KFC Go Cup Goes Ski Jumping and Defies Gravity

Recently, KFC Russia introduced an experiential campaign that transformed every visitor of KFC  into a potential YouTube sensation thanks to the fully-automated machine named MovieMatic. This time, in the spirit of the Olympic Games, KFC is running a somewhat twisted spot by DraftFCB Chicago featuring (formerly anonymous) ski jumper Mike Glasder carrying a KFC Go Cup. “I was kind of skeptical at first. I Read more


One Hour Agency Supercharges the Creative Process

You need a quick solution because you are running out of time? Or you need a quick solution because that is a better way to do business? One Hour Agency seems legit for both reasons. Interactive art directors Ben Langeveld and Ingmar Larsen, founded this agency in Sweden and they are trying to implement a Read more


McDonald’s Plays the Border between Norway and Sweden

The Scandinavian countries are definitely known for their good standards; however, there are some differences between these countries, at least when it comes to food, tobacco and alcohol prices. Norway seems to be a more expensive country in comparison to Sweden, so many families have to cross the border in order to save some money. Read more


A Bite of KFC’s Bacon iTwister Transforms Customers into TV Stars

In the following weeks, all Russian visitors of the chicken-serving fast food chain, KFC, will have a chance to experience on their own the well-known Warhol phrase ”In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.” In an effort to promote the menu’s latest addition, the Bacon iTwister, KFC restaurants in Moscow and St. Petersburg are Read more


Invisible Skate Ramps Pop-up in Madrid

The most loyal citizens are the ones who spend the most of their time on the streets for pure pleasure. Skaters are the best example of people who love and enjoy the city in the true sense of the words, but they usually end up being banned from a certain location because of the nature Read more


Sony Hijacks Vending Machines with Bottled Walkman

If you’ve ever dreamed of listening to music while swimming, Sony made ​​sure that this dream finally became a reality. The brand’s long-lasting and pioneering Walkman sub-brand has created a new waterproof MP3 player designed to enhance the experience of listening to music while swimming. The target niche is precisely defined; professional swimmers are preferred customers (as Read more

Be the (8-Meter-High) Face of Sochi 2014

Be the (8-Meter-High) Face of Sochi 2014

Can you imagine entering the Olympic Park in Sochi and seeing a huge 3D installation of your face on the entrance facade? If you’re going to be an attendee, this just might happen. From 7th February, the Olympic Park entrance will be used as a huge installation, transforming the building into an 8-meter-high 3D “Mount Read more


Nestlé Helps Alzheimer’s Patients Reawake a Slice of the Past

In order to awake “sweet memories” of 800.000 people that are currently living with dementia all around the UK, the brand decided to bring back some nostalgic packages that are supposed to be the trigger for recalling memories of happy days of their lives. So, why this move all of a sudden? Namely, Alzheimer’s Society, Read more


Fantasy Football, Meet Fantasy Brands

Fantasy Football is a well-known trend and there are definitely many that still participate in it. However, for our industry, a new form of “fantasy” game has just been invented and, believe it or not, football teams are replaced with brands that will be advertising during the Super Bowl. SEE ALSO: Super Bowl Recap: What Read more


Ajax Wipes Your Social Life Clean

World renowned surface cleaning brand, Ajax, decided that it’s time to move on from physical action to digital. Since social media has infiltrated our lives throughout the years, there’s a lot of mess and garbage in social profiles that has been accumulated over time. Therefore, Ajax decided to build an app that, after logging into your Read more