Automobile Selection, Courtesy of Canines

Volkswagen UK has recently unveiled a new campaign called “There’s a Volkswagen for all of us”, where they presented a range of car models featuring 36 different breeds of dogs. They’ve brought together each car with one dog breed while paying attention to matching the car’s characteristics with the dog’s traits. For example, the German Read more


Role Reversal: Your Car Now Paints You

If I were to tell you that there is an artist who paints your portrait just by the way you drive, without even watching you, would you believe me? Well, Lexus apparently made this happen in an effort to showcase how the way you drive strongly translates into who you are. As part of the Read more


The Avengers Superheroes Instead of Car Brand Logos

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like if well-known car brand logos were redesigned or reinterpreted in The Avengers universe, search no more. The talented Etsy artist from South Carolina, Christian Petersen, driven just by his creativity and imagination, has created a set of compelling designs of car logos that were replaced by the Read more

Volvo's Adrenaline-Packed Truck Stunt

Volvo’s Adrenaline-Packed Truck Stunt

The latest commercial stunt in the series of Volvo’s adrenaline-packed ads features a Volvo FL truck chased by bulls in Spain. Apparently, their freshest viral-video campaign centers on the values such as bravery and lucidity. Recently, the brand introduced ”The Hook”, a video which was showing the brand’s president, Claes Nilsson, hanging 65 feet above a closed part Read more

Volkswagen's Last Farewell to the Hippie Van

Volkswagen’s Last Farewell to the Hippie Van

It’s been a while since Volkswagen announced the final retirement of their iconic “Hippie Van”. Given that Brazil is the last place in the world that still produces this vehicle, as well as the fact that it can’t meet the legal requirements when it comes to safety any more, the brand realized it’s time to Read more

Illustration in Ads: A Fresh Way to Stand Out?

Illustration in Ads: A Fresh Way to Stand Out?

Russian illustrator Iv Orlov made a bunch of not-so-typical ads for Volkswagen. Instead of the usual high-res car images and dramatic photography, Orlov illustrated the “Weekenders” ads in his own, cheerful style. The illustrations show weekends in various countries – such as France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, and the UK – and how the VW Polo Read more


Not Driving Audi Makes Claire Danes End Up in Jail

After a paintball car challenge, vampire-slaying headlights and even a Moby Dick spoof, the latest update from Audi comes in the form of celebrity endorsement by featuring star of the popular TV show “Homeland”, Claire Danes,  a short video for Audi’s latest TDI model with clean diesel technology. Danes is an Emmy award-winning actress and Read more


MINI Boosts Brand Loyalty by Rewarding Its Customers in Real-time

As part of the brand’s ‘Not Normal’ campaign, MINI took over The Cromwell Road Digital Gateway to reward the customer’s loyalty in a creative and engaging way. With the help of  agency Iris Worldwide, MINI presented an outdoor digital campaign which aims to bring this community together. As the MINI drivers were passing across the digital screens Read more

Fiat Cars Cruising Down the Chicago River

Fiat Cars Cruising Down the Chicago River

Italian car manufacturer Fiat loves to play with their products. After turning their old cars into trendy refrigerators, recently they set out water-based vehicles which were cruising down the Chicago river. Designed to promote Fiat’s growing operations in North America, the cars were actually a boat version of Fiat’s new collection of 2014 models – 500L, 500 Cabrio, and Read more

Can Honda Save America's Drive-In Theaters?

Can Honda Save America’s Drive-In Theaters?

Drive-ins are an important part of the American culture – they have always been a place for family and friends to gather; but all drive-ins are expected to switch to digital projectors until the end of 2013, because costs are sky-high – up to $75,000 per screen. Due to these facts, Honda is launching Project Drive-In, Read more