Nissan Unveils the New Face of its Taxi for London

The Emperor’s New Clothes: London Black Cab by Nissan

Nissan has unveiled its new version of London taxi (black cab), designed as a van with the aim to make it as instantly recognizable as its legendary forebears. The brand’s first prototype was released in August 2012 which was based on its successful multipurpose NV200 van. After an extensive evaluation by the London Mayor Boris Johnson, Transport for London and Read more


Audi Uses Its History to Inspire Children

Earlier this year, Audi used Edgar Albert Guest’s poem It Couldn’t Be Done as a theme for their marketing campaign promoting the brand’s culture and ingenuity, aka doing things nobody has done before and doing them until they’ve been perfected. Southern Californian designer Ty Mattson from Mattson Creative came up with an illustrative concept for the same Read more

With Jeep, See Whatever You Want to See

With Jeep, See Whatever You Want to See

Here’s a fun ad campaign for Jeep from Leo Burnett Paris. It’s not everyday that we see an ad campaign that doesn’t feature the product itself, yet alone one with optical illusions. SEE ALSO: Is There Still Hope for Print Advertising? The ad’s consist of the tagline “See Whatever You Want to See” and 3 Read more

Nissan Brings the "Taxi of Tomorrow" to NY #HailYes

Nissan Brings the “Taxi of Tomorrow” to NY #HailYes

New York City would be unthinkable without its distinctive feature – yellow cabs. These cabs transport 25,000 passengers in an hour, and are faced with many people that have different needs. In order to satisfy all requested features that passengers would enjoy while driving in a cab, Nissan made a cab that has beaten the Read more


Turn Yourself Into a Musician Behind the Wheel of a Volkswagen

The “Play the road” experience seeks to change the way the music is being created and consumed. In this unique interactive project, Volkswagen UK, Underworld and Tribal DDB London have joined the forces to develop a software which allows you to create music as you drive, so if you’ve ever wanted to be a musician (I’m pretty Read more


This Is the Definition of Epic

There is nothing about this video that is not epic. First of all, you have Jean-Claude Van Damme, whose bodily strength and long-lasting career (possibly his age, as well, but we won’t focus on that) have crafted an epic JCVD brand. Secondly, you have Enya playing in the background, a soundtrack common for grandiose scenes Read more


KIA’s Superheroes Save People From Buying Lame Cars

The LA Clippers basketball superstar Blake Griffin, must have had a good experience working on a KIA Optima campaign last year, because he decided to continue collaboration this year, as well. Jack McBrayer, the comedian known by his role in TV series 30 Rock, will accompany Blake in eight all-new television commercials for Optima midsize sedan, Read more


A VW Camper Van Ready for Trick-or-Treating

Caught up with contagious enthusiasm and all the possibilities Halloween brings with it, a freelance writer and creative director based in San Francisco, Jason Elm, made a costume for his beloved 1972 Volkswagen Camper Van. Devoting himself to every single detail, he transformed his bus into a giant bread loaf and made quite an impression. Given Read more


Automobile Selection, Courtesy of Canines

Volkswagen UK has recently unveiled a new campaign called “There’s a Volkswagen for all of us”, where they presented a range of car models featuring 36 different breeds of dogs. They’ve brought together each car with one dog breed while paying attention to matching the car’s characteristics with the dog’s traits. For example, the German Read more


Role Reversal: Your Car Now Paints You

If I were to tell you that there is an artist who paints your portrait just by the way you drive, without even watching you, would you believe me? Well, Lexus apparently made this happen in an effort to showcase how the way you drive strongly translates into who you are. As part of the Read more