working hours, corporate culture or reputation? Glassdoor, a job and career website, has recently unveiled their list of Top 25 Companies estimated on the basis of Culture and Values. The source of this survey were the employees themselves, and they say that Twitter Read more


Is It the Message ON the Bottle or IN the Bottle that Counts?

I was prompted to write this article after having seen the image above on a friend’s FB wall. This photograph really portrayed for me the power of this campaign on many levels. Firstly, because of the touching post after having received this very timely, personalised gift from her sister. In addition, the way her “Sis” Read more


Volvo Fine Tunes its Logo Along with the Premiere of a New SUV

Ever since it was acquired by Geely Holding of China in 2010, Volvo has made a push for more luxurious looks as a special edition to already well-known brand for the safest vehicle on the market. The long-awaited, all new 2015 Volvo XC90 Series was available for purchase only online, and vanished within 48 hours of the Read more


Are You Selling a Product or a Mission?

When arriving to a company website, it’s safe to assume that the homepage will tell quite a bit about its positioning and goals. Naturally, most for-profit companies will make selling products a primary focus. However, the way in which companies structure their messaging to sell can be quite interesting. Brands often lean towards using one Read more


Unlocking Growth in Online Retail

Americans are changing the way they shop, and these new habits are driving growth. In 2013, U.S. retail sales totaled $4.5 trillion, growing at a meager 4 percent. In contrast, e-commerce within retail totaled $263 billion, growing at 17 percent. Customer behavior is likely to continue to change, given innovation in retail and low e-commerce Read more


The REAL Ice Bucket Challenge

The ice bucket challenge has been a runaway success for charities. Social media has exploded with video content of nominated individuals showering themselves in icy water and nominating others to do it in the name of a good cause. And it has gone a long way to helping those causes. The Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Read more


In a Brand Rut? Consider These 3 Tips to Jump-start Progress

Regardless of your company’s growth stage, there might be times when you look at your product, the marketplace or customer and find the world is evolving more quickly than your brand. If this sounds familiar, don’t despair. Here are three brand anecdotes and tips for breaking out of a brand rut and driving meaningful change. 1) Read more


Lessons from Malaysian Airlines: Damage Control and Should They Rebrand?

This article captures some of my views following an interview conducted by thought leader, Rushdi Siddiqui, when he caught up with me to discuss Muslim world economics, Halal and the need to create strong brands and management infrastructures. Malaysian Airlines (MAS) has grabbed headlines, with MH370 and MH17 – what is the first lesson in Read more


Finding Your Authentic Voice in the Human Era

In marketing, on social media, in person and on the phone – brands big and small are increasingly shedding the robotic script and just talking to consumers like real people. Best of all, they do it with a dash of personality. In every category, and every shopping aisle, brands are standing out by tapping into Read more


Branding’s Convergence of Profit and Philanthropy

The convergence of profit and philanthropy, as it relates to business models, is becoming a very effective brand differentiator. Most companies understand that philanthropy has become inextricably linked with profit. However, a large majority of companies usually just partner with a specific cause or focus their efforts around a given time of year. That said, Read more