Audi “Mechanics”

Client: Audi Agency: thjnk Directer: Sebastian Strasser Read more


Audi “I Want To”

Client: Audi Agency: DDB, Barcelona, Spain Director: Erik Morales DoP: Christos Voudouris Editor: Ramón Morejón Read more


Audi “Vanessa Bayer Elevator”

Client: Audi Agency: Venables Bell & Partners Executive Creative Director: Paul Venables and Will McGinness Creative Director: Erich Pfeifer Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks Director: Clay Weiner Read more


Audi “Swim”

Client: Audi of America Agency: Venables Bell & Partners Executive Creative Director: Paul Venables, Will McGinness Creative Director: Tyler Hampton, Lee Einhorn, Erich Pfeifer Production Company: Arts & Sciences Director: Matt Aselton Read more


Ken Block Takes Over Los Angeles Streets with a 1965 Ford Mustang

Ken Block, a 47-year-old Californian rally driver and co-founder of DC Shoes, is the star in the seventh video of the successful viral series Gymkhana. The movie, “Wild in the Streets,” was directed by Ben Conrad, his fourth in the series, and sponsored by Hoonigan (Ken Block’s own clothing brand), Ford, and Need for Speed, the video game Read more


Subaru Outback “Memory Lane”

Client: Subaru of America Agency: Carmichael Lynch Read more


The Other Side Ad Announces New Honda Civic Type R

Honda launched a YouTube video entitled The Other Side for the purposes of promoting new Honda Civic Type R that will hit the market in 2015. The video starts quite regularly for a car commercial: you can see the car, the road, and the conventional father picking up his daughter and her friend, behind the Read more