Coke Figures Out a Clever Way to Keep People Quiet in Cinema

True movie lovers go to cinema for one reason – to watch the movie in a peaceful and quiet atmosphere, but there’s always couple of others who simply enjoy eating popcorns and making the lap up noise that you just can not ignore, so they practically get their roles in the movie and become the Read more


The Great Agency Adventure or How to Stay in Shape by Changing Offices

At a certain point in your life you must’ve been wondering what would happen if you were bold enough to change your job and work environment? Would that be a step forward or backward? Contrition isn’t helpful, yet again, we just can’t help ourselves to stop thinking that way. For all those who feel that way, here’s Read more


Cross Your Cutlery, Donate Money to the Red Cross

Here comes one very simple, yet straight-to-the target, campaign aiming to draw attention to those who are in great need of help. Polish agency Cheil collaborated with numerous restaurants across Poland within the “Very Good Manners” campaign to raise awareness and money for malnourished children throughout Poland. According to statistics, one in four children can’t afford a regular hot meal and this Read more


Playing on the Edge: Diet Coke’s ”You’re On” Campaign

The latest Diet Coke commercial, implemented by Droga5, a New York-based agency, has caused a big fuss among professionals as well as the wider public. But, what lies behind the scenes of this hyped-up campaign? The 30-second video shows a series of people who just need an additional dose of self-confidence to deal with daily stressful or important Read more


Beer Cooler Blocks Phone Signals for More Mingles

How many times did it happen to you that you go on a date and the person sitting across from you won’t get off their phone? In today’s high-tech savvy world, it seems like we occasionally lose touch with what human interactions should be, especially in a bar or cafe environment. If you think that’s Read more


Speaking of DIY, OBI Presents a New Way of Promoting

Considering the fact that some of the greatest ideas were born in a struggle for survival, pressure as a driving force turned out to be the right one once more. During a time completely disastrous to the DIY area – with almost 250 stores In Germany closed during last year – and in order to not Read more


Pizza Hut Showcases the Future of Restaurant Dining

The time of the restaurants with written orders seems be coming to an end. In a new concept video Pizza Hut demonstrates an interactive pizza menu that doubles as a table. This innovative pizza-building service allows customers to create their own unique pizza by carefully choosing its ingredients and topping combinations. SEE ALSO: Apotek Masters Subtle Illusion with an Read more


The World’s First Major TV Ad for Medicinal Marijuana Makes Its Debut

Well, this was bound to happen. After a wave of decriminalization and legalization laws in the recent years in the US (yes, I’m thinking about you Colorado), the first medicinal marijuana-related TV ad from has aired on Comcast-owned channels such as Fox, CNN, ESPN, Comedy Central, AMC, and Discovery in Chicago and New Jersey Read more


Apotek Masters Subtle Illusion with an Interactive Subway Ad

The ubiquitous need to overcome the existing, already seen, imposed by today’s value system, sometimes can blur the obvious. It makes us forget about the basics. When it comes to a place where thousands of people passes by on a daily basis, what each brand aims for is to draw some attention – simple as Read more


Jack Daniel’s and Frank Sinatra Meet Once Again

The experience of enjoying nice music always goes well with a bottle of sophisticated beverage, or is it the other way around? Jack Daniel’s took care of both whiskey and music lovers by investing $2.3 million in the campaign for its new Frank Sinatra-themed line of whiskey. These two American icons have a long tradition Read more