MINI Boosts Brand Loyalty by Rewarding Its Customers in Real-time

As part of the brand’s ‘Not Normal’ campaign, MINI took over The Cromwell Road Digital Gateway to reward the customer’s loyalty in a creative and engaging way. With the help of  agency Iris Worldwide, MINI presented an outdoor digital campaign which aims to bring this community together. As the MINI drivers were passing across the digital screens Read more

Fiat Cars Cruising Down the Chicago River

Fiat Cars Cruising Down the Chicago River

Italian car manufacturer Fiat loves to play with their products. After turning their old cars into trendy refrigerators, recently they set out water-based vehicles which were cruising down the Chicago river. Designed to promote Fiat’s growing operations in North America, the cars were actually a boat version of Fiat’s new collection of 2014 models – 500L, 500 Cabrio, and Read more

Can Honda Save America's Drive-In Theaters?

Can Honda Save America’s Drive-In Theaters?

Drive-ins are an important part of the American culture – they have always been a place for family and friends to gather; but all drive-ins are expected to switch to digital projectors until the end of 2013, because costs are sky-high – up to $75,000 per screen. Due to these facts, Honda is launching Project Drive-In, Read more


Skoda Hostel as a Four-Wheeler Accommodation for Two

Given how different times call for different measures, Skoda found a way to intrigue and to raise the sales up a bit with pretty unconventional approach. In order to reach out to younger population, to attract their attention and to be considered as an option among the same, the company teamed up with BBDO  Russia and Read more


MINI Goes Digital — Literally

As a part of the ”Not Normal” campaign, MINI has prepared a new surprise for all its fans. Namely, the brand launched MINI Art Beat, an installation which unveils a car that plays videos on the go. Under the tagline “When you are not a normal the next joyride is just a beat away,” the Read more


Honda Uses Sound and Lights to Reminisce About Senna

If you have any clue who Ayrton Senna is and what he did for Formula 1 moto-racing, you have to know the words of the famous commentator that cheerfully cried while celebrating Senna’s second championship that should have brought him tittle in 1989 in Japanese Grand Prix: “Ayrton Senna from Brazil!” he screamed as the Read more


Did You Know the Meaning Behind These Car Brand Logos?

Ever wondered what that logo on the front of your car really means? Where did it come from? Why is, for instance, Ferrari’s iconic symbol a horse or why does the Lamborghini logo feature a bull? Cool Material decided to answer all these questions by explaining the history behind some of the most popular car Read more


Home Sweet MINI

Every adventure-seeking enthusiast will be thrilled to know that camping has reached a whole new excitement level following the recent introduction of three new MINI vehicles. With an extendable kitchenette equipped with both fridge and stove, an integrated hand-held shower, a TV, heater, storage rack and a glass panel intended for ventilation or star-gazing, the MINI Read more


Tweet at Me and I’ll Vine at You

We always expect a lot from Honda when it comes to digital campaigns. That is because we still remember Honda’s Vimeo campaign “Let it Shine“, dating back four years ago and marking a breathtaking moment – for the time, of course. Today, Honda proves its ability to adapt to new trends and, better yet, create new Read more


Lady Mercedes is Back

The lady of of all ladies, Mercedes‘ biggest limousine, is back. This time with a different, intelligent scent, the 2014 S-class primarily promotes safety, but it also happens to be a luxurious vehicle. The new slogan states, “The new S-Class. Vision accomplished.”  It represents a decade of hard work and the finest German engineering. According to Dr. Read more