Brand Challenges in a Downward Chinese Market

All around the world people are talking about the Chinese slowdown and the effect it has on oil prices, financial services, and especially brands. Even within China we are asking these questions and how it relates to specific industries such as Automotive and F&B. But the tone is not necessarily negative. Our latest LABReport echoed the Read more


China and Global Innovation: Considerations from the Automotive Industry

In 2010, China became the biggest automobile market by sales in the world, and it has not stopped growing since. What may be even more astonishing is that it is, still in many aspects, a market in its infancy with huge growth potential. This is the reason we still witness new international entrants in the Read more


This is a “Sirious” Safety Message by Toyota

Toyota, with the help of Saatchi & Saatchi Sweden, found a new way of contributing to traffic safety. The project is based on releasing radio ads that will use Siri or Google Voice to switch phones off while driving. The main goal is to improve traffic safety since many drivers are still ignoring possible consequences Read more


Volvo Designs SUV Safer for Babies

Volvo introduced a new concept for baby seats: a backwards-facing child seat, with a car designed around it. Calling it the “Excellence Child Seat” the idea replaces the passenger chair with a baby seat that moves with the touch of a button, making it “easier for parents and safer for their children.” “We started by Read more


Kids Swear Thanks to You, Parents

Most of us are guilty of cursing while driving–we are quite used to it–but hearing kids do the same can be quite shocking (and sometimes really funny). The only thing most people aren’t aware of is that kids learn it from adults. Imagine yourself driving with them in the car–that’s what I’m trying to say. smart came up Read more


#MadeOfRed: Alfa Romeo’s Campaign Invites Fans to Share What Red Evokes for Them

When you think of Alfa Romeo, what color comes to your mind first? The new campaign conducted by the Italian luxury car manufacturer focuses on the color red and what it symbolizes for customers all over the world. The campaign, created by Doner, launched on Instagram and Twitter before going live on traditional media. It encourages Alfa Read more


Volvo’s Big Brand Secret: Free Overseas Delivery in Sweden

Taking delivery of European cars overseas originated in the ’50s, when U.S. servicemen brought sporty vehicles back from their tours of duty. Sensing a marketing opportunity, Mercedes, Volvo, Saab and others launched formal European delivery programs, which continue in one form or another to this day. Every smart marketer knows that customer experience is the Read more


Renault UK Launches the New Twingo Campaign

The UK section of the French vehicle manufacturer Renault has launched a new digital campaign to promote its new model of Twingo. The key figures in this project were Scorch London, the video production company, and Manning Gottlieb OMD as the main strategist. This campaign questions what women want in a car. For that purpose, Scorch London conducted a Read more


Hyundai “A Message to Space”

Client: Hyundai Advertising Agency: Innocean Worldwide Creative Director: Gunny Park Art Directors: Youngill Jang, Yonghee Kim, Seoyeon Cho Copywriters: Jaeshik Seo, Mijin Lee Director: John Park Production: Planit, Duofilms Read more


Chrysler “The Kings & Queens of America”

Client: Chrysler Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Portland, Ore. Creative Directors: Aaron Allen, Kevin Jones Copywriter: Alex Romans Art Director: John Dwight Production Company: HSI Director: Samuel Bayer Read more