Boost Your Marketing with Carrier Bags

Looking for a new way to boost marketing for your brand? Why not use carrier bags? Here are some great reasons to think of carrier bags as handy marketing tools for your brand: Cost-effective. Carrier bags are often a cost-effective way to market your brand. While some types of carrier bags might have be a Read more


Tips for a Personal Brand on a Budget

In the modern world of business building a brand is a pure necessity. With a great variety of business models concentrated entirely on the World Wide Web, and entire trades moving online, acquiring a representative image that will portray your company is an essential factor. If you are an advisor, a personal coach or a Read more


Interview with a Blogger: Eddie Janis Taylor from the BizzMark blog

Here with us today is a professional blogger and a business consultant Eddie Taylor, and Eddie will introduce her BizzMark blog and her team of experts. She will share some insight regarding the modern world of blogging and online marketing, and will also discuss her personal ambitions and recommendations for her colleagues. First things first Read more


How to Choose a Brand Ambassador?

Increasing brand awareness is a slow and a demanding process, so don’t be afraid to ask for help. In fact, you shouldn’t hesitate in hiring help in a form of brand ambassadors that will help you spread the word about your business, service or a product. Suitable for events, promotions and even guerilla marketing strategies, Read more


How to Build a Location Brand

If you are considering investing in a location and opening a coffee shop, a restaurant, or any other store for that matter you probably have your reasonable share of concerns. Devising a business plan before getting involved in any sort of venture is extremely important, but if that still leaves a couple of doubts open Read more


5 Essential Tips for a Successful Event Branding

Branding an event is probably the most dreaded subject in the world of advertising. Starting from the marketing campaign and advertising the very occasion to choosing the right catering service, music and decorations – it is simply not an easy task. Let’s not forget that you are in fact counting on the most unpredictable factor Read more


How B2B CMOs Can Make the Business Case for Branding

This is the first in a series of monthly columns focused on the challenges, opportunities and insights of senior marketers in B2B (business-to-business) companies. Each month, we will explore a different topic addressing the special challenges of marketing to business customers. We’ll be reaching out to CMOs and other senior business leaders for comment and Read more


Properly Securing The Big Data From Your Company’s Market Research

Modern tools give us a multitude of ways to gather, assimilate, and use customer data. We can improve products, advertising, and interaction after the sale by crunching these numbers and seeing what they reveal about our markets. Knowing who our customers are, what they like, how they buy it, and how they use it has Read more


The C-Suite: David Chen, CEO of Strikingly

David Chen is the CEO and Co-Founder of Strikingly allows anyone to get a gorgeous, mobile-optimized website in minutes. The company is backed by Y Combinator, a leading startup incubator, and has received funding from top investors in the U.S. and China. Here, we interview David in our first edition of The C-Suite: Branding Read more


The Freelancer: Stats, Perks and Tools

An Infographic from the Webex blog says being able to work from home affects employee retention by 95 percent. With that many employees wanting greater flexibility over their time, more and more businesses are finding out that it pays to put in place incentive programs that do more than hand out the next monetary bonus. Read more