These Are the World’s First Facebook Video Ads

Just months after Facebook announced video ads as a new advertising option, Progressive Insurance became the first to take advantage of this by unveiling their “Baby Man” campaign, where the main character is a guy in his 30s portraying as a little baby. Arnold Worldwide was responsible for the ads and the agency had a difficult task to Read more


CNA Speaking Exchange: Learning is Connecting

Brazilian language school CNA created a truly emotional campaign in order to promote their latest educational program titled “Speaking Exchange”, making the learning process more human and real. Along with agency FCB they came up with the idea of connecting young, knowledge-hungry Brazilians with elderly Americans living in retirement homes. SEE ALSO: BBDO NY’s Branded Autism Awareness Ads are Dead Read more


Be the Master of Grill with Tramontina’s Barbecue Bible

There’s only one way of making a good barbecue, and there’s no cookbook that can teach you how to do it – you simply feel it or you don’t. But the Brazil-based kitchen supply company – Tramontina presented The Bible of Barbecue in order to lead you through a process in most practical way possible. Read more


Nivea Keeps Your Babies Safe in More than One Way

Devoting themselves fully this time to those who seek some extra attention – the little ones who needs protection of any kind, Nivea Sun teamed up with FCB São Paolo eager to do more than usual in order to make them safe. Aware of the amount of stress parents are exposed when spending time at Read more


Coke’s New Pong-like Arcade Hits the Sweet Eco Spot

Coca-Cola came up with an interesting idea aiming to encourage recycling in the city of Bangladesh where the amount of garbage has incredibly risen over the time. Teaming up with with Grey Dhaka, the soda brand created a game powered by empty plastic bottles instead of coins. “Happiness Arcade” is the Pong-like-game-machine and all the user Read more


Jose Cuervo Part II: Brand Heritage Through Time Travel

Jose Curevo takes us on another journey through its history. A few months ago they launched a brand new website which invited visitors to jump across different periods, thus exploring some significant moments in the brand’s development. One more stroll down memory lane is now provided through the handcrafted dioramas placed inside, you guessed it, Cuervo bottles. SEE Read more


See Objects Get Destroyed in the Name of Science

There’s no doubt that every child enjoys smashing and destroying things. Adults are not allowed to do such things, but desire to crash stuff doesn’t fade away throughout life. It is amazing how certain things that we do or see can awake the 10-year old child that lives in all of us, who loves to Read more


Go on Holiday, Have Sex and Win Prizes in Bold Campaign by Spies Denmark

Every marketer knows that sex sells. The Spies online travel agency from Denmark has taken this saying a bit too literal with the launch of its “Do it for Denmark” campaign offering couples great prizes if they manage to conceive while on vacation. Why on earth would they do this? Well, Denmark is experiencing the Read more


BBDO NY’s Branded Autism Awareness Ads are Dead Serious

In the spirit of the fact that around one out of 68 children in the U.S. is affected by autism but that the early diagnosis can drastically improve outcomes, BBDO New York showed that each day counts by celebrating April as an Autism Awareness Month at the end of it. Proving how great cause can Read more


Clients Deserve Grades Too

The most successful public relations campaigns result from collaborative agency / client relationships. It’s always a two-way street – for the public relations firm to deliver results, the client must invest adequate time and resources, provide information about their business activities, attend to content reviews in a timely manner, be available for interviews on the Read more