The Importance of Clear Branding: Large and Small

When first starting out, entrepreneurs often stress over packaging and a number of other details, leaving one of the most important aspects of their business as a mere afterthought. The unfortunate truth is that the name and branding that you choose for your business is often able to make or break it, and can be Read more


Playboy Magazine Goes Bust(less), Kills Nude Centerfolds – Is the ‘Rabbit’ Next?

When Playboy Magazine debuted in 1953, Hugh Hefner printed a first edition of 54,000 undated copies as a hedge against the aspiring editor’s uncertainty about the publication’s potential. But the man who would become known worldwide for his pipe, silk smoking jacket, pajamas, and armful of beauties, ‘Hef’ struck the American male libido full-on with Read more


The Role of the B2B CMO in Innovation

When we think about innovation, the popular image that comes to mind is the B2C company with its formal focus on innovation centers, ethnographic research, and new technology and product breakthroughs. Meanwhile, many B2B companies, especially mid-sized, don’t think of themselves as innovative, let alone have they developed an “innovation capability” with dedicated processes, staff, Read more


Why We All Should Be Investing in Design

The economic recession taking place during the last years has put organizations under increasing pressure to differentiate their offerings. Resource drain drives companies to derive value from what they do rather than what they have. Global wage harmonization, likewise, has significantly diminished companies’ abilities to compete on price. An increasing number of companies have started Read more


10 Brand Trends to Prepare You for 2016’s Arrival

It’s said that a new year provides marketers and brands a chance for new resolutions and new beginnings. But if you want to do something new, you have to stop doing something old. These 10 critical trends will become leading marketing realities in 2016,  providing brands with an opportunity to break habits, embrace new methods Read more


SEO & Branding: How appearance in the search results impacts brand perception

It is no secret that the SEO industry has been shifting from a siloed activity into the broader marketing mix as businesses start to understand the financial impact SEO has on its business. Branding in its true essence is the differentiator that will add value to your business’s product or service. This value is added Read more


The Growth of Branding in China

There are different ways to look at branding and it is certain that I have a very different one. It is fascinating to imagine the journey of a brand that starts with an idea from an entrepreneur. Personality, interests, and environments bring to life ideas, leading to a project and the first version of a Read more


Dealing With Resistance To Change Within an Organization In Germany

Humans are creatures of habit in that they enjoy daily routines and standards of procedure that do not constantly change on a daily basis, it is only in instances that change is introduced that it is met with significant resistance due to the inherent desire to keep things as they were. Such a case is Read more


Examples of Excellent Niche Specific Marketing Campaigns

The traditional types of marketing, such as print ads, TV spots and telemarketing are still around today, but people are coming up with more and more creative ways to sell their products. With the internet playing a huge role in today’s society, companies mostly rely on viral marketing. There is search marketing – placements on Read more


Lessons in Leadership from The Top-Rising, Most Powerful Brands

Apart from highlighting several brands that have made big gains, our recent report on this year’s most powerful brands made it clear that outperforming brands do two things very well. First, they keep customers aware of the brand by remaining relevant in an ever-changing market. Second, these organizations are able to evolve easily over time Read more