Home Sweet MINI

Every adventure-seeking enthusiast will be thrilled to know that camping has reached a whole new excitement level following the recent introduction of three new MINI vehicles. With an extendable kitchenette equipped with both fridge and stove, an integrated hand-held shower, a TV, heater, storage rack and a glass panel intended for ventilation or star-gazing, the MINI Read more


Tweet at Me and I’ll Vine at You

We always expect a lot from Honda when it comes to digital campaigns. That is because we still remember Honda’s Vimeo campaign “Let it Shine“, dating back four years ago and marking a breathtaking moment – for the time, of course. Today, Honda proves its ability to adapt to new trends and, better yet, create new Read more


Lady Mercedes is Back

The lady of of all ladies, Mercedes‘ biggest limousine, is back. This time with a different, intelligent scent, the 2014 S-class primarily promotes safety, but it also happens to be a luxurious vehicle. The new slogan states, “The new S-Class. Vision accomplished.”  It represents a decade of hard work and the finest German engineering. According to Dr. Read more


65 Years of Honda’s Creative Ingenuity in Two Minutes

Wieden + Kennedy London made a new advertisement for Honda, capturing 65 years of long history and tradition in about two minutes of creative video. What makes it interesting is its strong focus on hands, representing Honda’s team of engineers who create bikes, cars and even planes. Perhaps, the meaning of the hands is that Read more


Volkswagen Raises Awareness of Texting While Driving

Have you even been in such a hurry that you had to make a call, or even text someone while driving? Sure you have, but according to Volkswagen’s latest print campaign that’s a big “no-no”. During the past decade, governments from all over the world have updated the laws regarding mobile phone usage in traffic, Read more


You Cannot Follow Fiat 500 Abarth on Twitter Because It Is Just “Too Damn Fast”

Fiat Abarth 500 has zero followers on Twitter! Why? Because it is just too fast to follow! Very slick. Italian creativity and German ingenuity allowed us to be a part of a tremendously fresh Twitter campaign, in which nobody can follow Abarth 500, because the vehicle itself is “too fast”. When trying to follow Fiat Read more


What Something’’s Worth?

Here’’s part of a quote, which should resonate with every marketer: “Nowadays people know the price of everything.” Hard to argue with that, what with the Internet and mobile access, not to mention price-checking apps but, of course, today you can’t avoid mentioning them. The rest of the quote goes “… and the value of Read more


Toyota Dominates Interbrand’s Global Green Brands Report, Car Manufacturers Rule the Top

Interbrand brings joy third year in a row to Toyota, as the world’s leading consultancy together with Deloitte, a sustainability services group, have released their latest 3rd Annual Global Green Brands report. The Japanese car manufacturer continues to reign thanks to its Prius sub-brand which is a huge hit in the U.S., a refreshed RAV4 EV Read more


What Happens When a Fiat 500 Becomes a Refrigerator?

A twist on the recycling of old cars has been introduced by Italian car manufacturer, Fiat, as it partners with Smeg in the transformation of old cars into trendy refrigerators. The Smeg 500, constructed by chopping a Fiat 500 into the size of a mini-fridge, is meant to represent a certain kind of transformation–a hipster-type Read more


Automotive Brands Showcase the Power of Digital Utility

Before the overflow of apps that exists today, there was a time when brands simply wanted an app–any app, as long as it put their names in the marketplace. Nowadays, however, consumers have become ever more savvy and ever more impatient, with less time spent discovering and more time spent filtering. Therefore, as abundance created Read more