K-Swiss Wants Bright And Young Entrepreneurs On Board

K-Swiss, a sports fashion brand, launched a digital campaign called ‘The Board’ featuring DJ Diplo, a producer and entrepreneur. The brand is calling young people with bright ideas to jump on board by bringing K-Swiss ‘back to prominence.’ Diplo will be the Director of Board which will consist of 100 team members recruited from all over the world. Read more


A Digital Challenge for Brands: Creating A Consistent Customer Experience

Understanding the shopper journey and what motivates a shopper to buy your brand is essential to ensure your brand speaks to your target audience. New research has found that the number of consumers researching products online before buying in-store has decreased by 7 percent over the past year. The study, conducted by OnePoll, asked 2000 respondents Read more


Automation: A Key Conversation in Marketing’s Evolution

A changing marketing landscape As technology and big data reshape marketing, the role of the CMO is evolving rapidly. Today’s CMOs are required to harness emerging, disruptive technologies while balancing operational realities – new challenges that many are unprepared for and even lack the requisite skills to approach. Leading educational institutions such as Harvard Business Read more


Brand Simplicity vs. Our Innovation Complex

This article is the first in a series on brand innovation, exploring exactly what that overused term means, what makes it meaningful (or not), who’s guiding it, and where it’s headed as a driver of brand development and performance. Researching this series, I’ve come across a large body of research, from the obvious – McKinsey & Read more


How Brands Can Squeeze More ROI From Big Data

According to a BMO Capital Markets report, marketers are spending $50 billion on Big Data and advanced analytics in hopes of improving the impact of their marketing efforts on their businesses. Social media has inundated brands with immense amounts of data, but that data in itself is not enough. Analytics from social media need to Read more


MWC 2015: Is It More of the Same or Change for the Sake of Change?

Mobile brands, including carriers and social media grandees such as Mark Zuckerberg, are in Barcelona at MWC15 to announce, prophesise, and speculate on what we as consumers will want, or think we need, in the form of mobile devices and the connected landscape. It’s true to say that we are a generation that relies on Read more


Superbrands of UK: British Airways Ranks First as Both Consumer and Business Superbrand

Have you ever heard of superbrands? Those millennials are tough–you really need to pull their strings in order to have a proof of excellence, that is if you want their attention and money. As always, creatives do their best to think of breathtaking campaigns, but a brand really needs to distinguish itself from others to be Read more


Growing Market Bifurcation and the Power of a Strong Marketing Supply Chain

The growing disparity in income and wealth distribution among U.S. consumers is having an effect beyond politics and news media, hitting CPG brands squarely in the supermarket shelves. As middle class America, a huge and rather ill-defined demographic, continues to erode into upper and lower tiers, CPG brands are increasingly faced with a bifurcated marketplace Read more


8 Key Questions in Financial Branding: Roundtable #09

If, to any degree at all, the statement “a brand is a promise” rings true with you, then you’ll know why financial brands have been is such a predicament of late. Few sectors have suffered the self-inflicted wounds of broken promises more than has the financial services realm. That’s why, in this edition of The Read more


Why Brand Experience Matters

Most companies believe that they are delivering meaningful brand experiences for consumers. Unfortunately, most of these experiences fall short because they are not robust enough and usually lack consistency across all touchpoints. According to Gallup, customers that feel emotionally connected are more loyal to businesses than not. I am sure we can all attest to Read more