Pantene Steps Out of Its Comfort Zone, Sparks Debate

Without saying a word about either of the expected – hair or its care – Pantene went with a non-superficial, subtle approach and brought the girl power moment right in front of the spotlight while presenting their latest “Shine Strong” campaign. Bearing in mind how us ladies tend to say sorry more often than it’s Read more


BIC’s Universal Typeface Aims to Take Over The World

Probably best known as ‘the disposable stuff brand’, BIC has been present in our lives for nearly seven decades, but it wasn’t until the appearance of Cristal Pen, also known as ‘the universal pen’, which made the brand truly stand out. To celebrate its longstanding market domination, DDB Tribal Dusseldorf and digital production company MediaMonks Read more


Breaking News, Straight from a Towel Dispenser

Since there are so many ways for people to reach the latest news updates in a world of modern technologies, it’s not unusual for companies to constantly look for fresh, creative and innovative ways to get new consumers. While the most common sources of getting information are the TV and the internet, one agency from Read more


Grey Singapore Helps Out Deaf People via Smartphone Apps

Grey Group Singapore in cooperation with Singapore Association for the Deaf (SADeaf), created two Android apps in order to improve the quality of life for people who can’t hear. The brilliant execution came up as a result of helping out deaf people to interact with other people in real time and to receive alerts of danger Read more


Schick Implies That Your Beard Looks Like a Rodent

Hey guys, reality check time: girls don’t really like beards. They just don’t. When you kiss, it’s itchy, you don’t look gentle and facial hear is a bit hipsterish. So why not take that rodent off your face and free your skin? And you must admit, it’s not that cozy for you either! SEE ALSO: Read more


Floating Billboard Cleans a Polluted River

Shokobutsu Hana, a natural cosmetics subbrand from Japanese company Lion, is a brand which believes in “healthy beauty brought by the power of nature” and it’s not a surprise to see the kind of campaign they created in order to clean Manila’s very polluted Pasig river that flows along the Philippines. United with TBWA/SMP, they Read more


Optic House Gives a New Twist to Famous Impressionist Classics

By simply relying on what they know and do the best, French eyewear company KelOptic managed to attract enormous attention. With everything they’ve got poured into the latest campaign, created by Y&R Paris, while presenting the essence of their work in the most imaginative way possible, they shined brighter than ever. SEE ALSO: When You Read more


Newcastle Sends $1 Checks in Return for Twitter Followers

Newcastle Brown Ale always had that slightly goofy, but always entertaining approach to their audience. Sure, there are so many beers out there that you have to distinguish yourself somehow. In their brand new campaign coordinated by Droga5, Newcastle is once again inviting you to say “No Bollocks” loud and proud. This time, the famous Read more


When You See It, You’ll Art Lego Bricks

You can say with a dose certainty (and still don’t be wrong) that Lego bricks have long ago transcended from their original function. The latest proof of this is that somewhere last year the Italian art director Marco Sodano recreated famous paintings out of the popular construction toy. AD REEL: LEGO “The Whole Force in Read more


Think Twice Before You Get Drunk in Japan

Despite the fact that it is absolutely unexpected and essentially and fundamentally the opposite to all the laws of business, one of the biggest bar chains in Tokyo invited people to drink less. Indicating there is a huge problem of drunk sleeping among Japanese people, who do not seem to be quite resistant to large Read more